We think in our associates, give ago to our communities and also put the customer first.

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We space a diverse ar in which every associates are treated relatively and respectfully, v equal access to opportunities and also resources, permitting associates come contribute totally to the that company success. We foster a culture where everyone can bring their entirety selves come work. As our human being evolves, we evolve with it by embracing society change, taking action and stop ourselves account for producing a happy, healthy, and also safe place to work.

We space a community of smart, passionate, and also committed associates whose creativity, innovation and also hard work-related fuel the world’s most known lingerie, apparel and also beauty brands.

We are one of the many recognizable retailers in the civilization with unparalleled brand awareness. Ours brands room in 72 countries; we have actually over 900 store locations around the world and nearly 80 million pendant on Instagram alone.

Victoria’s an enig is the leading specialty retailer that women’s lingerie, prestige fragrance, human body care, accessories, athletic and lounge wear. We space on a mission come champion, celebrate and advocate because that women and also the reasons that issue most to them and through the transformative strength of our products and also experiences lug inspiration, confidence, comfort and also joy to women around the world.

PINK is a way of life brand the is focused on celebrating and also supporting the strength of community, cultivating positive mental health among young adults and also being kinder to the planet. Together with our customer, PINK honors diversity, equity and also inclusion, self-confidence and individuality. Our products are made come feel an excellent both inside and out and include loungewear, knit tops, bras, panties, activewear, accessories, beauty and more.


Built on innovation. Powered by an businessman spirit. Thrust by a passion for putting the customer first. These space hallmark features that specify our company as well as the associates that fuel ours success.

Distribution Centers

Our distribution facility operations relocate millions of assets exactly whereby they have to be. Merely put, it is what we do … yet how we do it is as sophisticated and highly engineered…


We make every minute for the customer special. The members of our in-store teams recognize that the function of the merchant is distinct from day to day. This often means that that takes multiple functions to ensure that the brand is well represented and also that customer wishes room met.

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4 limited Pkwy, Reynoldsburg, oh 43068

If you require assistance or an accommodation as result of a disability, please contact 877-415-7170 or email applicantaccommodations
victoria.com. A Victoria’s secret associate will respond to your message as soon as reasonably possible.