If did you do it landed here, then you have to be on a quest around the period limit the skydiving. Search no further my friends, you’ve involved the appropriate place. Right here at Western brand-new York Skydiving, there is no certain maximum skydiving age limit. However, there room a couple of things to consider. Join us together we divulge the keys for the period of skydiving.

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Age Requirements

First things, an initial – there is an age minimum because that skydiving. We are a group Member that the United says Parachute association (skydiving’s national organization), thus we are bound to their guidelines. Therefore, the minimum age to skydive with us in ~ Western new York Skydiving is 18. Space there exception to this rule? Nope. The a definite 18 v proof of age with an ID.

Age Limitations

Ok, so over there is a minimum because that the age to skydive, but what around the maximum period limit for skydiving? inspect this out: In December that 2018, Irene O’shea made a skydive at the age of 102! Yes, you check out that right! She do the record publications until newly (as in this mainly in 2020), a man jumped in Texas born in 1917 did a tandem run at the period of 103!

Those room tandem jumps, however what around the period limit because that solo skydiving? We desire you to satisfy two spunky and also inspiring 80+-year-olds, Dilys Price and also Montse Mechó. Dilys has actually gone on to carry out TED talks and speaches approximately the people on her suffer as a skydiver. Below is a little bit of her story:

We can’t point out Dilys there is no mentioning an additional skydiving sweetheart, Montse Mechó. She’s currently 86 year old and also a former ballerina that took her love to the skies.

Age and also Health Requirements

Let’s recap: the minimum period to skydive is 18, and there is no maximum skydiving age limit.

Minimum Skydiving period Requirement18
Maximum Skydiving period RequirementUnlimited*

*However, there space some wellness requirements to take into consideration no matter your age for skydiving – be it tandem or solo skydiving – but especially because that our skydiving seniors. Let’s rest it down:

Functional Cardiac Health

Skydiving is literally a heart-pumping experience! it is incredibly essential to have a clean invoice of wellness for skydiving as we cannot take someone who requirements supplemental oxygen, or on an array of medicines that may inhibit the security of the jump.


We run from Cessna 182’s that call for the capacity to climb within (very similar to climbing right into a children jungle gym), pull in her legs as you leave the aircraft, and lift her legs on landing.

Mentally present

This is important because for us; tandems aren’t just a thrill ride. They room an interactive experience in which you are very much a component of. The ability to follow directions under pressure is important. We cite this as it is unwise and also unsafe to take persons v dementia or comparable conditions.

Blood pressure

Those v high blood push are at greater risk under the normal tension levels and minimal oxygen going as much as altitude to skydive. Typical blood push is the surname of the video game in skydiving.

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Bottom Line

If you are in concern of the over criteria, or friend are just not sure, you’re more than welcome to call us to talk around your distinctive situation. We’ll have our team advice the case to view if it is possible to skydive. If in doubt, girlfriend can and also we may request you come consult her doctor. Our main concern and also goal is always safety.

Now you understand the deal on the skydiving age limits here at Western new York Skydiving! If you’re end 18 years old and looking to walk skydiving, climate we’re prepared to take it you to the skies!