Singer Barbra Streisand is a powerhouse! She’s won eight Grammys, starred top top Broadway, acted in multiple movies like The way We Were and she’s done it every while increasing her son, Jason Gould. Barbra share Jason v her first husband, Elliott Gould. Like his mother, the star has a good passion for music.

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“I was a boy who came up through melodies. I would certainly sit at the piano and work out chord progressions ns liked, however I never had the confidence to complete a song,” he explained to Billboard shortly before he exit his an initial album, Dangerous Man, in 2017. The producer gained more confidence in himself when he began touring with Barbra anywhere the world. He described the endure as something the was “pretty wild.”


Since Jason “never sang in prior of a live audience, allow alone an audience that 18,000 people,” that was all very brand-new to him. “So to execute that take it a the majority of prayers because I didn’t recognize what that would certainly feel like. It to be a sweet experience really, and my mom was very supportive and also encouraging. It was her idea,” the gushed.

Barbra support Jason’s career 100 percent. During a 2012 illustration on The Katie Couric Show, she said her son’s voice sounds like he has actually a “little room music orchestra best in his vocal cords.” So as soon as the director told her he wanted to sing, Barbra was every for it. Plus, he’s handled being contrasted to the Funny Girl star pretty well.


“The press of being compared or judged is miscellaneous I identify I have no regulate over,” he described to Billboard. “And ultimately, I have to be authentic, therefore no issue who my mother is, it no really issue in the end. We room all commodities of our parents though.”


In addition to singing, Jason is a multitalented star. He’s also tried his hand at acting and also has starred in plenty of films such together Say Anything … in 1989, Subterfuge in 1996 and The Prince that Tides in 1991, in which he played Barbra’s son. The “Love” singer as soon as told Entertainment Tonight that working with her kid was “the many joyous time” ever.

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Jason Gould

Barbra came to be a mom when she welcomed her just child on December 29, 1966. From a young age, Jason has embraced his mummy Hollywood spotlight and has because paved an tremendous career because that himself.

Not just does Barbra assistance her boy on stage, yet she’s his biggest fan in every element of life. In fact, once Jason came out as gay to his parental in 1988, Barbra gushed come The Advocate about how proud she was of him.

“I would never ever wish for my boy to it is in anything however what he is. That is bright, kind, sensitive, caring and also a an extremely conscientious and good person. He is a really gifted actor and also filmmaker. What much more could a parent ask for in your child? I have been important blessed,” she sweetly shared.

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