Jackpocket, the very first third-party application in the U.S. To provide a secure method to order main state lottery tickets, announced newly its start in Oregon.

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Oregonians can now usage Jackpocket’s mobile application to ar ticket order for famous jackpot games, consisting of Powerball, Mega Millions, choose 4 and Oregon’s Megabucks from the comfort of home.

The application offers a fun and easy way to pat the lottery there is no needing come visit a convenience store or also leave the house. Oregonians have the right to now reap the thrill of play the lottery native home, while benefiting state lottery funds.

The player just creates one account in the Jackpocket app, beginning payment information, and also selects their game and numbers. Jackpocket then purchases the ticket top top the player’s behalf and also uploads an image of the ticket into the app. Tickets can not be lost, and winnings under $600 room credited immediately to the player’s account. Jackpocket players have actually won an ext than $9 million because the agency began rolling the end the application state through state in 2015.

• Jackpocket Pools: create private lottery pools through friends, coworkers and family or sign up with the public Pool v thousands of other players across the locations in i beg your pardon Jackpocket operates (Colorado, brand-new Jersey, brand-new Hampshire, Minnesota, Texas and Washington, D.C.).

• Responsible Gaming: Leverage consumer protections like everyday deposit and also spend limits, self-exclusion and in-app access to difficulty gaming resources to for sure responsible play.

“We’re excited to market Oregon’s first-ever mobile application for the lottery,” Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan said in a press release. “By making playing the lottery more fun and also convenient for brand-new and long-time football player alike, we can expand the reach of the Oregon State Lottery and also support the vital statewide program it benefits.”

The application is now accessible for download ~ above iOS or Android. For more information, visit jackpocket.com.

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