HOLLYWOOD nobility Joan Collins will go back to Piers Morgan's Life story this Sunday, 20 June, 2021, top top ITV.

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Very active in the spotlight due to the fact that 1951, the dynasty star has never ceased to amaze the general public through the decades.


Joan Collins is an English actress who oozes glamourCredit: Getty photos - WireImage

Who is Joan Collins? What was her at an early stage life and career?

Joan celebrated her 88th birthday on 23 May, 2021.

Joan was born in Paddington, London and also is the daughter that Elsa Collins (née Bessant), a dance teacher and nightclub hostess, and Joseph wilhelm Collins who was an agent and also had clients including Shirley Bassey, the Beatles, and also Tom Jones.

She was educated in ~ the Francis Holland School, an elevation day institution for girls in London and then trained in ~ the royal Academy the Dramatic Art.

Joan made her function film debut as a beauty dispute entrant in Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951) adhered to by The Woman's angle (1952) in a minor duty as a Greek maid.

Next was a more significant role together a gangster's moll in judgment Deferred (1952).

Her big break came when the Rank organization signed she for a major role in I think in girlfriend (1952).


Joan became a family members name in 1952 in I think in friend but likewise after showing up in empire in the 80sCredit: AP:Associated Press

In the light of the Harvey Weinstein sex-related harrassment allegations Joan has talked out about the Hollywood casting couch. She states she to be passed over for the role of Cleopatra due to the fact that she wouldn't sleep v the studio head.

The role went to Elizabeth Taylor even though Joan was the prior runner and had tested twice.

Joan is the enlarge sister that the so late best-selling novelist Jackie Collins, who passed far in 2015 following a battle with chest cancer.

The very same year Joan was made Dame by the Queen for her charitable services.

Joan revealed that a collection of stories created by Jackie once she was 11-years-old might now be published. Lock were uncovered in exercise books when preparing because that an auction of the late author's belongings.

She is likewise the godmother the supermodel Cara Delevingne.


Joan to be close to she sister, the so late Jackie CollinsCredit: Reuters

When go Joan Collins star in Dynasty and also who has she played?

In 1981, Joan was available a role in the 2nd season the the then-struggling brand-new soap opera dynasty (1981–89) play Alexis Carrington, the beautiful and also vengeful ex-wife the tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe).

Her performance is generally credited as one variable in the fledgling show's subsequent increase in the ratings versus rival show Dallas.

Joan was nominated six times because that a gold Globe award (every year indigenous 1982 to 1987), winning as soon as in 1983, the same year she to be nominated for an Emmy for best Actress in a Drama Series.

Dynasty fans were hoping to see her reprise she iconic function as the TV villain.

But lot like she on-screen character, Joan didn't hold earlier when stating the she wasn't interested in the empire reboot.

"I don’t yes, really have any thoughts around it", she told Guff News in 2017.

"It’s on a channel that i don’t yes, really get, the CW, so ns haven’t checked out it and I’m not really that interested. The previous is the past, as far as i’m concerned."

She has due to the fact that focused on numerous other projects, both ~ above TV and the silver screen.


Joan is married to Percy GibsonCredit: Getty Images

How many times has actually Joan Collins to be married?

Joan has actually been married 5 times.

Her very first wedding to be to north Irish gibbs Maxwell Reed, who she married on might 24, 1952.

She climate married actor and also singer-songwriter Anthony Newley in 1963 and also American businessman and manager Ron Kass in 1972.

On November 3, 1985, Joan married sweden singer Peter Holm in a ceremony in las Vegas, they to be divorced on respectable 25, 1987.

She married her fifth husband Percy Gibson on February 17, 2002 in ~ Claridge's Hotel in London.

Joan famously quipped when questioned around the age gap between her and also Percy, "if the dies, he dies".

Despite this, and even during the Covid pandemic, they have actually remained inseparable and are also "closer 보다 ever", according to the actress.

"Being in lockdown has made me realise how solid our relationship really is", Joan called Hello in September 2020, spreaking from your luxurious villa in St Tropez, France.

"I love entertaining guests at the villa, travelling and also socialising, but that adjusted and because of the constraints it's simply Percy and also me. The good thing is we're partners in crime, accomplices."


Joan has actually been a big hit in ITV's Benidorm

What has actually Joan Collins starred in recently?

Joan appeared in the movie the moment of their Lives, which hit cinemas in march 2017 and also also stars Franco Nero and Pauline Collins.

The film is a heartfelt, feel-good girlfriend movie in the worlds of Thelma and also Louise and also The best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

It's about two an extremely different females - one a faded Hollywood star, the other a repressed housewife - that team increase by accident, end up being friends and also have an especially adventure.

The Hollywood actress also reprised her role as decision Hennesey-Vaas, the CEO that the Solana Hotel group in series nine of Benidorm top top ITV.

Joan had actually a recurring duty in the present until 2017, when she made decision to move onto miscellaneous new.

Since the, she has showed up in countless TV shows such together American horror Story : Apocalypse (2018), The Royals, Hawaii Five-0 and also will make an appearance in the brand-new series Glow and also Darkness together Adelaide of Maurienne.

She also remains active on the huge screen. After starring in she husband Percy's movie, the time of their Lives, she has actually made an illustration in the 2020 film The loss Adjuster.

2022 will mark her go back to the big screen, together she as been filming the cinema adaptation that the musical tomorrow Morning.

What is Joan Collins' net worth?

During her long career Collins' is rumoured to have collected a precious of over £20million.

As that 2021, her network worth is estimated at 50 million dollars i beg your pardon is equivalent to much more than 36 million pounds.

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But speaking to the Radio Times, the outspoken Joan said: "I'm not precisely rich, no.

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