Utah Is A Constitutional lug State

It is LEGAL to open bring a firearm in Utah without a allow as lengthy as:

You room at least 18 year oldThe firearm is statutorily “unloaded” (two instrument to fire) unless you have a surprise firearm permit.

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It is LEGAL to lug a fully loaded firearm, visible or concealed, without a surprise firearm permit

If you space at least 21 year old (residents AND non-residents)Not minimal to handguns. ANY legitimate firearm.

See an ext about constitution Carry here


Purchasing & offering Firearms

It is LEGAL to own ANY kind of firearm in Utah. For information around purchasing a firearm indigenous a Federal guns License (FFL) Dealer such together an digital retailer, gun store, pawnshop, etc. Click read much more below.

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It is ILLEGAL, punishable together a federal felony through up to 10 years in prison, for any type of individual who provides a benefit from buying and selling guns or ammunition without a Federal weapons License (FFL).It is ILLEGAL to acquisition a firearm indigenous a non-resident of Utah unless… (read more)It is ILLEGAL to offer a firearm come a non-resident the Utah unless… (read more)

It is LEGAL for a non-resident to acquisition a rifle and/or shotgun in Utah as long as… (read more)

There is a LOT more information you must know around purchasing and also selling firearms.We likewise include buyer and seller safety tips and how to stop scams.