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Barbie’s complete name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.Barbie was named after Ruth Handler’s daughter, Barbara, and Ken after her son, Kenneth.She is native (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin, where she to visit high school.Barbie’s official birthday is march 9, 1959, the day she to be unveiled come the toy market during new York Toy Fair.Barbie very first appeared in she iconic black-and-white strip swimsuit.Barbie to be joined by Ken in 1961.The very first Barbie doll was sold for $3.00.The very first Barbie advertising aired throughout the Mickey Mouse Club in 1959.Barbie doll’s signature color is Barbie Pink (PMS 219).Barbie was standing 11.5 inch tall.The best-selling Barbie doll ever before was 1992 totally Hair™ Barbie, i m sorry featured floor-length hair.

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Barbie has had actually over 200 inspirational careers including astronaut, pilot, firefighter, journalist, and entrepreneur to surname a few.Barbie travel into room in 1965, 4 years prior to man go on the moon.In 1992, Barbie ran for president because that the first time and has run in every choice year since. In 2016, she ran with the very first all-female ticket. In 1973, Barbie saved stays as a surgeon, at a time once very couple of women to be in the operation room.In 1985, she took to the boardroom together “Day come Night” CEO Barbie, simply as women started to break the glass ceiling.To encourage more girls to explore the STEM field, Barbie has actually been a computer engineer, video game developer, Mars explorer, and robotics engineer.


It takes a skilled staff of optimal fashion designers, assembly artists, and also the many elite couturiers–more 보다 100 world in all–to produce a Barbie doll and also her fashions.Barbie has actually been a muse to many artists end the past six decades, including Andy Warhol and Peter Max.Twiggy was the an initial celebrity to have a doll in she likeness.Oscar de la Renta was the an initial designer cooperation in 1985.The#1 honor from the Barbie brand is to it is in immortalized in plastic. The brand has honored role models from eras 6 to 99.In 1997, the hit song, “Barbie Girl,” by Aqua topped the charts.In 2014, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino display was influenced by Barbie, finish with her dream wardrobe.Barbie has fans of every ages. The nationwide Barbie Doll Collectors Convention has actually been thrust by doll clubs across the nation for end 25 years.



Barbie is the most well-known fashion doll ever before produced and the No. 1 fashion doll residential property in the U.S.A Barbie Dreamhouse is marketed every 2 minutes and also was an initial introduced in 1962.Barbie is the most varied fashion doll top top the market.More than 100 dolls are offered every minute, with a complete of 58 million offered annually. Barbie is offered in 150 countries worldwide.Barbie has products in 45 categories, including food, fitness, and clothing.The Barbie brand has actually over 99% brand awareness globally.The Barbie YouTube channel has actually over 5 million subscribers, do Barbie the #1 girls’ brand ~ above YouTube.Barbie has actually a powerful social media visibility with over 14 million pan on Facebook, 267,000 followers on Twitter, and also 1.2 million pendant on Instagram (
barbiestyle launched in 2014 and quickly got to 2 million pendant – it is just one of the fastest cultivation fashion Instagram networks to date.Barbie has released over 30 entertainment titles.More 보다 151 million minutes of content has been watched ~ above the Barbie YouTube channel.In 2015, Barbie introduced her very first video blog (vlog) ~ above YouTube which thrust the channel to the #1 girls’ brand ~ above YouTube.There space over 18 billion minutes of Barbie user-generated content created each year.

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barbiestyle launched in 2014 and also quickly reached 2 million followers – it is just one of the fastest farming fashion Instagram networks to date.