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Sheryl Goddard is the wife of Alice Cooper. That is not unusual for celebrity marital relationships to fail, yet despite the truth that plenty of have been ruined, there room still a couple of Hollywood couples that prove the love deserve to last. This particular day we’ll talk about Alice Cooper and also his wife Sheryl Goddard, who have been married because that a long time.They have actually been happy married for over 44 years and also are quiet going strong. Just how many children do they have actually as a couple? Calico Cooper, your daughter, is also an actress.

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Let’s learn an ext about their permanent relationship and also the rumors bordering their fatality pact. Meanwhile, learn an ext about Alice Cooper’s wife Sheryl’s family and other fascinating facts!

Sheryl Goddard Bio, Age, beforehand Life

Goddard is a dancer. She acquired national attention as Alice Cooper’s beloved wife. She was born in Denver, Colorado’s capital, on may 20, 1956. Together of 2021, she is 64-year-old.
Sheryl spent the bulk of she childhood in new Haven, Connecticut, and also Pasadena, California.

Parents & Siblings

Sheryl is the daughter that William and also Beverly Goddard, pastors of the first Baptist Church the Pasadena. Her mother was a homemaker and also a schoolteacher. Her father-in-law, Ether Moroni Furnier, ~ above the various other hand, to be an Evangelist in the Church the Jesus Christ.
Sheryl Goddard Is A Dancer by ProfessionShauna Goddard, Goddard’s sister, is a professional dancer. Both Goddard siblings were elevated in a Christian household.


Sheryl to be a scholarship student at Robert Joffrey of Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. She go on come Dupree dance Academy in Los Angeles to more her education. She visited Citrus college in Azusa, California, after ~ graduation.

Sheryl Goddard Is A Dancer & Philanthropist

Sheryl is a expert dancer who began taking ballet lessons at the period of six. Throughout her adolescence, she perform dances and played personalities at Disneyland. After appearing on Alice Cooper’s worldwide Welcome to mine Nightmare tour, she obtained a the majority of attention. In the years that followed, the two performed on phase together numerous times.Talking of she philanthropic works, Sheryl Cooper has actually been volunteering for the solid Rock teenager Center, a non-profit company that she husband Alice co-founded. Its goal is to aid Arizona adolescents in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

She Is a Founder of Destiny dance International

Alice’s life partner founded Destiny dance International, a institution with 500 students, in 2003. She additionally served as the school’s artistic Director. Goddard closed it after 4 years and also began teaching weekly classes at a exclusive studio in Scottsdale. She also went come Camelback bible Church in sky Valley double a mainly for two classes.
Sheryl likewise taught a Friday dance It Off course at Camelback holy bible Church, i beg your pardon was established by her ideal friend Lisa Savale’s husband Chuck.

Sheryl Goddard Married Husband Alice Cooper In 1976

Before trading vows in 1976, the couple dated for around a year. Their wedding took ar in the mexico city of Acapulco. Their two clergymen’s fathers led the service.The first few years the their marital relationship were difficult because Alice was battling alcoholism. In 1976 and also 1979, that was also admitted to rehab framework twice. In 1983, the walked far from it.
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Their marriage came to be full of happiness after he cursed to sobriety, and they space still together without conflict. Follow to Goddard,“I don’t think over there is such a thing as a perfect marriage. Yet ours is more than likely one the the ideal I’ve ever seen.”Furthermore, they never cheated on every other, i beg your pardon is more than likely the most important factor in your happy marriage.
“You understand what, we have never cheated on each other. First of all, marry the girl you are in love with. That’s the essential thing. Don’t simply marry the girl that you love.”They’re both devout Christians, the rock star said DailyMail. Lisa, one of Sheryl’s the next friends, believes their strong spiritual faith has kept them also close together. She explained.Alice and Sheryl room so cursed to every other and to their kids. Ns think part of the is their faith.”

How go Sheryl Goddard and also Alice Cooper Meet?

Sheryl and Cooper met because that the very first time in 1975 as soon as she auditioned because that Cooper’s global Welcome to my Nightmare tour. Alice Cooper’s wife, a trained ballerina, had no idea what rock and also roll was at the time.Goddard mocked a fellow student at Los Angeles Academy who told her around the tour, saying,Wow. Alice Cooper. That is she?The dancer went on to perform for the rest of the tour. Sheryl met Alice on among the tour’s nights when all of the musicians and dancers gathered in Alice’s hotel for pizza. That night, they planned to clock a fear film. The 2 slowly started to converse, at some point leading to a passionate kiss.

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Sheryl Goddard has actually Three children With she Husband

Calico Cooper, the couple’s first child, was born top top May 19, 1981. She is a singer and an actress. She appeared on Hawaii Five-0, The Mindy Project, and also Henry Danger, amongst other shows. Calico is likewise a director, having made her debut with her tape Beasto Blanco’s video THE SEEKER. She additionally worked together a choreographer for her father’s Brutal world stage show.`
Sheryl Goddard with Her Husband Alice Cooper and Their KidsGoddard and Cooper became parents because that the second time in 1985 when they welcomed their kid Dashiell Cooper. Dash, one Arizona State university graduate, is the frontman of the rock band CO-OP, just like his father. That was also a member the the Runaway Phoenix band.In 1992, they invited Sonora Cooper, their 3rd child. She went to Arcadia High School. Sonora works as a makeup artist and also as a hostess in ~ Tarbell’s: The Tavern & The alcohol Store, a alcohol bar.
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