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90 work Fiancé star Angela is mirroring off she incredible brand-new look. Angela recently shared selfies on she Instagram after undergoing weight loss surgery and also losing 100 pounds, leaving fansshocked at she transformation.

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The 55-year-old reality star common selfies when in las Vegas attending Nick Hogan"s birthday dinner. Angela looked noticeably slimmer in a halter top while rocking a pair of hot pink hoop earrings and also pulling her hair up in a high ponytail. Angela received plenty of support for her brand-new pictures, consisting of from other 90 day Fiancé star Biniyam, who commented, "❤️❤️🙌🙌😍😍."

Later, she reposted a picture of her at Hogan"s birthday dinner native Hogan"s girlfriend, Tana Lea, which also included 90 job Fiancé star Debbie (Colt"s mom).

"Thank girlfriend so lot for letting me enjoy your family

Given that 90 job Fiancécameras have adhered to Angela"s journey through her now-husband, 32-year-old Michael from Nigeria, through multiple seasons,the change is truly stunning because that longtime viewers.

This season that 90 job Fiancé: Happily ever before After? has documented Angela going with her weight loss surgery as well as getting a chest reduction. Angela said ET the she"s lost 100 pounds since the surgery as soon as we spoke to she ahead the the existing season airing.

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"I"m just so glad that i did it because my health is for this reason much much better now," she said. "I feel favor if i didn"t have actually the surgical treatment that i was walk to have a heart attack. I"m excited for them to see that once I placed my mind come something, I perform it. If friend feel prefer your wellness is walking to traction you down and also if i can assist anybody go perform this surgical treatment ... Ns mean, the is dangerous, however it"s attention not getting it."

Angela shared that she in reality got 5 surgeries done in one day -- next from obtaining gastric sleeve surgery, she acquired a chest reduction, liposuction, and she claimed the doctor discovered two hernias that he had to fix. She was careful to keep in mind that she didn"t experience a "miracle surgery" and that she still had to placed in the tough work. She currently no longer even enjoys the foods that she offered to, consisting of hamburgers and cake.

"It"ll acquire you started but you have to do the lifestyle readjust with it due to the fact that it doesn"t typical you can"t gain the weight ago a pair years later. Friend can," she emphasize of the procedure she go through. "It is a journey. ... There"s a rainbow in ~ the finish of it, I"m telling you. I"ve never felt for this reason much much better in my life."

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