Barbra Streisand ridiculed she husband" hair format on their first date.

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The 79-year-old Hollywood icon has actually been married come actor-and-director James Brolin, 81, because 1998 and the pair first met top top a blind day two years earlier.

The bare-faced and also short-haired look to be not specifically what Barbra to be expecting in ~ all when she first clapped eye on the actor that at the time was finest known for his function as Stephen Kiley in the TV collection " Welby, M.D.", on which he sported a beard and wavy locks.

Appearing top top " Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon", she said: " saw a guy that had all his hair reduced off, no beard. And I walked by him. I placed my hand with his hair and also said, " f***ed up her hair?"

" expected a man with a brown beard and brown, wavy hair, choose a mountain man."

Still, the how amazing look go not protect against Barbra indigenous falling because that James, although she admitted come Fallon that it took her " few days" to decision she liked him.

The " that Tides" star also revealed the she was so shy on their very first date the she played with Brolin" three children - among which is " Endgame" star mock Brolin - to calm she nerves.

She said: " were set up together a remote date, and also I was so awkward that ns came right into the house and also I went downstairs to be v the children and play v them till I had to sit under at the table."


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