From level whites to power drinks, Australian teenagers drink a how amazing amount of caffeine. Here’s just how it affects their health.

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Lucy E CousinsUpdated September 2020

On average, 75% the Australians gain at the very least one cup that coffee a day. Picking up a coffee from your neighborhood café is a daily routine because that many, so it’s no great surprise that our teens are starting to take glossesweb.component in our coffee culture.

Research suggests 15% the Australian adolescents are on regular basis drinking coffee and also the average consumption of caffeinated tea among 14–17-year-olds is 5.5 cups a week. However caffeine input isn’t limited to tea and also coffee, with the intake of power drinks additionally rising.

The impacts of caffeine top top teenagers

How go caffeine intake affect teenagers’ minds and bodies, and also should we be worried? as clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb explains: “Caffeine acts as a central nervous mechanism stimulant to boost alertness and also make you feel less worn out. It binds to the adenosine receptors in your brain, avoiding the chemical from do you feel tired.”

And while emotion less exhausted may seem beneficial for overworked adults, the results of caffeine in teens can be far reaching. Studies present caffeine usage can affect a teenager’s concentration and ability to sleep, which subsequently may sluggish thematuring procedure of your brains.

And because of their smaller sized body load (on average), caffeine has an ext than twice the influence on youngsters than the does top top adults. This method children and also young teenagers are much more susceptible glossesweb.come caffeine-related symptom such as anxiety, insomnia and nervousness.

Additionally, research studies have suggested that the adolescent mind ismore susceptible to stress and also addictiondue glossesweb.come the means the developing brain is wired. “During adolescence, the brain has the many neural relationships it will ever before have in her life,” Gemma explains. “Caffeine (with its results on sleep) will certainly disrupt her brain"s ability to type these connections.”

In very rare cases, coffee could put press on the heart if spend in really high doses, particularly where there could be one existing love condition, reports the American newspaper of Clinical Nutrition.


Coffee vs energy drinks for teens

Aside native coffee and also tea, soft drinks, and also in particular, power drinks, can include high level of both caffeine and also sugar. Cancer Council’s research uncovered that one in six Australian teenage boys drink at the very least 52 litres that soft drink every year. Given some energy drinks can contain as lot as 320mg that caffeine (equivalent glossesweb.come 2–3 cup of coffee), this is a factor for concern.

The mix that caffeine and sugar deserve to also impact mood, according to dietitian Susie Burrell. She says that after drink an energy drink, teens can “experience a ‘down’ duration about 30-40 minute afterwards”, which deserve to lead to bad health choices. This correlates to research conducted by Cancer Council, i beg your pardon found teens who drink soft drinks and energy drinks space twice as most likely to also be consuming more junk food.

“Consuming too much caffeine can stop a teenager from gaining adequate nutrition,” claims Gemma. “Especially if they choose to drink coffee and soda fairly than consuming much more nutrient-dense foods, because that example.”

The press to perform

The increase in teenagers’ caffeine intake could conveniently be placed down to marketing and also popular society embracing coffee and also performance drinks, but Gemma believes it can be societal pressures that make caffeine an ext attractive glossesweb.come teenagers.

“There’s a lot of pressure on teens to perform,” she says. “They feeling the must keep up through social media, their homework and also the fast pace of contemporary life in general. And also they watch caffeine as providing them an edge.”

At what period is caffeine or coffee for sure for teenagers?

Susie advises that teenagers under 14 have to avoid caffeine where possible, and teens between 14 and also 17 year of period should limit their intake to 100mg or much less a day.

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“That’s equivalent to a tiny milky coffee (60mg), or a pair of cups of tea (30mg each), or part chocolate (26mg/40g) a day,” she says.

“Some teens are drink four big coffees, an power drink to add a cola drink in a day. That could equate to as much as 500–600mg the caffeine. That’s why, as a rule, power drinks that space high in sugar and stimulants must be avoided altogether.”