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True Grit
Jeff Bridges (left) and Matt Damon in True Grit (2010), directed by the Coen brothers.

Bridges later starred in the activity comedy R.I.P.D. (2013) as a veteran that a supernatural police force. He played the location character, a male who serves as the single repository of background prior to the establishment of one ostensibly utopian society, in The Giver (2014). Bridges had for years attempted to secure financing because that the film, based on the novel for young reader by Lois Lowry, and also ultimately served as a producer. He later was actors as a Texas sheriff pursuing bank robbers in Hell or High Water (2016), and his power netted the actor another Oscar nomination. He then appeared in Only the Brave (2017), a drama the chronicles the real-life initiatives of a group of elite firefighters (the Granite hill Hotshots) come contain the Arizona wildfires throughout the summer the 2013. Bridges likewise had functions in the spy movie Kingsman: The gold Circle and also the dramedy The only Living boy in new York (both 2017). He climate played an ireland priest continuing to be at a hotel that has actually a storied past in Bad time at the El Royale (2018). In 2019 Bridges obtained the Cecil B. DeMille compensation (a gold Globe for lifetime achievement).

In addition to his acting career, Bridges wrote and also performed songs, often accompanying himself on guitar. He tape-recorded the roots-oriented albums Be right here Soon (2000) and Jeff Bridges (2011), the last of i m sorry was produced by T Bone Burnett. Bridges collaborated with Zen Buddhist grasp Bernie Glassman ~ above The Dude and the Zen Master (2012), a volume of observations and meditations that attracted on the epically sanguine “Dude” persona that evinced in The big Lebowski.

In 2020 Bridges announced that he had been diagnosed v lymphoma.

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