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Curtis James Jackson III is his born and real name. He is professionally recognized as 50 Cent. 50 Cent is one American rapper, actor, businessman and also investor. His Nick surname is Interscope, Fiddy, Boo Boo, 50 Cent. 50 Cent day of birth is top top July 6, 1975 and place of bear is in south Jamaica, Queens, brand-new York, U.S. His Sun sign is Cancer. 50 Cent has actually been dubbed a "master that the nuanced art of lyrical brevity" for his affect on the i know good hop business. 50 Cent started boxing in ~ a young period to defend himself. 50 cent has actually lent his voice to a variety of video games, including call of Duty: modern-day Warfare 2. He is likewise an entrepreneur and the founder of SMS Audio, SMS Promotions, and also SK Energy. In regards to nationality, 50 cent is one American, and also in regards to ethnicity, that is African-American. That learned exactly how to compose rap lyrics from Jam grasp Jay. 50 cent saw Cambria Heights, Queens" Andrew Jackson High School. He at 16 year of age he is dropped the end of school after being arrested for weapons and also drugs possession. 50 Cent girlfriend details offered below. Stack Ross, Ja Rule, and Meek Mill are simply a couple of of the rappers through whom 50 Cent has had actually feuds.His net Worth is $155 million. 50 Cent sons name are Marquise Jackson, Sire Jackson.
His parents room Sabrina Jackson. Sabrina Jackson is his mom name. His mother raised the after his father exit him and also his family shortly after ~ his birth. Sabrina Jackson, his mother, was a drug dealer that reared him till she passed away in a fire as soon as he to be eight years old. That was raised by his grandmother once his mommy died, and he began boxing soon after. His neighbor started a small boxing gym as soon as he to be 14 years of age, and also he invested the most of his time in a local boxing Gym. H e began selling medicine at the period of 12 and used the proceeds to purchase guns, i m sorry he brought to school.
50 Cent has had a difficult journey. He began selling drugs and bringing weapons to school while he to be in main school. He to be arrested by steel detectors once he was in 10th grade and attending Andrew Jackson High School. He was arrested in 1994 for offering drugs to a police officer undercover. He was caught a few days later when police searched his residence and also discovered heroin, cocaine, and also a starter pistol. He was fortunate enough to just serve 6 month in prison, throughout which time he acquired his GED. He obtained his counselling at the jail, i m sorry was actually a boots camp. He is well-known for his television appearance in 50 Cent: The Money and also the strength as self for Episode: "Choose your Crew Wisely" and movie prior to I me Destruct together Clarence Jenkins in 2008.
During the 1980s cracked epidemic, 50 Cent started selling drugs at 12 years of age. The then pursued a music career, producing Columbia Records" strength of the dollar in 2000, however he to be shot days prior to the album"s scheduled release, and also the record was never ever published. After ~ meeting with the new York hip-hop trio Run, 50 Cent"s job began. He went top top to form his very own gang, G, later. He exit his debut album, guess: v Who"s Back, with his group, which contained Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.
Following the release of the compilation album guess Who"s Back? in 2002, Eminem uncovered 50 Cent and signed him come Shady Records, which is controlled by Dr. Dre"s after-effects Entertainment and also Interscope Records. 50 cent ended up being one of the best-selling rappers of every time through the aid of Eminem and Dr. Dre, and also rose to fame with the hip-hop team G-Unit. Wanksta, the soundtrack because that 8 Mile, was co-written through Eminem and 50 Cent. Later, during the release of his debut album, acquire Rich or dice Trying,Tryin. Dr. Dre coached the rapper. This album debuted in ~ number one ~ above the Billboard 200 chart in 2003. Later, he released a new album dubbed G. He went on to create another album, G, later in his career. In 2005, he released his official second album, The Massacre. Curtis, his one more album, to be released in 2007. On the Billboard 200, this album was ranked second.
Before I me Destruct, his 4th album, was released in 2009. Five years later, in 2014, animal Ambition: The Untamed Desire to be released. Exactly how to Rob, In Da Club, candy Shop, Hustler"s Ambition, Ayo Technology, and also other song are among his most successful tracks. Aside from that, he"s a fantastic actor. The has appeared in end 30 films and also television collection to date. To escape Plam 2: Hades and Den the Thieves are two the his many recent films. His many recent broadcast tv series was in 50 main in 2017.
When the hip-hop group Run-DMC contacted 50 Cent, he decided to pursue music professionally. Due to the fact that then, he has attracted Eminem"s notice, who has actually signed him to his own record label. During his time v Eminem, his career soared, and he quickly established himself as one of the most successful hip-hop musicians of all time. He"s also appeared in movies including Freelancers, Setup, before I me Destruct, escape Plan, The Prince, and also more. 50 Cent is a greatly successful musician, as viewed by his many achievements. Over the course of his career, he has received 73 awards from 136 nominations, consisting of American Music Awards, ASCAP Awards, AVN Awards, bet Awards, gambling Hip Hop Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV video Music Awards, and also World Music Awards. He is among the many successful hip-hop musicians of every time.Following The Game"s departure, Jackson signed Olivia and rap legends Mobb Deep come G-Unit Records, adhered to by Spider Loc, M.O.P., 40 Glocc, and also Young hot Rod, all of which later left the label. In 2003, he created G-Unit Records, signing Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo, every one of whom to be members of G-Unit. In 2003, Interscope records handed Jackson his own label, G-Unit Records. He formed G-Unit together Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck, and eventually signed The game in a joint venture with Dr. Dre"s results Entertainment.
He has dated and his girlfriend name is Tahiry Jose, Shaniqua Tompkins, Meagan Good, Vivica A. Fox, delight Bryant, Ciara, Daphne Joy, Tatted increase Holly.
50 Cent is well-known for his relationship with Tahiry Jose. He is also known for date Shaniqua Tompkins native 1995 to 1999. By profession Shaniqua Tompkins is one actress. 50 Cent and also Shaniqua Tompkins were blessed with 1 children/kids, A child was born. 50 Cent child name is Marquise. His kid Marquise day of birth is October 13, 1997.Marquise Jackson is the older boy of 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, his ex-girlfriend.
He has dated Meagan great from 2001-2004. 50 Cent and Meagan Good dated each various other from April 2001 v March 2004. By job Meagan Monique great is one American actress and also model.
50 Cent dated Vivica A. Fox in 2003. Vivica A. Fox is older come him by around 11 years. Vivica A. Fox and 50 cent finished their partnership after trading insults.
50 Cent is recognized for his relationship with pleasure Bryant from may to December 2005. By profession delight Bryant is one American actress, businesswoman and also fashion model.
He is well-known for date Ciara. If on tourism in the year 2007, Ciara and also 50 Cent collaborated on a song and later began to day each other. Ciara, that is ten years his junior, was his girlfriend native February 2007 come July 2010.By profession Ciara Princess Wilson is one American singer, songwriter, dancer, and also model.
He has dated Tatted up Holly indigenous July 2013 come February 2015. Tatted increase Holly is a Puerto Rican model.
He has actually dated Daphne Joy native February 2011 come October 2012. Daphne pleasure nd 50 Cent welcomed a kid dubbed Sire. Daphne delight is a fashion model, entrepreneur, and actress.
He is not married but 50 Cent has been in a many affairs transparent his life. Shaniqua Tomkins, his then-girlfriend, offered birth to their son, Marquise Jackson, in 1996. Unfortunately, their connection didn"t continue long, and she quickly sued him because that $50 million, claiming the he had pledged come look after her. The court dismissed she lawsuit, and the two have been feuding ever since. His relationship with his son had actually been challenging since 50 Cent and also Shaniqua break-up up. He dated Daphne Joy, a version who gave birth to his son, Sire Jackson, after lock divorced. 50 Cent boy sire jackson to be born onSeptember 1, 2012. Sire earned $700,000 as a model for Kidz Safe, a children"s headphone company, once he was two years old.
According to you what girlfriend think is the period of 50 cent - No concerns we will certainly tell girlfriend his age in 2021 likewise we will certainly let girlfriend know around his how tall, height and weight.
He is 46 year of old birthdate is July 6, 1975. He steps 6 feet 0 customs in height and his load is 95 in kg in kilograms. That is the famous and well recognized as American rapper, actor, businessman and investor. 50 cent is a challenging man to forget. His hair is Black and also his eyes room Dark Brown.
50 cent is among the wealthiest American rapper, actor, businessman and also investor. His network Worth and also Salary is speak by many of His fans. We have actually no information around 50 cent salary.50 cent money is most in speak by his fans v his films and also albums and an ext worked he did.
From His job He earns a pretty good salary. That is an American rapper, actor, businessman and also investor who has actually a network worth the $36 millions from his work/career. That is recognized to be among the an excellent paid personality in the world. He is a renowned American rapper, actor, businessman and also investor has actually made a large name for himself and also is an extremely successful in what that does and also has many wealth and also an impressive Net Worth. He is active on Instagram and also twitter.
He is just one of the renowned American rapper, actor, businessman and investor who has always been noticed for his work. If girlfriend are brand-new to recognize who is 50 cent climate it is nice to see the images, photos of 50 cent. You can get His pictures, photos of 50 cent in this article, or also on Google. His Wikipedia, biography details is given here.
50 Cent: Blood ~ above the Sand is a third-person shooter video clip game for the playstations 3 and also Xbox 360 created by Swordfish Studios and released by THQ. It to be released in February 2009 together a follow-up to 50 Cent: Bulletproof.
50 Cent: Bulletproof is one action video game for the game stations 2 and also Xbox the was published on November 17, 2005. It was occurred by real Games and also published by Vivendi universal Games. The game was rebuilt into a top-down facet PlayStation Portable version referred to as 50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition, i beg your pardon was released in 2006. In 2009, 50 Cent: Blood top top the Sand was released together a sequel. ~ above July 23, 2005, the soundtrack was released, special 13 brand-new songs by 50 Cent.
Jada Pinkett-Smith and also rapper 50 Cent involved into a furious text dispute when Jada Pinkett-Smith publicly announced that she was involved with respectable Alsina. In ~ the Red Table speak in June 2020, Jada Pinkett-Smith and also Will Smith in reality turned the tables through sharing among the worst periods of their marital relationship in public. As soon as the elite pair take it a break from each various other for a brief length of time, Jada revealed that she to be romantically linked with R&B artist respectable Alsina during the talk programme. When the event ended up being viral, rapper 50 Cent texted will certainly to see how he to be doing, but it turned the end to be heated conversation.
"How us Do" is a track by American rapper and also West shore hip hop artist The Game, off his very first album The Documentary, which attributes rapper 50 Cent. In so late 2004 how We execute was released together the album"s 2nd official solitary and was created by Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo. "How we Do" to be a vast hit all about the world. In nations such together the unified Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and new Zealand, the song reached the optimal ten. In the united States, the record was a finest seller, getting to at number 4 on the Billboard warm 100 and also lasting top top the chart because that 28 weeks. "How we Do" to be Game"s first top-ten hit together a command artist, and also his very first top-ten single overall.
With "Candy Shop," "Disco Inferno," and "How us Do," he became the very first solo artist to have three singles in the Billboard top 5 in the same week.
50 Cent"s liquid Shop is the second single indigenous his 2nd commercial album, The Massacre (2005). It was created by 50 Cent and also stars Olivia. "Candy Shop" to be 50 Cent"s third number one solitary and fifth top-ten solitary on the Billboard hot 100. Critics gave it mixed reviews, v some compare it to 50 Cent"s duet with Lil" Kim ~ above "Magic Stick" (2003). It was nominated for finest Rap tune at the 2006 Grammy Awards, and the music video was nominated for finest Male video clip at the 2005 MTV video clip Music Awards. "Candy Shop" is a dancefloor track with a mid-tempo beat. Jessy Terrero command the music video, which was shot on January 11–12, 2005 in in Hollywood, California.
Despite the truth that 50 Cent and Pop Smoke room not related, they had a solid connection. In the news of popular music Smoke"s death, 50 Cent has talked out in interviews and also on social networks around his connection with the deceased rapper. There to be never any kind of mention that the 2 being linked by 50 Cent.
The unreleased an initial studio album by American hip hop recording artist 50 Cent is titled power of the Dollar. The album was an alleged to be exit by Columbia records in 2000 together his major-label debut, but it to be cancelled after Columbia found that 50 Cent was shot ripe times in a shooting 2 months before the album was supposed to it is in released.
50 Cent"s tune "P.I.M.P." is taken native his debut studio album gain Rich or dice Trying (2003). Mr. Porter the D12 added production come the song, which was mixed by Dr. Dre.
"P.I.M.P." was a ideal seller upon its debut, significantly in the unified States, where it peaked in ~ number three on the Billboard hot 100 and also entered the height 10 the several nationwide charts throughout the world. The tune was ultimately certified yellow by the Recording sector Association the America (RIAA) because that sales of end 500,000 copies.
The tune "Outta Control" was composed by 50 Cent for his 2nd studio album, The Massacre (2005). Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo collaborated on the track"s production. Dr. Dre and also Mike Elizondo developed the song, which was composed by 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo, Prodigy, Havoc, note Batson, kris Pope, and Steve Standard. Top top the initial edition that The Massacre, it to be released together "Outta Control."
Jackson, who was one of Pop Smoke"s significant influences, led the executive-producer responsibilities for late rapper pop Smoke"s debut album, Shoot because that the Stars, Aim for the Moon, in 2020.
The album to be released ~ above July 3, 2020. Jackson preserve the album, desiring to end up it ~ Pop had died. He contacted plenty of of the artist involved, and also features on one of the album tracks, "The Woo", which ended up being a peak ten single
Pop Smoke"s "Got it on Me" is a track from his posthumous debut studio album, Shoot because that the Stars, Aim because that the Moon (2020). Popular music Smoke co-wrote the track with 50 Cent, Darrell Branch, Dmytro Luchko, Frederick Perren, Keni St. Lewis, and also Luis Resto, through Young Devante handling every one of the production. It"s a i know good hop track that interpolates 50 Cent"s "Many guys (Wish Death)" lyrics.
SMS Audio is a consumer electronics company based in the United says that generally makes and also sells headphones. In 2011, 50 Cent created the firm and also purchased Kono Audio in the very same year. Curtis Jackson, famed by his stage as 50 Cent, released SMS Audio in 2011. "Studio master Sound" is the abbreviation for "Studio mastered Sound." Brian Nohe, the founder the KonoAudio in 2007, has been named President the SMS Audio. In so late 2011 and also early 2012, 50 Cent and former KonoAudio president Brian Nohe produced SMS Audio"s an initial range the headphones. Curtis Jackson stated in December 2011 that a portion of every headphone marketed domestically on the SMS Audio website will certainly be given to the Feeding America initiative.
When my kid came right into my life, my top priorities shifted, due to the fact that I want to have actually the relationship with that that ns didn"t have with mine father," Jackson said of Marquise"s birth.
The third solitary from 50 Cent"s second album, The Massacre, is "Just a Lil Bit." Scott Storch is the song"s producer. The monitor debuted at #3 in the United says on may 17, 2005, noting 50 Cent"s 6th solo top-ten hit and also ninth overall. It likewise charted at number ten in the unified Kingdom. The B-side is one AOL Sessions live record of Disco Inferno. The track "Just a Lil Bit" started at #69 top top the Billboard warm 100 and reached #3. The track was later on certified Platinum by the Recording industry Association the America (RIAA). White Dawg is included on the official remix. T-Pain carry out a freestyle called "A tiny Hit" end the instrumental music.
Curtis, 50 Cent"s third album, was released in September 2007 and was inspired on his past prior to gain Rich or die Tryin. It entered the Billboard 200 in ~ number two, offering 691,000 copies in its an initial week. The outsold Kanye West"s Graduation, which was released the same day; the conclusion that this widely publicised sales fight in between Jackson and also Kanye West has been linked to the commercial loss of gangsta rap and the "bling era" aesthetic, i m sorry previously dominated mainstream hip-hop.
"I"m the Man" is a tune by American i know well hop recording artist 50 Cent, released as the third single from his eleventh mixtape, The Kanan Tape, top top December 4, 2015. Sonny Digital provided vocals and also production for the track. ~ above February 12, 2016, it to be made available for digital download. 50 Cent exit the music video clip for "I"m the Man" ~ above his YouTube channel top top January 1, 2016.
Jeremih"s tune "Down top top Me" was produced by Mick Schultz and Keith James and mixed by Ken Lewis, a mix engineer. The tune Down ~ above Me is the 2nd single native 50 Cent"s second album, All around You, and also features him. Def Jam exit the track to us radio station on October 12, 2010. Director Colin Tilley shot the main music video on November 23, 2010 in Los Angeles, and also it was aired ~ above December 15, 2010.
Get rich or dice Trying is American rapper 50 Cent"s debut studio album. Results Entertainment, Shady Records, and Interscope records released the on February 6, 2003. Following his signing through Eminem, 50 Cent collaborated generally with Dr. Dre, who served as the album"s executive producers, combine the gangster rap and also R&B sound the is so famous in new York hip hop. Mike Elizondo, Sha Money XL, Mr. Porter, Rockwilder, Dirty Swift, Megahertz, and also others contribute to the mix. Eminem, Young Buck, and also Nate Dogg make cameo appearances ~ above the album, which also features Lloyd Banks and also Tony Yayo from G-Unit.
Blood in my Eye is the fifth studio album through Ja preeminence (American rapper) Blood in mine Eye was released top top November 4, 2003 by killing Inc.
50 Cent"s tune "In da Club" is taken indigenous his debut studio album obtain Rich or dice Trying (2003). The was written by 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and also Mike Elizondo, and it was developed by Dr. Dre through Elizondo"s co-production credit. In ~ the 2003 MTV video clip Music Awards, the supporting music video for "In da Club" won finest Rap video and Best brand-new Artist. The song was ranked 24th top top Billboard"s warm 100 songs of the te list in 2009. The track was ranked 13th in rolling Stone"s "Best songs of the Decade" list. The was placed 448th on rojo Stone"s list of the 500 best Songs of all Time in 2010. Top top December 10–11, 2002, Philip Atwell command the music video.
Best the is American hip hop recording artist 50 Cent"s first greatest hits album. Shady Records, results Entertainment, and Interscope records released that on march 31, 2017. In 2002, Interscope documents signed 50 Cent to a five-album agreement that consisted of a biggest hits album. 50 Cent"s ideal Of has 18 songs throughout his 11-year career, consisting of collaborations v Nate Dogg, Olivia, Justin Timberlake, and also other musicians.
The lead single from American rapper 50 Cent"s 4th studio album before I self Destruct is "Baby by Me." top top September 10, 2009, it to be commercially released. Curtis Jackson, Jamal Jones, william Tyler, and also Shaffer Smith created the song, which was developed by Polow Da Don and also William Tyler. R&B artist Ne-Yo contributes vocals to the solitary version. In October 2009, the music video clip for "Baby by Me" to be shot. Top top the Billboard warm 100, "Baby by Me" debuted in ~ #31 in the week ending November 14, 2009.
50 Cent has actually made news countless times together he has included a brand-new tattoo to his collection, similar to other celebrities that have tattoos, such together Eminem ink or Lil Wayne tats. He is among the most famous tattooed celebrities and also well-known tattooed persons. Because of his blossoming movie career, the rapper is deleting several of his history. Curtis Jackson has actually started to have most of his tattoos removed.

50 cent Age and Height

50 cent Age and Height
NameCurtis James Jackson III


Height6 feet 0 inches

50 cent Wiki and also Biography

50 cent Wiki and also Biography
Born and Real NameCurtis James Jackson III
NicknameInterscope, Fiddy, Boo Boo, 50 Cent
BirthdayJuly 6, 1975


ProfessionAmerican rapper, actor, businessman and investor
BirthplaceSouth Jamaica, Queens, new York
Sun signCancer
CasteNot known

50 cent Height, Weight and Body Measurements

50 cent Height, Weight and also Body Measurements
Height6 feet 0 inches
Weight95 kg
Body MeasurementsNot known
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

50 cent net Worth and also Salary

50 cent network Worth and Salary
Net Worth$36 Million
SalaryNot known

50 cent education and learning Qualifications, School and College

50 cent education Qualifications, School and College
Educational QualificationsNot known
SchoolAndrew Jackson High School

50 cent professional Life

50 cent expert Life
ProfessionAmerican rapper, actor, businessman and investor
Debut AlbumDebut album gain Rich or dice Tryin’ top top February 6, 2003 via Shady, Interscope and aftermath Records.

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Film display DebutGet affluent or die Tryin’ as Marcus and tv debut is for adult man sitcom The Simpsons as himself
Famous and also well knownTV 50 Cent: The Money and the Power and tv show prior to I self Destruct

50 cent family members Details/ parents/ family background?

50 cent family members Details/ parents/ family members background?
Parents /FatherNot known
Parents /MotherSabrina Jackson
Siblings/ brothers NameNot known
Siblings/ sister NameNot known
Children/Son"s NameMarquise Jackson, Sire Jackson
Children/Daughter"s NameN/A

50 centGirlfriend/Wife/dating/Affairs?

50 centGirlfriend/Wife/dating/Affairs?
Wife/Spouse NameN/A
Dating /Girlfriend Name/AffairsTahiry Jose, Shaniqua Tompkins, Meagan Good, Vivica A. Fox, pleasure Bryant, Ciara, Daphne Joy, Tatted up Holly.

50 cent marriage Details

50 cent marital relationship Details
Marital StatusSingle
Wife/Spouse NameN/A
Wedding dates/ marital relationship dateN/A

50 cent Home address and Residence

50 cent Home resolve and Residence
Home townNew York City
House addressNew York City

50 cent society Media Websites

50 cent society Media Websites

50 Cent (Rapper) movies / every film perform / tv series list

Get well-off or die Tryin"Home that the BraveRighteous KillBefore I me DestructStreets the BloodDead man RunningCaught in the Crossfire13GunTwelveMorning GloryBlood OutSetupAll Things fall ApartFreelancersFire v FireEscape PlanLast VegasThe Frozen GroundVengeanceThe PrinceSpySouthpawPopstar: never Stop never StoppingThe PursuitDen of ThievesEscape setup 2: Hades

Television show /Tv Serial/ Tv shows / serials

The Howard Stern ShowJimmy Kimmel Live!The SimpsonsLate display with David LettermanLate Night through Conan O"BrienThe ViewFlavor of LoveLast speak to with Carson DalyDiaryAmerica"s following Top ModelThe so late Late display with Craig FergusonMTV Cribs50 Cent: The Money and the PowerThe Tyra banks ShowEntourageThe Tonight display with Conan O"BrienParty monster CaboThe Graham Norton ShowThe Tonight display Starring Jimmy FallonRachael RayChelsea LatelyGeorge LopezConanThe X FactorThe FinderDream MachinesRobot ChickenKatieDream SchoolPowerThe today ShowRidiculousness50 main

50 Cent (Rapper)Songs/Music list/All Album

Studio albumsGet rich or die Tryin"The MassacreCurtisBefore I me DestructAnimal AmbitionStreet King ImmortalCompilation albumsGuess Who"s Back?24 ShotsBefore I self Destruct: The SelectsBest OfSoundtracksGet affluent or dice Tryin" soundtrack(with miscellaneous artists)Southpaw(with assorted artists)Video albumsGet wealthy or dice Tryin"50 Cent: The new BreedMixtapes50 Cent Is the Future(with G-Unit)No Mercy, No Fear(with G-Unit)God"s Plan(with G-Unit)Bullet Proof(with DJ Whoo Kid)War angel LPForever KingThe large 10The shed Tape(with DJ Drama)The Kanan TapeReloadedSinglesAs command artistHow to Rob(featuring The Madd Rapper)Rowdy RowdyThug Love(featuring Destiny"s Child)Your Life"s top top the LineWankstaRotten AppleIn da Club21 Questions(featuring Nate Dogg)P.I.M.P. (Remix)(featuring Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck)If i Can"tDisco InfernoCandy Shop(featuring Olivia)Just a Lil BitOutta regulate (Remix)(featuring Mobb Deep)Hustler"s AmbitionWindow ShopperBest Friend(featuring Olivia)I"ll Whip Ya Head Boy(featuring Young Buck and also M.O.P.)You Don"t Know(with Eminem, Lloyd Banks and Cashis)Jimmy cracked Corn(with Eminem)Straight to the BankAmusement ParkI gain MoneyAyo Technology(featuring Justin Timberlake)I"ll still Kill(featuring Akon)Get UpI gain It InOK, You"re RightBaby by Me(featuring Ne-Yo)Do friend Think about MeOutlawWait until TonightI simply Wanna(featuring Tony Yayo)New Day(featuring Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys)First Date(featuring as well Short)My Life(featuring Eminem and also Adam Levine)Major Distribution(featuring Snoop Dogg and also Young Jeezy)We Up(featuring Kendrick Lamar)Hold OnDon"t concern "Bout It(featuring Yo Gotti)PilotSmoke(featuring Trey Songz)HustlerChase the Paper(featuring Prodigy, Kidd Kidd and also Styles P)Everytime ns Come Around(featuring Kidd Kidd)Irregular Heartbeat(featuring Jadakiss and also Kidd Kidd)Winners Circle(featuring Guordan Banks)Big rich Town(featuring Joe)Twisted(featuring mr Probz)Animal AmbitionGet Low(featuring Jeremih, 2 Chainz and also T.I.)9 ShotsToo well-off for the BitchI"m the Man(featuring Sonny Digital / kris Brown)No Romeo No Juliet(featuring kris Brown)Still Think I"m Nothing(featuring Jeremih)Crazy(featuring PnB Rock)As featured artistReact(Onyx special 50 Cent, Bonifucco, tho Livin" and X-1)Magic Stick(Lil" Kim featuring 50 Cent)Let Me In(Young Buck featuring 50 Cent)Encore(Eminem featuring Dr. Dre and also 50 Cent)Westside Story(The video game featuring 50 Cent)How us Do(The video game featuring 50 Cent)Hate it or Love It(The video game featuring 50 Cent)MJB da MVP(Mary J. Blige featuring 50 Cent)So Seductive(Tony Yayo special 50 Cent)Have a Party(Mobb Deep special 50 Cent and also Nate Dogg)Hands Up(Lloyd financial institutions featuring 50 Cent)Cake(Lloyd financial institutions featuring 50 Cent)Creep(Mobb Deep featuring 50 Cent)Can"t leave "em Alone(Ciara featuring 50 Cent)Crack a Bottle(Eminem featuring Dr. Dre and also 50 Cent)Mujeres in the Club(Wisin & Yandel special 50 Cent)Pass the Patron(Tony Yayo featuring 50 Cent)Let"s obtain It In(Lloyd featuring 50 Cent)Down top top Me(Jeremih featuring 50 Cent)Buzzin"(Mann special 50 Cent)No Dejemos Que se Apague(Wisin & Yandel special 50 Cent and also T-Pain)Here us Go Again(Governor special 50 Cent)Haters(Tony Yayo featuring 50 Cent, Shawty Lo and also Roscoe Dash)Right There(Nicole Scherzinger special 50 Cent)Up!(LoveRance featuring 50 Cent)Everything OK(Precious Paris special 50 Cent)Hate Bein" Sober(Chief Keef special 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa)Wait a Minute (Remix)(PHRESHER special Remy Ma and also 50 Cent)Nobody(Rotimi featuring T.I. And 50 Cent)Petty(Fre$h featuring 2 Chainz and 50 Cent)Other charted songsRealest Niggas(with The infamous B.I.G.)HeatPatiently Waiting(featuring Eminem)Many males (Wish Death)What up GangstaHail Mary(with Busta Rhymes and also Eminem)Dem not Ready(featuring Sean Paul)Trust Nobody(Paybak featuring 50 Cent)Right Thurr(featuring Young Buck)Victory 2004(with P. Diddy, The notorious B.I.G., Lloyd Banks and Busta Rhymes)Piggy BankOutta ControlIn my HoodBuild you Up(featuring Jamie Foxx)So Amazing(featuring Olivia)Just a Touch(Funkmaster Flex special 50 Cent and Paul Wall)Pearly Gates(Mobb Deep special 50 Cent)The Re-Up(with Eminem)Funeral MusicPeep Show(featuring Eminem)Follow my Lead(featuring Robin Thicke)Take It come the Top(Freeway featuring 50 Cent)Tia told MeThe InvitationMonster(Michael Jackson featuring 50 Cent)I"m top top ItGuest appearancesLet the BeJerkBring It every to Me (Remix)I"m Gonna it is in Alright (Trackmasters Remix)Work the (Remix)Love MeRap GamePlaces to Go50 shot YaShot DownLet Me it is in the 1We All die One DayI"m a HustlerBlow It out (Remix)The Realest KillazAngels around MeNever EnoughSpend part TimeI obtain HighWarrior, Pt. 2I"m a SoldierBonafide HustlerDPG-UnitOh NoLoyal come the GameWe Don"t provide a FuckBig young GameWhat IfThings ChangeYou currently KnowWhen fatality Becomes YouWe Both Think AlikeYou a ShooterI Don"t Know, OfficerTalk around MeWhen It rain It PoursCloud 9Forgive MeWhat you Know about UsPearly GatesThe InfamousIt"s AlrightEverywhere ns GoRotten AppleL.A. NiggasNigga, What"s UpMy LifeSpend TimeThe Re-UpYou Don"t KnowJimmy cracked CornSki Mask way (Eminem Remix)Officer DownCome and also Get MeHold OnFuneral MusicTake It to the TopSexy LadiesFreeze (Remix)/Bump ThisThey Don"t bother MeQueensPaper planes (Remix)Slow down (Remix)Wanna Lick (Magic Stick, Pt. 2)Feel My heart BeatLet the Beat absent (Boys Noize Megamix)I go OffMe & my MusicBitch (RemixFuck you (Remix)FormatMean Mug5 Senses (Remix)Like a G6 (Remix)Dump (It"s choose That)Toot It and also Boot the (Remix)Payback (P"s and Q"s)Altered Ego80"s BabyMonsterSyllablesBetter WalkWish Me LuckRaidRecentlyIn the Dark (Remix)The EnforcerWarning (Remix)HeadgamesI"m a StopDo her ThingNo HesitationTrickTelescopeTalk of the TownHate Bein" SoberNew York TimesMoveFree AgainMary mrs (Remix)TonightCuffin Season (Remix)El SobrevivienteI BetDrug MoneyGet PaidAnnieWhy girlfriend Mad in ~ Me? (Remix)Bang BangBirthdayLottoDrama never ever EndsNew ChickStill HereChoices (Yup) RemixComfortable RemixI Wanna BenzNew Chick (Remix)It"s MurdaThis BigThe PlanColor BlindTil DaylightLonely DayCaliforniaNobodyPettySKWILStatute that LimitationsMiscellaneousPower that the DollarBulletproof5 (Murder by Numbers)DiscographyGet wealthy or dice Tryin" (2003)The Massacre (2005)Curtis (2007)Before I me Destruct (2009)Animal ambition (2014)Street King Immortal (TBA) video clip games50 Cent: Bulletproof50 Cent: Blood ~ above the SandCall of Duty: modern Warfare 2

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