Walking, new language skills and adjusting come daycare or prolonged maternity leave. Find out all around life through your 13-month-old.

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What to do once your toddler won"t eatGuess who deserve to hold a spoon? Kiddos will certainly be almost everywhere holding their own utensils, but don’t intend them to in reality get any kind of food right into their mouths (stock up on dishcloths—you’ll be cleaning bits and pieces turn off the walls, floors and maybe even ceilings if they’ve got great aim). Mean them come experiment with what goes into their mouths. We’re not gonna lie: The mess will drive friend nuts! But shot to let the go. You know what lock say: This, too, candlestick pass.

Getting shut-eye

Let’s challenge it: gift a toddler is super-tiring. Through all the growing, bum scooting and discovering, they’ll should sleep because that a good 11 come 14 hrs a day. Your ideal bet is to keep their sleep regimen the same, which way going to bed and waking up at the very same time—even ~ above weekends. (Actually, many sleep professionals suggest the adults save a slumber routine, too, for this reason it i will not ~ hurt the totality lot of you come stick through the exact same bedtime and also wake-up time. As soon as it pertains to bedtime, do what works finest for your tot. Even if it is it’s bathing and also brushing this or reading and cuddling, it’s her call.

Your life after baby

Stay-at-home parents—what not to say

We understand you’re no the judgy sort, yet it’s constantly nice to it is in reminded: continuing to be at home or going back to occupational is a choice best made by each family, and it’s one the doesn’t need the views the outsiders. If you choose to be a stay-at-home parent, you may hear things choose “You must have so much complimentary time!” or “It have to be nice no to work!” nothing let it acquire to you.

Breastfeeding and also weaning

If you chose to nurse and haven’t already done so, you could feel choose it’s time come wean her toddler. Countless lactation professionals say that gradual weaning (which deserve to take number of months come a year) is ideal for both you and your kid, that has pertained to rely ~ above the boob as part of their routine. You might want come try setting nursing boundaries—for instance, tell your tot the they deserve to only breastfeed before bed, once throughout the work or every little thing schedule works ideal for you. Just know the it doesn’t come super-easy for part parents and also babes—you may have actually a resistant toddler who desires none that this brand-new routine. Try to be patient.

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The blues

Honestly, transitions room bloody hard. If you’re tho trying to get offered to being at work, law the daycare dash, acquiring dinners made and also keeping track of a busy toddler, that understandable if you’re emotion down. (Being home on parental leave isn’t a cakewalk, however it’s certainly tough to go from full time parenting to your new reality.) If you’re feeling super-stressed and overwhelmed, ask for help. Think us, you’re definitely not the very first parent to feel anxious.