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Born:March 18, 1979 (age 42)Los AngelesCalifornia...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Grammy award (2007)Grammy compensation (2005)Grammy compensation (2004)...(Show more)

Adam Levine, in complete Adam young name Levine, (born march 18, 1979, Los Angeles, California, U.S), American musician, actor, and television personality who first gained fame as the command singer and also chief songwriter of Maroon 5 and later increased his audience as a coach top top the tv singing competition The Voice (2011–19).

Levine thrived up in Los Angeles; his father was the founder that a chain that boutique apparel stores, and his mom was an admissions counselor. In his teens, as a student at the exclusive Brentwood School, Levine and some that his classmates created a band dubbed Kara’s Flowers. A producer indigenous Reprise documents overheard Kara’s flower performing at a home party and signed the ensemble. In 1997, the year the Levine i graduated from high school, he and also his bandmates showed up on an illustration of the well-known TV series Beverly Hills 90210 and also released an alternative-rock album, Fourth World. The LP failed come sell, however, and the record label to reduce the band, i beg your pardon then broke up. Levine moved east to attend 5 Towns university in lengthy Island, brand-new York. While over there he became familiar with rhythm-and-blues, soul, and also hip-hop music—a brand-new exposure that readjusted the means he thought about popular music.

Levine, motivated to shot a new musical direction, returned (2000) come Los Angeles and reconvened the band. The group started playing in neighborhood clubs and also soon signed v Octone Records. Renamed Maroon 5, the musicians in 2002 released an album, Songs about Jane, the showcased its brand-new funky sound. The LP was not an instant hit, yet the single “Harder come Breathe” slowly increased in radio pat and accomplished popularity around a year and also a fifty percent after its early release. Another song from the album, “This Love,” sustained by a somewhat salacious video, was issued in 2004 and quickly win gold, and Songs around Jane finally gotten in the Billboard height Ten in august of the year. Maroon 5 won the 2004 Grammy Award because that best new artist, and “This Love” take it the 2005 Grammy for ideal pop performance by a duo or team with vocals. The tape toured relentlessly, through crowds flocking come hear Maroon 5’s reliably chop renditions of its well-crafted popular music songs and also Levine’s smooth tenor and also soaring falsetto vocals. The group likewise issued the live recordings 1.22.03 Acoustic (2004) and also Live: Friday the 13th (2005) before making its following studio album, It won’t Be Soon prior to Long (2007). A solitary from that recording, “Makes Me Wonder,” won a 2007 Grammy for finest pop performance.

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Maroon 5 ongoing to tour and also to release top-ten albums (Hands all Over <2010>, Overexposed <2012>, V <2014>, and Red Pill Blues <2017>) and also singles (notably 2010’s “Moves like Jagger,” featuring Christina Aguilera). In addition, the band headlined the Super bowl halftime present in 2019; their appearance produced some backlash, as other singers had reportedly rejected offers to perform at the occasion in a display of assistance for Colin Kaepernick, a previous NFL player that allegedly to be banned native the league due to the fact that of his protests against police brutality. During this time Levine was tapped as a coach for the inaugural season (2011) the The Voice; that left ~ the 16th season in 2019. In addition, in 2012 he appeared in a recurring function on the anthology TV series American horror Story, and he had actually a major part in a 2013 film, Begin Again.