Best well-known as Barbie, Barbara Millicent Roberts turns 62 year old on march 9. Due to the fact that her 1959 debut in a now-iconic black-and-white swimsuit, she’s come to be a an international sensation.

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A Mattel brand, Barbie is a enormous moneymaker because that the company, through gross sales totaling $1.16 exchange rate in 2019, according to its jae won report that year. Barbie was the top-selling brand in 2019, outperforming huge names like hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and also Thomas & Friends.

The very an initial Barbie sold for just $3, which translates to about $27 today. Once you look in ~ it the way, she’s actually become an ext affordable, as you have the right to buy a traditional Barbie in ~ Target for just $7.19.

Of course, friend can likewise spend a lot much more on Barbie — and a lot of of human being do. For youngsters of every ages, many world are willing to covering out major cash because that vintage and collector Barbies.

In respect of her birthday, here’s a look in ~ just how much Barbies from every decade are worth today.

Last updated: march 8, 2021


2010s Collector Barbies

In 2010, fine jewel designer Stefano Canturi designed the world’s most expensive Barbie. This one-of-a-kind doll wore a black color strapless party dress, pink peep-toe stilettos and a one-carat sophisticated Vivid diamond necklace. The doll sold for $302,500 at Christie’s brand-new York, and all profits benefitted The chest Cancer research study Foundation.

Released in 2014 to respect iconic fashion designer knife Lagerfeld — that has due to the fact that passed far in 2019 — the Barbie was influenced by his likeness. A brand new Lagerfeld Barbie is currently provided on eBay for about $4,681.50.

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