Annie D’Angelo Biography

Annie D’Angelo is one American previous professional makeup artist. She worked as a makeup artist in movies during the ‘80s. Several of the movies she operated in are Gleaming the Cube, whereby the Hell’s the Gold?!!?, The Rosary Murders, warm Pursuit, and Bachelor Party. She climbed to fame after marrying Willie Nelson who an American country musician, actor, and also activist.

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Annie D’Angelo Career

There is so tiny known about D’Angelo also though she is married come a renowned musician. Prior to she gained married come her famous husband, she worked as a expert movie makeup artist. She functioned in numerous movies consisting of Gleaming the Cube, whereby the Hell’s that Gold?!!?, The Rosary Murders, warm Pursuit, and Bachelor Party.

In the year 1986, D’Angelo was component of the assembly department because that the TV movie Stagecoach, a western remake. The movie starred Willie Nelson, Jonny Cash, and also John Schneider. It was on this set that Nelson and also D’Angelo met. The two dropped in love while he to be still married come his 3rd wife, Connie Koepke.

Annie D’Angelo age – Willie Nelson’s mam Age

Willie Nelson’s wife is 63 year old together of 2019, D’Angelo to be born in the year 1956. She celebrate her date of birth on the 27th of august every year. The former makeup artist is .

Annie D’Angelo Family

As a celebrity wife, it’s expected that there is a the majority of information about your life yet this different for D’Angelo. She has managed to keep her personal life far from the public eye. Over there is no information around her parents and also siblings if she has any. She birthplace and year are also not known. If any information about her family members comes up, it will certainly be updated.

Annie D’Angelo Husband

D’Angelo met she husband actor and musician Willie Nelson earlier in 1986 in the set of the movie Stagecoach. D’Angelo was part of the makeup team while Nelson was component of the cast. The two dropped in love when he was still married to his third wife, Connie Koepke. They eventually started dating and in 1991 they obtained married in Nashville, Tennessee. Your union has been blessed through two sons, Lukas Autry Nelson born on December 25, 1988, and Jacob Micah Willie Nelson born on might 24, 1990.

Nelson who was born in 1933 top top April 29, was married 3 times before he finally settled with D’Angelo. His very first marriage to be to Martha Matthews. They obtained married in 1952 and also stayed together for 10 years before they divorce in 1962. Among the factors why the pair did no last to be violence and assault from Matthew. In one incident, she sewed him increase in bedsheets and beat him v a broomstick.

They had three children together, Lana, Susie, and Willie “Billy” Hugh, Jr. That committed suicide at the age of 33. In 1963, Nelson married Shirley Collie who was American nation music and also rockabilly singer, yodeler, guitarist, and also songwriter. Collie found a invoice from the maternity ward the a Houston hospital which to be charged to Nelson and Connie Koepke. Koepke had given birth to her first daughter Paula Carlene Nelson. This caused their divorce in 1971.

Annie D’Angelo and Willey Nelson Photo

The very same year, Nelson married Connie Koepke and had another child called Amy Lee Nelson. In 1986, he dropped in love v his current wife Annie D’Angelo. In 1988, he divorce his wife Connie Koepke. He married D’Angelo in 1991 and together they have actually two sons. D’Angelo has proven to it is in the finest wife, remaining by her husband’s side through all the obstacles they walk through. They right now live in Hawaii.

Annie D’Angelo Children

D’Angelo needs to son in addition to her husband. Her first son Lukas Autry Nelson to be born top top December 25, 1988, and second son Jacob Micah Willie Nelson was born on might 24, 1990. Lucas seems to have complied with in his father’s footsteps. He is the lead singer in the country-rock team based in California, Lukas Nelson & Promise the the Real. D’Angelo is also a stepmother to her husband’s other children from his previous marriages.

Annie D’Angelo Facts and Body Measurements

Full Name: Annie D’AngeloAge/ how Old?: 63years oldDate that Birth: 27 august 1956Place the Birth: Not AvailableEducation‎: Not AvailableNationality: AmericanFather’s Name: Not AvailableMother’s Name: Not Available
Siblings: Not AvailableMarried?: YesChildren/ Kids: Two SonsHeight/ how tall?: Not AvailableWeight: Not AvailableProfession: former Makeup artistNet worth: no Available

Annie D’Angelo network Worth

D’Angelo has actually not yet disclosed to the public about how much she’s worth. She is a very reserved person and also prefers to save this sort of information to herself. ~ above the various other hand, her husband Willey Nelson who an actor and also musician has actually an approximated net worth of $16.7 million.

Frequently inquiry Questions about Annie D’Angelo

Who is Annie D’Angelo?

D’Angelo is a previous movie assembly artist and the existing wife of country musician and also actor Willie Nelson.

How old is Annie D’Angelo?

D’Angelo is 63 years old born ~ above the 27th of respectable 1956.

How tall is Annie D’Angelo?

This details is no available.

Is Annie D’Angelo married?

D’Angelo has been married to she husband Willey Nelson since 1991.

How lot is Annie D’Angelo worth?

Currently, this information is no available. She husband, however, has an approximated net precious of $16 million.

Where walk Annie D’Angelo live?

She at this time lives in Maui, Hawaii in addition to her husband Willey Nelson.

Is Annie D’Angelo dead or alive?

D’Angelo is alive and an extremely healthy.

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