‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood admits she hasn’t talked to daughter in ‘months’

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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood hasn’t seen daughter Leah, 12, in ‘a lengthy time’

Amber Portwood come out as bisexual top top Tuesday night’s illustration of “Teen mommy OG.”

“People are more than likely going to it is in a bit shocked that i am bisexual, that i have had a partnership with a mrs for eight months before,” she said.

Portwood, 31, claimed she was around 20 when she was in the relationship.

“I’m really scared right now,” she stated of revealing she sexuality, including that her ex Gary Shirley knew, however may no be supportive of she being open around it.

“I think he’s going to think it’s going come be bad for Leah,” Portwood said of her 12-year-old daughter. “He doesn’t even like the assumed of going to treatment to aid our connection so this is just one more embarrassment come them.”

When asked why she was picking to come out now, Portwood defined that she want her children to recognize the truth. She also has a son, James, 3, who she shares through ex Andrew Glennon.

Portwood doesn’t ever before want her daughter to think bisexuality is a negative thing.Instagram

“Leah andJamesare in reality a really, really big factor,” she said. “I don’t desire them to ever before think it’s negative … that am i to sit here and also hide forever, which is what ns was actually planning on act anyways.I was going to go to the grave through this.”

Later on in the episode, Portwood called her mom, Tonya, come tell she the news, saying, “I’m shaking best now, honestly. I have been bisexual. I’m an extremely attracted to men, however I’m also likewise very attracted to females as well.”

Portwood come out come her mom over the call on Tuesday’s illustration of “Teen mom OG.”MTV

Portwood — who is writing a memoir that will expose some “real s–t” — admitted she was “ashamed” to recognize her sexuality at the time because people weren’t as accepting a decade ago.

Portwood’s mother expressed nothing however support, saying, “Don’t it is in ashamed that it. Ns think deserve to handle it.

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I think she will certainly be OK v you … You’re my infant regardless. Ns love you, baby.”