There are career methods for anyone at Hooters! If friend are looking for hourly employment, a job in management, or ending up being a people famous Hooters Girl, then we desire to hear from you. Learn more about interesting career opportunities on the Hooters career site, just click on the connect below!


Please apply in human being at the place you are interested in working at for kitchen staff or to it is in a Hooters Girl.Hooters invites you come share in ours success. In fact, us insist! only if you space successful, space we successful. As among the nation"s fastest growing restaurant groups, it"s imperative that us find and also use the ideal talent available.

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Hooters invites you come share in ours success. In fact, we insist! only if you are successful, space we successful. As one of the nation"s fastest farming restaurant groups, it"s command that us find and use the best talent available.

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Training for new Managers

Hooters invites you come share in our success. In fact, us insist! just if you are successful, room we successful. As among the nation"s fastest growing restaurant groups, it"s command that we find and use the best talent available.

Hooters is a good concept. But, a an excellent concept resides or die by the stamin or that weakest link. Our training program is draft to do every connect in the Hooters chain as strong as possible-from Hooters Girl come corporate management. Together you development through the cultivate program, we can promise you these things:

You"ll discover your job.

You"ll know how you contribute and also how we evaluate her performance. You"ll know exactly how to develop and also move up in the organization.

You"ll have fun!

How the Works

Hooters has actually Management Training program designed to teach you the ins and outs the your particular job. These programs vary based on your experience, elevator and advancement level.

The very first step is the Manager in maintain (MIT) process. This is commonly an 8-10 week looked after rotation through each position affiliated in a Hooters operation and also core duties the Hooters Management and also Concept Execution. This step teaches you "how".

Field experience as Manager in Training

The MIT program provides you real-world experience with an emphasis on expertise the concept, Hooters to work systems and also schedules, and staff communication and also motivation. For 8-10 weeks, you rotate through all the necessary positions in the restaurant. Afterwards, you recognize the suitable operation that a Hooters Restaurant. You additionally learn just how to implement and also install Hooters" system of administration controls. Best of all, you"re currently a totally qualified assistant manager.

Continuing Development

As friend refine your routine, attain results and also gain responsibility, you participate in both internal and also external cultivate workshops for her development. Hooters urges professional breakthrough at all levels.

Hooters Benefits

All full time Hooters administration employees can participate in a variety of advantage programs, competitive with those available by other significant employers.


The variety of insurance programs easily accessible include the following: Major Medical, Dental and also Vision. Life insurance and also Accidental death Insurance space provided. 401k regimen available. Employees can begin participation in all health related plans on the first of the month adhering to their date of hire.

Hooters desires its employee to be financially secure. Savings are strongly encouraged. Hooters" 401K program offers employees the chance to set aside, on a tax-deferred basis, native 1 percent to 15 percent of all earned income. The provides an effective protection against taxes together your contributions accumulate. Employee can start participation in the 401K setup following 30 days of permanent employment.

Additional Benefits

Meal Program, paid Vacation, Confidential Employee help Program, ar Service/Charity Involvement, this firm Training and also Industry Certifications.

And more fun 보다 you ever thought possible running a restaurant!

Hooters Career route & Com­pen­sa­tion

"Work hard, play difficult & do money" all have actually a special an interpretation for your career route at Hooters. We space a performance-based organization; if you"re ready, the possibility is most likely right roughly the corner. With brand-new restaurants opened each year, Hooters offers room for advancement. Our expansion creates a solid flow of openings both for direct management positions and also leadership location at multi-unit levels. We offer a clean career path in restaurant management.

Management Opportunities

As a MIT, you earn a competitive basic salary commensurate with your experience throughout our maintain course.

As an Assistant Manager, you get a competitive basic salary augmented by bonuses based upon sales and also profits. Most Hooters places are staffed by two, three or four Assistant Managers, and a general Manager. Her responsibilities increase as your suffer level does. Career expansion can come both from promotion within a unit and also by transport to higher-volume units. You can also breakthrough to one Assistant basic Manager and then the next step is to basic Manager.

As a basic Manager, with complete budgetary and hiring accountability, you run your own business and are accountable for civilization development, guest satisfaction and also loyalty, promotions, community involvement, sales and also profitability, and much more. In ~ this level, you have actually a higher base salary, plus a bigger percentage of the bonuses.

Corporate Philosophy

Hooters presents special rewards and challenges come its managers, all based upon our approach to building a successful business. Our beliefs, as they impact your career, are:

Hooters is intensely a world business. Human being create the setting that draws guest to Hooters. Accordingly, the most successful supervisors are those who have the right to motivate and also train rather and embrace diversity to provide a top quality product in a fun atmosphere. A substantial part of monitoring compensation is based on bonuses tied to sales, profit and quality goals. Supervisors with great, inclusive people an abilities thus often tend to it is in the most highly compensated.

Hooters thrives on ours communities and also promotions. Hooters believes in constantly keeping its name and also product prior to the public. Managers have broad individual authority in your promotional programs. Great ideas and an excellent execution leader to an ext guests and an ext successful company results. In few other companies do supervisors have more tools because that marketing and capability to use them than v Hooters.

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"Hooters makes You Happy" and we think we know exactly how we do that. We purchase the greatest quality food and beverage products and serve lock with quality tested methods. That execution that food and beverage is not sufficient for united state to thrive. We recognize our guest come earlier because us exceed your expectations the the Hooters experience. Accordingly, great Hooters supervisors oversee the details, but keep their eyes on producing a consistent in its entirety experience for our employees and also guests. That calls because that the an unified talents that a Hollywood party promoter, a savvy service manager, a market of the town, and a caring individual. Hooters gives managers a opportunity to beat a larger and an ext important community function than is usual in the restaurant industry. Only when our talented and also diverse teams of employees work-related together can we achieve the mission "Hooters makes You Happy".

If you space interested in monitoring opportunities, please submit your resume to recruiter