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Shriners worldwide Headquarters2900 Rocky suggest Dr.Tampa, FL 33607Main: 813-281-0300; Donate: 844-739-0849
We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt company (EIN 36-2193608) and your donation is tax-deductible in ~ the guidelines of U.S. Law

ARE YOU prepared TO FUNDRAISE because that LOVE?

Please pick the Shriners Hospital friend would choose to fundraise for, or pick “Shriners Hospitals because that Children” to use funds where they are most needed.

Select One:Shriners Hospital for kids (Most Needed)SHC-BostonSHC-ChicagoSHC-ErieSHC-FloridaSHC-GreenvilleSHC-HonoluluSHC-LexingtonSHC-Los AngelesSHC-MexicoSHC-Northern CaliforniaSHC-OhioSHC-PhiladelphiaSHC-PortlandSHC-ShreveportSHC-Salt Lake CitySHC-SpokaneSHC-SpringfieldSHC-St. LouisSHC-TexasSHC-Twin Cities

Great! This will certainly be fun. If you have a certain fundraiser in mind, the sky’s the limit. Choose an alternative below and also start her fundraising page today and show the civilization that girlfriend fundraise for the Love Of….

Celebrate your favorite work of the year by offering back! Pledge your birthday by questioning friends and also family come donate to your fundraising page.
Training for a big race or tackling a fitness goal? Dedicate her adventure to Shriners Hospitals for youngsters and twin the impact you make!
Give back to your doc by producing a fundraising web page that will aid them supply the high-quality, compassionate care Shriners is recognized for!
Do you desire to honor a love one ? develop a lasting heritage through her fundraising page by helping Shriners adjust the lives of the children and also families we serve.

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Celebrate great times by producing a fundraiser for your anniversary, wedding, or any major milestone that provides you happy!
Say “Thank you” for the wonderful care received by creating your an extremely own fundraising web page supporting Shriners Hospitals because that Children.

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