modern-day Family: 7 Worst things Alex Did to Haley (& 8 Worst Haley Did to Her) Although they are one of the ideal families on TV, there have been times once the Dunphy sisters didn"t act each various other kindly.

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A separation image the Dylan and Haley laugh together and Alex and also Haley talk in the kitchen in contemporary Family
once it come to Modern Family, fans have had the pleasure of watching number of relationships grow and develop. One that was specifically endearing and relatable was the bond in between Alex (Ariel Winter) and Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland). By the time the display finished, the 2 sisters were closer 보다 ever, frequently seen share their keys or confiding in each other over your worries. They almost became one another"s best friends as soon as they realized that they weren"t different.

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However, that"s not to say the relationship was perfect. Like many siblings, Alex and Haley would fight and also squabble end the smallest things. There were also a couple of occasions where fans believed their bond would certainly be jeopardized because they frequently pulled stunts or stated things that would overstep the mark. Luckily, they regulated to do it as much as each other, but these moments could have definitely backfired and also ruined your relationship.

An photo of Haley and Dylan smiling with each other in modern Family
prior to they became one that the best couples on Modern Family, Haley and Dylan"s (Reid Ewing) connection didn"t have the simplest of times (particularly in the beginning). As result of her immaturity and also insecurities, Haley would get jealous of any kind of girl who would speak to Dylan and also end up doing other irrational. This verified to be the instance in "Fizbo" as soon as Haley spotted Dylan speaking to the party entertainer.

However, fans can"t forget the it to be Alex who was the instigator in all of this. By telling Haley the Dylan and also the entertainer were hitting that off and also that he might leave Haley because that her, a believed was enforced in Haley"s head the she could not be an excellent enough. Alex had played fairly a couple of harsh tricks in her life however manipulating she sister and also taking an excellent joy in playing through her thoughts and feelings may have been a step too far.

An image of Alex advertise a stroller and Haley feather at she twins in contemporary Family
because the twins room her niece and nephew, the was fairly selfish that Alex to use them for her own advantage ("Perfect Pairs"). Due to the fact that Haley had actually really to be struggling and was exhausted, she genuinely believed her sister wanted to help her out while also spending time with the children.

Therefore, it"s understandable why Haley is horrified and also deeply pains by Alex"s actions. Not only does she to trust her v two of the most important world in she life however the fact that Alex just wanted to clock them if there to be something in it for her most likely made Haley feeling used.

Fans have seen Alex and Haley come blows numerous times, but one that their best fights arrived in "Two Monkeys and a Panda" as soon as they argue around wearing each other"s clothes. This mostly came as a an outcome of Alex destroying Haley"s sweater, also though Haley inquiry her no to.

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Although Haley was definitely wrong come wish that Alex had actually never to be born, fans deserve to understand why Haley would certainly be frustrated. Because it was her favourite sweater, it"s not surprising the she was really protective of it. The reality that she additionally entrusted Alex to look after it, it would certainly be annoying for it to no be changed in the perfect condition she gave it the end in.

An photo of Alex smiling at Haley rubbing the battery on she head in modern-day Family
It"s most likely one the the most iconic scene on the show and also yet among the cruelest tricks Alex has actually played on Haley. In the episode "En Garde," the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tuckers all attend Manny"s fencing competition. Whilst they watch, Alex spews turn off facts around the beginnings of fencing come which Haley calls she a nerd.

Alex bring away the possibility to gain her revenge as soon as Haley"s call dies, telling her the she should rub the battery versus her head if she wants it to charge. While that would have actually probably to be funny for a pair of minutes, Alex should have stopped it quickly after that since there is a vast difference between making an off-hand remark and also publically humiliating someone. Allowing it to walk on because that 30 minutes most likely made Haley feel embarrassed and humiliated.

In the illustration "Me? Jealous?," Haley is checked out to volunteer because that the big Sister program after she got "creative" through her college applications. Although Haley is doubtful to join, she soon finds herself enjoying the experience and gushes come Alex about the drawing her "little sister" had attracted for her.

However, fans quickly see Alex is jealous of Haley"s "little sister" once she compares her own picture to Annie"s. She also mocks Haley"s do the efforts to tutor Annie, pointing out her mistake on Annie"s homework. If fans could see know why Alex was feeling jealous due to the fact that she had constantly wanted a nearby bond v Haley, she shouldn"t have discouraged Haley during this moment. As soon as Haley was a teen, she hardly ever before wanted to perform anything because that someone various other than it s her so agree this function showed great maturity. It to be quite mean to take it this far from her.

there is periodically a bond in between siblings that is different from every other relationships. There"s a level that trust, where you recognize they will have your back no issue what or administer emotional support when needed. However, Alex damaged Haley"s trust as soon as she revealed come Phil that Haley had actually lost her virginity come Dylan.

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Unsurprisingly, Haley wasn"t also pleased v Alex spilling she secret, informing Alex the Phil was currently treating she differently since of it. It just puts everyone in an awkward situation.

there is one element in Modern Family fans detested and that was the press the Dunphys placed on Haley. As fans know, Alex and also Haley were full opposites. Wherein Haley was an ext popular, Alex was smarter. The end of the two, Phil and also Claire believed Alex to be going to do something that herself, i beg your pardon Alex would certainly then use this to hurt Haley.

Very often, pan would check out Alex acquire a jibe in about Haley"s intelligence, targeting she ditzy and gullible nature. Alex also tells her she thinks she is far better than her. If this is the kind of mindset Haley encounters daily, it"s no wonder that Modern Family fans can"t stand Alex. Haley currently knew she wasn"t the many intelligent, and if civilization expected her to perform poorly at school, then it"s no wonder that Haley didn"t shot as hard in school.

Worst points That Haley Did to Alex

Forces Alex To spend Time with An Ex-Boyfriend who Was extremely Overbearing

back Haley set out to perform a quite gesture for her parents, Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell) by food preparation a Thanksgiving meal, she didn"t think about what a nightmare it would be for Alex as she was compelled to resolve her overbearing ex-boyfriend, who uses to help with the enjoy the meal ("The last Thanksgiving").

Not only is Alex insulted and berated by her ex, however she is also forced to be nice come him because Haley wants the job to it is in perfect and also for the dinner to operation smoothly. Modern Family fans have said the Haley"s self-centeredness is she worst trait and this minute proves them best as she does and says nothing as soon as Alex"s ex keeps insulting she sister. No matter how nice the gesture is for her parents, Alex did no deserve this treatment and also Haley need to have talked up for she sister.

Although every the Dunphys decided to laugh in ~ the assumed of Alex having a partner, it was Haley who took it a action too far when she insinuated the Alex had made up a friend to obtain attention ("Strangers In The Night"). This upset Alex a lot as Claire and also Phil seemed to believe Haley end her and did their finest to obtain her to recognize that that was all a lie.

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While the family"s surprised reaction is understandable since there aren"t many Modern Family episodes wherein Alex introduces she love interests to them, they shouldn"t have actually second-guessed her. Haley shouldn"t have actually laughed in ~ the believed either as it could have influenced her self-confidence and also relationships later on too. This is most likely why Alex never ever let them

There have actually been lot of of moments whereby Haley has embarrassed Alex. However, one of the cruelest ways she has actually hurt Alex the most is through posting humiliating image of her online. This was an especially seen in "When a Tree Falls" as soon as Alex had informed the viewers that this is a frequent occurrence and she"s request her not to execute this numerous times.

Although the answer to this wouldn"t be to gain revenge (which Alex intends to do), Haley isn"t really being fair to Alex. Posting pictures of Alex as soon as she"s many vulnerable, together as when she"s asleep, feels choose an invasion of privacy and also is borderline bullying.

In "The Kiss," Haley falls short at giving support for Alex once she publicly humiliates herself in former of her crush. This all begins when Haley pressures Alex right into kissing Jeremy just for the young teenager to return residence not lengthy after, telling her mommy that every one of his friends had overheard her asking Jeremy to kiss her.

Fans supposed that Haley would have actually comforted she sister over what had actually happened and reassured her it wasn"t a big deal. However, this wasn"t the case as Haley selfishly only cared about how this would end up affecting her reputation. Haley had a prime opportunity to act like a large sister here and she failed to carry out so, focusing much more on her own demands than Alex"s pain.

pan will conveniently understand why Alex was upset through Haley when she ruined a sisterly moment. In the episode "The day We nearly Died," Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and also the Dunphys have a near-death experience once their car nearly collides v an oncoming truck. In a surprising present of affection, Alex is touch by Haley"s "I virtually lost you" comment and also her instant hug. It also leads to the sisters having actually a nice job together.

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However, now is at some point tarnished when Alex realized the comment from earlier wasn"t command to her yet her phone. It"s no all that shocking the Alex ends up emotion hurt and also offended. At this point, she and also Haley weren"t that close, so this quick moment that affection allowed Alex to think that Haley cared around her on part level. Because that Haley to with for her phone instead of her sister after their near-death experience likely made Alex feel prefer she did no matter.

back Haley had one of the greatest character advancements on Modern Family, there were plenty of moments whereby Haley fell back into old patterns and also took benefit of Alex. The an initial memorable instance being in the episode "Hit and also Run" when Haley calls Alex her finest friend to obtain $900 out of her. Another incident deserve to be uncovered in "Phil on Wire" once Haley decides to aid Alex combine into the class if she help her v her maths.

If this was just how Haley treated Alex, it"s easy to know why Alex is aloof through her own sister or doesn"t want to be about her sometimes due to the fact that she appears to care an ext about her reputation 보다 her family. Nobody likes to it is in used and also Haley should have treated her with respect.

Haley wouldn"t it is in winning any sister the the year awards for the method she behaved in "A Stereotypical Day." In this episode, fans found out the Alex had actually to drop out of college because that a few weeks after she contract mono. Whilst she is recuperating in ~ the Dunphy house, her family members decides to usage her for your benefit.

However, Haley tries to acquire her to return to college before Alex realizes she has been fired from she job. She leader Alex to believe that she is the only one that cares about her and offers to drive her to the facility, forcing Alex the end of the house. Considering exactly how unwell she was, to the allude where she had to physically traction herself the end of bed, Haley to be being totally inconsiderate. There to be no justification in putting her demands ahead of her sister"s health.

Alex remarks about Haley isn"t a one-way street. Occasionally Haley stops working to identify the comment she makes about Alex"s social life prove come be just as hurtful. Because that instance, in the episode "Strangers top top A Treadmill," fans see that Alex is upset around the lack of friend in her life - other Haley had actually been mindful of but didn"t really do anything about.

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She may act tough and also have a witty remark prepared, but it can"t be simple for Alex once Haley mocks her for play the cello, doing her homework, or having actually no fashion sense. Where world compare Haley"s knowledge to Alex"s, they additionally make Alex feel favor she will simply be her "geeky tiny sister." She currently gets that at college so the the very least Haley could do is put off her at home.