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Sudbury, Ontario is the fifth-largest city in Canada by floor size. Google Maps

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... Wherein he started his career at the Canadian broadcasting Corporation. He worked as a journalist and also sports announcer before transitioning come hosting reflects such as "Music Hop," a live teenager music show, in the 1960s.

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Alex Trebek hosting "High Rollers" in the 1970s. Ron Tom/NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty pictures

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Trebek in 1988, a few years after ~ he began hosting. open minded Lennon/Toronto Star/Getty pictures

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"Jeopardy!" is by far Trebek's many successful show. It has actually aired more than 8,100 episodes to date.

Despite its many episodes, the show only tapes 46 days the end of the year, fitting multiple episodes in on this days to it is in aired later. The last episode v Trebek in ~ the helm will air top top Christmas Day.

A ahead podium of Trebek's v a sample sheet and also other items on display screen outside the "Jeopardy!" studio. mock Noel/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty pictures

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In 1994, the Game present Network launched as a new cable network, and began broadcasting "Jeopardy!" and other classic game shows.

Alex Trebek through "Jeopardy!" v "Wheel that Fortune" creator Merv Griffin and Vanna White celebrate the launch of the Game display Network in 1994. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

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Jean Currivan is Trebek's 2nd wife, he was married formerly from 1974-1981. Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Getty images

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Trebek has actually been awarded seven Daytime Emmy Awards. 6 of those to be awards for outstanding Game show Host ...

Trebek won Emmy Awards in 1989, 1990, 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2019. Reed Saxon/AP pictures

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... And also one stood for a 2011 Lifetime success Award. Trebek got the award alongside fellow longtime game show host play Sajak.

pat Sajak, organize of "Wheel that Fortune" and Alex Trebek accepting their Lifetime success Awards in 2011. REUTERS/Richard Brian

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"Jeopardy!" executive, management producer bother Friedman (left) and host Alex Trebek (right). REUTERS/Keith Bedford

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In 2014, Trebek to be awarded a Guinness people Record because that the most game display episodes hosted by the very same presenter. V 6,829 episodes hosted at the time, he exceeded Bob Barker's document on "Price Is Right."

Trebek celebrating through a Guinness people Record cake and also a screen of the show's Emmy Awards in 2005. E. Charbonneau/WireImage because that Columbia TriStar house Entertainment/Getty photos

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Will Ferrell famously illustrated Alex Trebek's iconic function during his time ~ above SNL for the recurring "Celebrity Jeopardy!" skits. Trebek himself made a guest appearance in 2002.

from left to right, will certainly Ferrell, Alex Trebek, and also SNL actors Dean Edwards, Jimmy Fallon, Winona Ryder, and Darrell Hammond. mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty images

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Trebek has likewise made numerous other tv appearances over the years, normally as himself. The has showed up on shows such together "Golden Girls," "Cheers," "How ns Met her Mother," and most recently, "Orange is the new Black."

Trebek top top an episode of "Golden Girls" in 1992. Gary Null/NBCU photograph Bank/Getty pictures

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In march 2019, Trebek announced the he'd to be diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer. He's had previous health and wellness complications consisting of surgery for blood clots in 2018 and also a young heart attack in 2007.

In his notice of his cancer diagnosis, Trebek claimed he planned to "fight it" due to the fact that he had three year left in his "Jeopardy!" contract. Ethan Miller/Getty images

Source: Bloomberg

In in march 2020, Trebek post an emotional update about his health and wellness on society media — he'd reached the one-year survival mark.

Alex Trebek accepting the Daytime Emmy award for impressive Game present Host in might 2019. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures

"The one-year survival rate for stage-four pancreatic cancer patients is 18%," Trebek claimed in a video posted to "Jeopardy!" social media accounts. "I"m really happy to report I have actually just reached that marker."

—Jeopardy! (

He then released a memoir in July. The memoir offers the reader a look at that Trebek wanted to be remembered as.

Simon & Schuster

His autobiography, entitled "The answer Is ...: reflections on mine Life," to be released in July. His cancer diagnosis played right into his decision to compose the book. The book covers Trebek"s many successes and gives the leader a look right into his personal life.

Trebek wrote around meeting Queen Elizabeth II and coaching his children"s sports teams v Bryan Cranston along with his mustache and his accidental encounters through drugs.

The memoir also delineated what that would prefer his heritage to be.

"I"m about to revolve 80," Trebek wrote. His date of birth was July 22. "I"ve live a good, complete life, and I"m nearing the finish of it. I recognize that," he continued. "I"d like to it is in remembered first of all as a great and love husband and also father, and also as a decent man who walk his ideal to help people do at your best."

Trebek previously named several feasible replacements as the host of "Jeopardy!", including NHL announcer Alex Faust, CNN analyst Laura Coates, and also a variety of "Jeopardy!" alum.

Trebek continued to host "Jeopardy!" till the end of his life. That filmed his critical "Jeopardy!" episode just a week before he died. In ~ one point, that helmed a "Greatest of all Time" competition featuring famous past contestants Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and also Brad Rutter.

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Ken Jennings won the "Greatest of every Time" multi-episode tournament, organized by Trebek. Erin McCandless/ABC via Getty images

Source:Business Insider

Jennings will certainly serve together the first host that "Jeopardy!" adhering to Trebek's passing, the show announced top top Monday. Filming for those illustration will begin at the end of November. "There will certainly only ever before be one Alex Trebek, however I'm honored," Jennings wrote on Twitter. Other to-be-announced guest hosts will also try their ideal Trebek impression.