Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli has been dating other chef Michael Castellon for four years. Cindy Ord / Getty Images
Alex Guarnaschelli is engaged to "Chopped" champion Michael Castellon! The Food Network star common the happy news by posting a photo of her ring on Instagram Saturday — which likewise happened come be she birthday.

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chermike808, you’re on!" the frequent show guest captioned her post which showcased she gorgeous emerald and also diamond engagement ring. Guarnaschelli told people that Castellon proposed while they were the end grocery to buy for she socially-distanced birthday party. ~ above the way home, Castellon cheat Guarnaschelli into obtaining out of the car by telling her he had spotted a stray dog to run loose. As Castellon returned to the vehicle, that told his then-girlfriend the the "dog" he had actually seen to be really simply a deer.

Guarnaschelli, who claimed she is overly-trusting of her now-fiancé, soon realized it was a ploy.

"And the goes, "There"s no deer." i turn, and I look and he"s top top one knee," she said. "He"s like, "This is why I need to marry you due to the fact that you just think me every time." the said, "Will friend marry me?" and also he gave me the ring."

Castellon likewise shared a picture of Guarnaschelli"s absent on his Instagram and, throughout the weekend, other celebrity chefs, friends and also fans post congratulatory messages to the culinary couple.

"Yahoooooooo!!!" composed Giada De Laurentiis.

"THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! HUGE big FAT CONGRATS DOLLFACE!!!" stated Anne Burrell. "We can arrangement our weddings together!!!!" The "Worst Cooks in America" star announced her very own engagement in April.

"Wow! Congratulations dear," created "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi.


Guarnaschelli and Castellon have been dating for 4 years and an initial met as soon as Guarnaschelli (who is the executive chef at Butter) dined at Castellon"s restaurant. She raved around the steak and her dining companion take it her right into the kitchen to meet Castellon therefore she can sing her praises in person.


Guarnaschelli, 48, has a 12-year-old daughter, Ava, from she previous marital relationship to Brandon Clark. According to People, Castellon spoke to Ava an initial about marrying her mommy prior come popping the question.

"I said, "He inquiry me come marry him." and she goes, "All right. Ns mean, ns guess friend can, Mom," " Guarnaschelli said. "Such a 12-year-old."

Castellon won season 35 of "Chopped" in 2017 (Guarnaschelli, that often appears on the show, was no a judge throughout Castellon"s appearances) and also has also appeared ~ above "Iron cook America" and "Guy"s grocery store Games" on the Food Network.

Guarnaschelli hasn"t posted plenty of pictures the Castellon to her social media accounts, however on new Year"s eve last year, Castellon mutual a shooting of the pair while they were vacationing together.

guarnaschelli," Castello post alongside a picture of the 2 of lock in the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Whether Castellon was trying to hint in ~ his unavoidable proposal with that "watch out" we may never know, however Guarnaschelli is plainly excited around tying the knot.

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"We"re not in any type of hurry, but I desire to have a blowout," she told People. "I desire a tri-state rager."

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