Is there erotic on Pinterest? go Pinterest allow porn? I’ve heard both of these questions countless times and the answers are very very different. Today, as Pinterest announced their new approach to declaring videos on your site and app, I’m reminded of the plenty of parents who have discussed the potential dangers of Pinterest through me at workshops and also other events.

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allows unpack a few of those dangers, what Pinterest’s technique is, and also what parents have the right to do around it.

There IS erotic on Pinterest.

I can confirm that there is pornography top top Pinterest in two ways. First of all, I started some searches for inappropriate topics and also (without having actually to click with to results) could see that there was porn available. Just inputting the first few letters of these search terms created recommended searches the told the whole story. 


These outcomes pretty lot let you know what is accessible on the site and in the app. Searching more specific terms would, obviously, produce much more specific results.

While this consists intentionally trying to find content, your children may no be the kind to have remained in to that before so girlfriend don’t mean them come go trying to find it. This is where it it s okay a little bit tricky. Pinterest feeds you new content in two various ways. They present you pins from world you’ve chose to follow and also they display you pins that have actually been “picked for you.” Pinterest offers what you do in your app and site and what you do on other websites to recommend various things to you. If you’ve preferred art before then you’ll start to get an ext art posts. If you’re into geeky quotes, you’ll watch pins from civilization you don’t follow based upon what you’ve pinned or viewed in the past. This have the right to lead to being shown pinners who’s pins might not heat up with what you’d consider “” for your kids. there is, however, a way to turn off the “picked for you” option. See the picture below:


Go into your profile, climate settings, and also you have the right to turn turn off personalization and picked because that you.

Pinterest Doesn’t enable “Explicit Content.”

From Pinterest’s regards to service.

Pinterest’s rule don’t permit explicit pornography to be posted but it relies on report from individuals to identify and remove the offending pins. This method that the write-up can it is in up because that days or weeks before it gets sufficient reports to have actually it bring away down. one more thing to save in mental is that Pinterest will certainly still usage their own definition of “explicit.” You might think something is not an excellent for your 14 year old son to see while they view it as art or expression. This way you need to truly stay on height of what they’re seeing.

What Parents have to Know

Again, much is left to interpretation. Some parental may say a photo of a naked statue is artistic and cultural and some might say it’s inappropriate. While some folks think any kind of nudity have to be considered explicit, there space parents that would disagree unless it’s in a sexual situation or atmosphere. over there are many factors the keep photo sharing sites favor Pinterest indigenous making a ceiling NO NUDITY rule.

I would like if there to be some means to revolve off nudity together an option for users yet as of right now that isn’t possible. It additionally isn’t straightforward to screen what contents is being perceived in the Pinterest apps. Yes, the business is developed to work ideal on the mobile apps, my reference is the you limit her younger teen (over 13 come comply with the organization agreement) to using Pinterest top top a browser. use something like Accountable2You to screen their activity so you can be alerted if they’ve come across something inappropriate. This could help keep you from challenging situations stemming from your kids happening upon something adult oriented top top Pinterest.

So, come answer the question, is Pinterest for your son or teen? The answer is no and also yes. No that isn’t encourage for her child. The age restriction to get an account is 13. I would, however, begin to lull up ~ above a strictly anti-Pinterest preeminence as my children enter their teenager years however I would monitor their usage in the most effective means possible. Just because you’ve never ever seen anything as soon as you creep Pinterest doesn’t typical it isn’t there.

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understand that this danger is real and also that your children are as vulnerable as any. Take it precautions before anything regretful happens.