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most of the time, a penny is worth just one cent, yet in the case of the 10 most an important pennies, they deserve to be worth thousands or even millions the dollars. Discover out i beg your pardon pennies to watch for together you kind your change. If you have actually one that these rare pennies, you could be carrying roughly a lot an ext money than you thought!

1. 1792 Birch Cent - around $2.6 Million

when the United says didn"t officially start minting pennies until 1793, there were a couple of prototype pennies made before that time. Among these is the renowned Birch Cent that 1792, called after engraver Robert Birch. This was a "large cent," around the dimension of a quarter, and there are just 10 recognized examples. One in excellent condition sold in 2015 because that an astounding $2.6 million.

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2. 1943 bronze Lincoln coin - about $1.7 Million

As human being War II raged in 1943, the united state Mint switched to making pennies the end of steel to save copper because that the war effort. When they do this switch, several of the copper to be accidentally left in the hoppers. This resulted in the stole mixing through the copper for the first few pennies produced that year. No one noticed the error, and the pennies entered circulation. The united state Mint estimates that 40 of them tho exist. In 2010, one of the bronze Lincoln pennies sold for $1.7 million.

3. 1793 Strawberry leaf Cent - around $863,000

one of the most beneficial "large cents," the 1793 Strawberry Leaf offered at auction for nearly $863,000 in 2009. This rare coin is among only four examples in this style, which was struck the first year the united state Mint officially make the penny. It is in excellent problem for such an old penny and features clear details.


4. 1793 Liberty cap Wreath Cent - around $391,000

In 2004, an additional "large cent," a pristine example of the 1793 Liberty cap wreath design, marketed at auction for around $391,000. This coin has actually sharp details and also shows Lady Liberty wearing a modest cap. ~ above the back, there"s a wreath.

5. 1944 steel Lincoln penny - about $375,000

In 1944, the mints switched earlier to using copper because that pennies. However, a mix-up in the mountain Francisco mint result in about 30 pennies gift made from steel left over from the 1943 pennies. These rare instances can fetch approximately $375,000 in terrific condition, follow to Coin Trackers.

6. 1958 double Die Lincoln coin - around $336,000

due to an error involving a twin stamping that impacted the lettering ~ above the front of the penny, this rarely coin is highly coveted through collectors. Only three instances are well-known to exist, and one in good condition marketed at auction in 2018 from around $336,000.

7. 1909 VDB proof Lincoln penny - about $269,000

In 1909, the us Mint produced a Matte proof penny, never ever intended for circulation. The initials the the coin designer, VDB, are stamped ~ above the back. PCGS reports the only about 200 examples are well-known to exist, though more were minted and likely destroyed. The currently coins were greatly stored, for this reason they room in pristine condition. They feature a unique rainbow oxidation, which an unified with their rarity, provides them highly coveted through collectors. One offered at auction in 2014 for nearly $269,000.

8. 1856 flying Eagle Cent - about $173,000

In 1856, together the mint transitioned indigenous the old coin designs or "large cents" to the smaller dimension most people associate through the term "penny," they created a limited edition the under 4,000 coins because that collectors and important members of Congress. The present 1856 flying Eagle cent are extremely valued by coin collectors, v one in excellent condition selling in ~ auction for virtually $173,000 in 2004.


9. 1864 Indian Head Penny v L - around $161,000

In 1864, the United claims was embroiled in the civil War. Metal supplies were difficult to obtain, so the mint started to to win pennies in bronze half-way v 1864. At this time, they additionally modified the style slightly to incorporate an "L" on the ribbon the Lady Liberty"s battle bonnet. Although about five million pennies to be struck the year, only a handful of the "L" ribbon version survive in uncirculated condition. One sold at auction for virtually $161,000.

10. 1914-D Lincoln penny - about $159,000

people sometimes wonder if the 1917 penny is rare, but the one to watch because that is actually the 1914 example. Through only around one million pennies minted, the 1914 Denver Mint Lincoln penny is rare for a one-cent coin. Of those million, nearly all the coins went into circulation, making it extremely daunting to find one in mint condition. An uncirculated one offered by Legend Auctions fetched almost $159,000 in 2018.

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know When to organize On to her Change

While many pennies space worth only a cent, it payment to research rare coin worths so you deserve to identify the most an important pennies once you watch them. Sometimes, that may also make sense to cave onto coins friend think could increase in value. United state rare coin prices readjust all the time in reaction to industry conditions, so something that may not be that valuable today can be precious a happiness tomorrow.

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