Minimum age to work at Taco Bell? 16 year old

Minimum period to occupational at Taco Bell:

16 years old

However, girlfriend may additionally be maybe to begin a job at Taco Bell in ~ 15 years old in some claims in the U.S. Ask in ~ your neighborhood store.

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There are several requirements to occupational at Taco Bell:AgeSocial security NumberPreferred: capacity to work well with others, and customer company experience.


You need to be at the very least 16 year of age or older. If you space younger, ask at your regional Taco Bell if they rental younger workers. Some locations may hire workers at 15 year old.

Social security Number:

You must have the ability to work legitimate in the united States. U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can apply. Temporary residents with appropriate work visas can also apply come work.If friend are using in Canada or in one more country the same rule applies. You need to be legally permitted to occupational in the nation to obtain a project with Taco Bell. In Canada you need a social Insurance Number. In or similar worker number approve by the government to legit workers.

How old carry out I have to be to occupational at Taco BellTeam workers and customer business experience:

During the application and interview process, you have to do your finest to emphasize your capability to work well v others in a team. Likewise emphasize any customer company experience you have.

What jobs have the right to I perform at Taco Bell once I rotate 16 years old?

Crew Member

A Crew Member’s task duties include guest greeting, taking food and drink orders, food and also drink preparation, cleaning, and answering questions about menu items and promotions. Crew Members also work in ~ the drive-thru windows and also take inventory.

Food Champion

A Food Champion is a worker the prepares, builds and also presents perfect food. The offer food that meets high quality standards. The duty requires the worker likewise maintain a clean, neat and also well-stocked area so it is prepared to offer guests.

Shift Lead

This management position need to be a high institution graduate (age 17 or 18). They lead a employee of 4 or more employees ~ above each occupational shift, and the also train, coach and development Team Members. Castle ensure fast, specific service and positive guest relations. The shift Lead likewise ensures products are constant with agency quality. Also required: Executing governmental duties. Balance cash drawers. List counts. Ensure food safety and security standards.

Cool project facts

Taco Bell has operated to come to be one the the U.S.’s healthiest quick food options. Read an ext here.Taco Bell has close come 6,000 restaurants worldwide.It serves an ext than two billion tacos and also one exchange rate burritos every year.The restaurant chain offer 36 million customers each week.

How to apply to work-related at Taco Bell in the united States and also Canada:

To use to occupational at Taco Bell in the U.S. Or Canada, right here are the steps:Prepare a resume.Apply online or fill the end an applications in store.In the U.S., online applications can be done through this attach on the Taco Bell tasks website.In Canada, view Canadian Taco Bell jobs and online applications here

Need a Taco Bell job application form?

Download that here: This is the printable Taco Bell project application (PDF file).

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