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You deserve to bartend in Florida if you space 18 or older. A patent is no required, however a for sure alcohol serving food is recommended. Florida is house to popular beaches, amusement parks and many bars and also nightclubs, which attract vacationers from across the globe. Expert bartenders are constantly in demand and many positions offer rewarding earnings and flexible schedules. Tending bar in Florida can be an interesting and financially rewarding job, yet you must meet requirements to secure a job in Florida’s booming hospitality industry.

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Florida laws require the you be 18 years of period or enlarge to serve alcohol. Applicants who room 16-17 years old deserve to fill location that execute not need serving or dealing with alcohol, such as hosts and also cooks. All facilities that offer alcoholic beverages come the public must possess a state liquor license. The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 year of age and the state’s liquor patent are just issued to applicants who space 21 or older.



The state the Florida walk not need you to have actually a allow or license to work as a bartender. No one does Florida require mandatory alcohol business training for employees that serve alcohol come the public. Mitigation benefits are available to alcohol-serving facilities that take component in Florida’s “Responsible seller Program.” facilities cited because that improper alcohol offer practices may not confront penalties or might receive lighter sentencing if they deserve to prove that their employees had properly completed a for sure alcohol serving course authorized by the State of Florida.


While Florida only requires one employee to it is in 18 years old or over to serve alcohol, many bars and restaurants like to hire employees who are at least 21 year old. Plenty of hospitality industry managers believe that rental an employee of legal drink age could prevent bartenders from serving underage friends or illegally drink alcohol themselves. Although no required, project seekers could find it advantageous to take it a safe alcohol training class prior to using for work. However, numerous establishments gladly rental younger applicants or those without safe company training, so individuals who fall in this categories should not it is in deterred from applying.

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The 2021 Florida statute 562.13 restricts the adhering to persons from employment as bartenders or supervisors in an facility that offer alcohol: people who have actually been judge of a felony or convicted of breaking any alcohol law set forth by the state the Florida, any other state, or the federal government in the 5 years prior to seeking employment. Furthermore, you may not job-related for these establishments if you have actually been convicted by the state that Florida, any type of other state or the federal federal government for soliciting because that prostitution, pandering, letting premises for prostitution, keeping a disorderly place, or any type of felony violation of chapter 893 or the managed substance act of any other state or the federal federal government in the five years before seeking employment.