Arya Stark"s hookup through Gendry in Game of Thrones Season 8, illustration 2 to be so surprising that actress Maisie Williams assumed it was a prank at first. Showrunners David Benioff and also D.B. Weiss have a call for play jokes on their characters, however when they revealed to Williams that they weren"t playing around, her reaction to be "Oh f*ck!" follow to Entertainment Weekly.

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In this week"s illustration of GoT, recently-reunited take trip companions Arya and also Gendry sleep together at Winterfell prior to battling the military of the Dead. "If we’re going to die quickly I want to understand what that’s like before that happens," she tells him frankly before they get busy. In the show, Arya is believed to it is in 18 year old in Season 8 if Gendry is believed to be about 23 (though his period isn"t shown onscreen). In genuine life, actors Maisie Williams and also Joe Dempsie space 22 and 31 respectively.



This significant Arya"s an initial sex scene in the show, and also since it was Williams"s an initial time stripping under as her character, Benioff and also Weiss let she decide just how much skin she wanted to display on camera. "David and Dan to be like: ‘You can display as much or as little as you want. For this reason I preserved myself pretty private," she said Entertainment Weekly. "I don’t think it’s important for Arya come flash. This beat isn’t really around that. And also everybody else has already done that on the show, so…"

Parts that the filming was "uncomfortable," Williams said. "In the beginning, everyone was really respectful," she said EW. "No one desires to make you feel uncomfortable which kind of makes you feel more uncomfortable, since no one wants to look in ~ anything that they shouldn’t look in ~ which consequently makes girlfriend feel like you look awful because everyone is kind of like—“ . "You want human being to act much more normal."

The actress additionally said the the process of filming the scene felt "rushed," partially since director David Nutter (who helmed the episode) has actually a quick speaking voice to start with, but that didn"t throw her off. "And I’m choose … ’Okay. Let’s execute it," she included to EW.

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Dempsie claimed the scene was "slightly strange" because that him due to the fact that he"s recognized Williams due to the fact that she was 11 or 12, once she an initial started GoT. The actor previously told that he "felt a tiny uncomfortable" gift asked about a potential romance between Gendry and also Arya in previously seasons because of his and also Williams"s real-life age difference. "I couldn"t assist but understand that together an actor, at the time, ns was maybe 25 and Maisie was 14 or 15," he told BAZAAR. "I to be a bit uncomfortable talking about it because that those reasons."

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For this scene, though, Dempsie respect Williams as a fellow actor. "At the exact same time, ns don’t desire to be patronizing towards Maisie — she’s a 20-year-old woman," he told Entertainment Weekly. "So us just had a lot of fun with it."

Williams included that the most important part of her scene v Gendry was the it mirrors "a really human connection for Arya," i m sorry isn"t other we regularly see indigenous the young, stone-cold killer.

We"ll see exactly how she and Gendry fare in the battle of Winterfell when Game the Thrones returns following Sunday in ~ 9 p.m. EST top top HBO.

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