It's Over! Why Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi's relationship 'Wasn't Working'

Highs and also lows. Amber Portwood’s fraught connection with daughter Leah has actually been recorded on Teen mommy OG end the years.

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The Indiana native provided birth to her infant girl in 2008 with then-boyfriend Gary Shirley. The former pair split 3 years later, and the police officer went on to wed Kristina Anderson in 2015 in Michigan. Castle share daughter Emilee.

As because that Portwood, the never Too Late author is additionally the mom of boy James with Andrew Glennon. The exes have actually been coparenting their baby boy due to the fact that her July 2019 residential battery arrest and also their subsequent breakup. The California native has primary physical custody, sharing share legal custody with Portwood.

The 16 and also Pregnant alum specifically told Us Weekly in march 2020 that she witnessed James “fairly a lot,” saying, “I am trying to coparent the best method that ns can. I get a lot of of civilization tell me after mine days with him: ‘I can tell the you observed James today since you just have that smile on your face.’ once I listen that, ns like, ‘Yeah. It’s simply the truth.’ just something in my heart told me, ‘Amber, she going to be ago with your kid one day. And also it doesn’t matter if it’s someday a week, two days a week, three days a week, 4 days a week. That was hard work in the start … I just kept make the efforts to emphasis on myself and also my son and my family and I got him back as much as I have the right to right now.”

While Portwood feeling “great” around her partnership with her youngest son at the time, she and also Leah struggled more.

“I feel favor I’m never going to win,” the Forever Haute creator said throughout a September 2021 illustration of the MTV show, explaining the the preteen to be “acting weird” and also had “turned” top top her. “I wanted us to have actually a great coparenting household that I believed we had actually until it became weird.”

Portwood included at the time: “This is not . She walk not overlook me choose this. Also if ns take responsibility for every single wrongdoing I’ve ever before done, it simply feels prefer it’s never ever enough.”

Keep scrolling to see the MTV personality’s evolving relationship with Leah over the years, from a birthday celebration in November 2019 come an “awkward” visit in October 2021.

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It's Over! Why Kaia Gerber and also Jacob Elordi's connection 'Wasn't Working'


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