Alaskan bush People: Why Ami Brown Married Billy at age 15 Ami Brown was just 15 years old as soon as she married Billy Brown in 1979. He to be 26, leaving an great 11-year difference in between the two.

actors members native the exploration Channel"s Alaskan shrub People have recently come under fire after revealing the Ami Brown was just 15-years-old at the time of she wedding come Billy.

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Alaskan shrub People tells the story of a large family, the Browns, struggling to live off the land. The Browns have chosen to remove themselves native American culture, and from contact with the exterior world. Throughout isolation, the family emerged their own accent and dialect. Originally, the youngsters were elevated in the wild that the Alaskan bush but have recently relocated to Washington, where they developed a private, self-contained village. Alaskan bush People is claimed to it is in unscripted, however, viewers have recently started to question the show"s validity. As soon as fans started to investigate the family"s secrets, castle came across the alarming truth behind Ami and Billy"s marriage.

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According to a Tarrant County, Texas marriage certificate, the two were wed top top June 16, 1979. RadarOnline reports that Ami was just 15-years-old as soon as the couple met and quickly bound the knot. Billy was 26 at the time, leave an 11-year gap between the two. 4 years later, Ami provided birth come their first child, Matt, at simply 18-years-old. The pair went top top to have actually seven youngsters in total: 5 boys and also two girls. If the logistics behind their marital relationship may be unconventional, the Browns continued to be on the appropriate side the the law. During the time of their marriage, a woman can be wed as young together 14 with parental consent in Texas.

Ami"s mother gave permission for her daughter to marry Billy under one condition: she would stay in high school and finish her education. However, shortly after tie the knot, Ami abruptly cut all call with her family. Ami"s mother and also brother accuse Billy of regulating her, declare it to be his idea the she drop the end of school and lose contact with she family. As soon as Ami"s brother confronted Billy around the marriage conditions, Billy accused angrily called him, "That"s nobody of her mother"s business now. She belongs come me!"

Fans define Ami as a quiet, dutiful, subservient wife. However, together the details of their marital relationship emerge, fans begin to wonder if this setup is imposed by Billy and also if his intent is to save Ami in her place. Despite the backlash, Ami has never publicly voiced a complaint about her marriage. Alaskan bush People portrays their marital relationship as the summary of a true love story. Ami and also Billy appear as an older couple, still an extremely smitten with each other.

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Ami and also Billy"s controversial marriage may it is in on the appropriate side of the law, but the Brown family members is tho in major legal trouble. Billy and also son Joshua, or "Bam Bam", are encountering jail time after ~ claiming to it is in Alaskan citizens in order come receive federal government checks while living out of state. Pan will have to wait and see if the cast of Alaskan Bush People will pay for their secrets or continue to live their life in the wild.

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