Learn every little thing you must know about the king that the sea with ourLobster 101 Guide.

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Our arrival to lobster starts with a fast review of the history of lobster in Maine, types of lobsters, qualities of lobster, times of the year it is caught, and lobster colors, and also of course,lobster cooking. Plus, we list our favorite funny facts about lobster.

A Brief background of Lobster in Maine

Lobsters have actually been harvest commercially because the mid 1800’s. Prior to this time, it is clear the lobsters were plentiful and also bigger in size and lived much much longer than they perform today. Magellan’s journals notes the these “creatures” were as thick as “molasses” in some components of seaside water discover in the old Massachusetts territory, which is now recognized as Maine.


The fishing industry in Maine is 2nd only to lumber (per capita). Whereas many pulp and document activity is controlled by big corporations, the lobster market is mainly still family-run. This legacy and method of life are to this day passed down from generation come generation. Back a few new technical additions have actually been added to the mix, tiny has adjusted in this culture since lobsters were first commercially harvested because the mid 1800’s

It was the new Yorkers and Bostonians that really gave the Maine lobster its ar on the cook map, ~ they developed a taste of its deliciously sweet and succulent meat. Lobsters recently are rather synonymous with exclusive restaurants and also expensive buffets. Us imagine them nestled amongst leafy eco-friendly salads, drizzled v butter sauces, shown on pure white porcelain and handled with gold cutlery. Lobster throughout background has been prized together a delicacy, particularly throughout western Europe, together their history stretches from roman inn banquet halls to feasts thrown through Tudor monarchs. But lobster is too delicious to leave specifically to these precious reserves.

Maine lobster, additionally known together the American Lobster, is discovered in the waters in between Eastern Canada and also North Carolina, through Maine contributing to an ext than half of all lobsters captured in the unified States.

What room the Different types of Lobsters?

For the most component there are two main types of lobster, cold water and warm water. Very first up is the warm water lobster, which is commonly captured off the coast of Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, California and the Mediterranean. Warmth water lobster have a fishier taste, frequently with a softer mushier texture, which way they space often daunting to handle. Cold water lobster is commonly captured off the coastline of new Zealand, southern Africa, Australia, and of food Maine. These lobsters are firmer sweeter and an ext succulent, through whiter meat. They space transported frozen to numerous warm water locations because you just can’t compete with the taste. Don’t deteriorate – constantly pick cold water Maine lobster. You’ll never be disappointed.

What is a Maine Lobster?


First you have to select the right varieties of lobster: Homarus americanus, also well-known as the American Lobster, Boston Lobster, new England Lobster, Atlantic Lobster, north Lobster, Nova Scotia lobster, and of food the Maine Lobster.This big crustacean has a long body and also five set of legs, and one pair that attributes big, solid claws. In fact, almost fifty percent of the lobster’s weight originates from its claws. That shell have the right to be mottled brown, eco-friendly andblack.In cold waters, choose that of the northern Atlantic, lobsters thrive at a slow rate. This is whyMaine lobster meat is firmer and more succulent. The cool temperatures store the salt water from permeating the meat.

What’s the Difference in between a Maine Lobster and also a Spiny Lobster?

The Maine lobster need to never be confused with the spiny lobster, Panulirus arus or absent lobster. Maine lobster is easily distinguished from the “spiny” lobster by its large heavy claws. The spiny lobster is caught in warmth waters off Florida and in the Caribbean and southern California coast. The spiny lobster attributes long, strong antennae and also a pair of horns above the eyes, yet with no large front claws. The spiny lobster has tiny claws and is typically marketed together uncooked frozen tails. It is frequently processed together cheap tails and also sold at the huge club stores. Since of that sweet, delicious flavor and tender texture Maine lobster is the world’s many prized catch.


Lobster Season

Lobsters are trapped transparent the year. Generally some of the ideal monthsto purchase hard-shell lobsters are in so late spring, from might to June and also again in the fall, from October to November. New shell lobsters are usually harvested from so late summer to beforehand fall.

Live Maine lobster is easily accessible year-round, with the bulk of the record harvested in the summer and fall. In the winter months countless lobstermen pull their traps to avoid damage and also danger the Nor’easters and also other storms. The price the lobster, like many prices, is rule by supply and demand, as well as, the weather. Unpredictable weather and seasonal changes impact supply. In recent years the lobster seasons has actually been anything but typical.

Lobster price usually increase at the begin of Memorial Day and also drop as the season ends through Labor day weekend. May and September are good times to buy hard-shell lobsters. In June and July, once lobster molting is at its peak, the bulk of lobsters sold locally are soft-shell.

Hard covering Lobsters

Lobsters flourish by molting, or shedding your shells. Just after castle molt, they space soft and fragile until their brand-new shell has hardened. (It takes about 25 molts over 5-7 years because that a lobster to flourish to a minimum legal size, 1 pound.) recently molted lobsters are dubbed soft-shell or “new shell” lobsters. It is important to be mindful of the quality and price of soft-shell lobsters. Soft-Shell lobsters have less meat in proportion to complete body weight 보다 hard-shell lobsters. Hard-shell meat is firmer, if soft-shell meat is softer and also tends come have much more water. Since soft-shell lobsters are not as solid as hard-shells, they carry out not delivery well. This is why soft-shell lobster is always less expensive. Cracking a hard-shell Maine lobster takes some effort, yet the results are much more than precious it. Learn an ext about exactly how to buyhard covering lobsters.

Lobster Fishing


Lobsters are captured in traps, significant by colorful buoys to identify the traps’ owners. If you take place to be the end on a boat and also come throughout one, don’t also think about pulling it approximately take a look. There is no genuine authority specifically governing lobster traps, uneven you counting Smith & Wesson, and the notoriously short-tempered lobstermen, themselves.


When the lobsters room taken native the trap, they are “banded” with solid rubber bands. Occasionally you can see wood plugs put into the basic of the claw. Carry out not eliminate the bands or plugs…they space there for her safety!!!

The State the Maine has really strict laws governing lobstering. Lobster traps might not be hauled at night and on Sundays during June with August in Maine waters (since 1967). In Maine the is illegal to save lobsters under and over a details size. Lobstermen use a distinct gauge to accurately measure the size of the lobster’s carapace (body)–from the eye socket come the beginning of the tail come ensure legit compliance.

The legitimate minimum length is 3 1/4 inches. Lobsters under this size are speak to “shorts” or “snappers” and also must be thrown earlier into the ocean.

Minimum size are implemented to make sure that lobsters room mature enough to each other at least once before they are harvested. When a female egg-bearing lobster is found, that is compelled by Maine law that a v-shaped notch be inserted in the appropriate tail flipper prior to releasing the lobster, in order to defend her so the she may proceed to reproduce.

The maximum legal length of a lobster is 5 customs carapace-length; which are Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings"}" >called “jumbos”. The maximum dimension limit is regulation to protect the breeding stock. A minimum dimension lobster will certainly weigh approximately 1 pound, when a maximum dimension lobster will certainly weigh between 3-4 pounds. The most plentiful and also most renowned size the Maine Lobster is in between 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 pounds each.

Lobster Color

Contrary to renowned belief, live lobsters room not red in color, yet are actually a dark blue-green color because of the countless different color pigments. Once cooked, all of the pigments other than for the red (astaxantbin) room hidden. As well as the typical colored lobsters, over there are likewise rare yellow, red, blue and white specimens. Around 1 in every 30 million lobsters is born with a blue shell. Lobsters are usually active at night and eat fish, crabs, clams, mussels, sea urchins and also sometimes-other lobsters!

You deserve to tell if a lobster is a masculine or a woman by looking at their an initial pair of swimmerets discovered on the under human body of the lobster. The swimmerets ~ above the male space larger and bony; they are smaller and softer in the female.

Lobster Nutrition

Maine lobster is no only an excellent tasting, it’s healthy – that is, if friend go simple on the butter. It’s difficult to believe, but Maine Lobster has less cholesterol,calories, and saturated fats 보다 lean beef, skinless chicken and pork. Lobster is a great source the protein and also omega-3 fatty acids, which room proven to minimize hardening that the arteries and risk of heart disease. Lobster is additionally high in amino acids, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamin A, and many that the B vitamins. Read more aboutlobster health facts.

Lobster Cooking

Live lobster deserve to be boiled, steamed, grilled, or baked. The white meat that the Maine lobster is situated in the tail, claws, and also knuckles. Meat can likewise be discovered in parts of the body and legs. The red product in the tail section is the coral “roe” or the woman eggs and is taken into consideration a delicacy. The greenish product at the junction of the body and tail is “tomalley”, which is in reality the liver, and also has a an extremely unique “peppery” taste used in many recipes.

Don’t worry about cooking live lobsters. Lobsters have a ganglionic nervous system (as protest to a central nervous system), therefore they do not feeling “pain” the same way that we do.

The claimed “screaming” in the pot is actually the sound of heavy steam escaping indigenous the lobster’s shell.

Cooking a lobster much longer than the recommended time usually makes the meat too tough. When properly cooked, lobster meat is a creamy white, shells space bright red and also the 2 front antennae pull the end easily. A 1-2 pound totality lobster offer one person. A pound of meat have the right to be eliminated from 4 to 6 lobsters weighing 1.25 pounds (typical industry size). About two cups of lobster meat equates to one pound.

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For more Maine lobster food preparation instructions be sure to visit our cooking and also handling guide for finest times

Though Maine lobster is finest enjoyed “in the rough” (cooked whole in the shell), that lends chin to a variety of recipes and also styles. Celebrate, anytime that year, everywhere in the country, through the finest live Maine Lobster fromglossesweb.com.

Lobster funny FAQs

We’ve to be working with Maine lobsters because that close to two decades and have actually come throughout plenty of questions from landlubbers and lobster aficionados alike. Find answers to generally asked questions, plus learn amazing lobster trivia. We hope these fun facts heighten your appreciation for the crustaceans.