Lucy Liu net Worth: Lucy Liu is one American actress who has actually a net worth the $16 million. Over the years, Liu has showed up in a wide selection of film and also television projects. Her effective career has earned her miscellaneous awards and also accolades, including two display Actors Guild Awards and a Critics" selection Television Award. She was likewise nominated for an Emmy Award. One of her many notable roles was in the collection "Ally McBeal" as Ling Woo. She then made a notable film illustration in 2000"s "Charlie"s Angels" prior to reprising her duty in the 2003 sequel.

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Her other films incorporate "Payback," "Shanghai Noon," "Chicago," "Kill Bill: Volume 1," "Lucky Number Slevin," "The male with the iron Fists," and "Set that Up." Liu is likewise a noteworthy voice actor, having booked functions in animated projects favor "Kung Fu Panda," "Mulan II," and the series "Tinkerbell."

Early Life: Lucy Liu was born on December 3nd the 1968 in Jackson Heights, Queens, brand-new York. Elevated alongside 2 older brother by a biochemist and also a civil engineer who were originally from Beijing and Shanghai, Lucy prospered up in a "diverse" neighborhood. She learned to speak Mandarin native birth and also started to speak English in ~ the age of five. Throughout her childhood years, she learned martial arts. By the time she to visit high school, she embraced the center name Alexis.

After graduating native high school, Lucy attended new York University. She then transferred to the university of Michigan and also earned a bachelor"s degree in oriental languages and also cultures.

Career: Before graduating from university, Liu was currently well ~ above her way to coming to be a experienced actress. In ~ the period of 19, she was spotted by an certified dealer in new York. She then booked a commercial. While attending the university of Michigan, she booked the lead duty in the school"s theatrical manufacturing of "Alice in Wonderland." After return to new York, she made she theatrical debut in "Fairy Bones."

During this period, Lucy was additionally booking small roles in various film and also TV projects. Her first major film debut came through the Hong Kong film "Rythm of Destiny." In 1993, she had a notable function in an illustration of "L.A. Law." Her large break came in 1997 once she was actors as Ling Woo in "Ally McBeal." She at first auditioned because that the function of Nelle Porter, however Portia de Rossi won the function instead. Nevertheless, spreading was so impressed that they produced the function of Ling Woo specifically for Liu.

In addition, Liu"s duty was never meant to be permanent. However, high audience ratings and also clear favoritism from fans intended that Ling Woo was there to stay. Eventually, she performances impressed movie critics to together a degree that she was honored through a Primetime Emmy award nomination for superior Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She likewise ended up through a screen Actors Guild award for outstanding Performance by a Female actor in a Comedy Series.

During this period, Liu additionally appeared in movies favor "Love Kills," "Payback," "Molly," and "Play It to the Bone." A much an ext notable duty came with 2000"s "Charlie"s Angels." that year, she additionally booked a main role in the film "Shanghai Noon." Lucy later on reprised her role in "Charlie"s Angels: full Throttle." In 2003, she ongoing her spree of activity roles, play "O-Ren Ishii in "Kill Bill." This function won she an MTV award for ideal Movie Villain.

Lucy Liu
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Over the next few years, Lucy appeared in TV collection like "Joey," and in movies like "Chicago," "Domino," "Lucky Number Slevin," and "3 Needles." In 2007, she showed up in films like "Code Name: The Cleaner." and also "Rise: Blood Hunter." She likewise started voicing personalities in movies prefer "Kung Fu Panda" and in series like "Disney Fairies" during this period.

In 2012, she join the actors of "Elementary" together Watson. She then joined the cast of "Southland," playing a police officer. In 2018, she starred in "Future World." In 2021, it to be announced the she would certainly be play the function of Kalypso in the superhero film "Shazam! fury of the Gods."

Health Issues: Lucy Liu once struggled through a possible breast cancer problem in 1991. A lump was uncovered in among her breasts and it was removed via surgery. The bump was found to be benign, although Liu has defined the occurrence as "traumatizing."

Family Life: Lucy Liu has one biological son named Rockwell, that was born in 2015 via a gestational surrogate. She has actually raised her kid as a single parent, picking not to have a father in the picture. She has proclaimed that this setup made the many sense to her together she was handling a busy functioning career at the time.

Real Estate: Lucy Liu originally purchased building in she hometown of new York City. In 2005, she purchase a unit in a townhouse-style boutique not far from Union Square. She paid around $2 million because that the 1,816-square foot residence. She climate purchased a second, similarly-sized unit in the same building in 2006 for $2.05 million. Both devices are directly on top of one another, giving Liu two complete floors in the townhome.

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In 2018, it to be reported that Liu was offering her home in Studio City. She provided the Fryman Canyon residential property for $4.199 million. Described as having a "modern craftsman" aesthetic, the residence was originally purchased through Lucy in 2001 because that $2.3 million. Before Liu purchase the home, the was initially owned through actress Patricia Arquette. Covering 4,098 square feet that living room with four bedrooms, the home functions a sauna, media lounge, swim pool, and also other highlights. In 2019, Liu regulated to offer her house for $3.06 million.