First lady Melania Trump has spent her last days in the White House focusing on what’s next. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

In her last days as an initial lady, Melania Trump has largely remained away native the West Wing. While she husband spends his time over there in rage — though aides said his dark mood has actually lightened because he started planning a rousing military send-off for himself — she has shown no sign of any kind of disappointment for how the president’s era is ending.

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Instead, she has actually been busying herself v finding a new school for Barron in Florida and also working on her own farewell video clip message come the country, which she exit Monday.

Several world who have been in touch v Melania Trump stated she is mindful of the intense criticism both she and also her husband have gotten because the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, yet that unlike she spouse she appears fully unfazed. They said she would have been happy to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, as every outgoing president and first lady have for the past 152 years. However rather 보다 dwell on what could have been, she concentrates on what she has manage over: choreographing her own exit, trying come cement her tradition as a first lady who committed much time to renovations that the White House, and making plan to proceed her “Be Best” initiative. Quietly, she has likewise been working with Chief usher Timothy Harleth come facilitate the move-in the the Bidens.

“She has actually hours left as first lady, yet she is not the kind to wander around the rooms the the White house in deep reflection of what happened, that what can have been,” claimed one human in touch with her. “She is Melania — she keeps the focus on those next.”

First Lady Melania Trump exit her very own farewell video message to the country on Jan. 18. (FLOTUS/Twitter)

Since Jan. 6, every day has dumped much more bad news top top the president, consisting of his historic 2nd impeachment. However one person close come the president claimed it deserve to be hard to guess what will bother the most and also that even with all that was walk on, the was particularly upset the Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks and other stars i agreeed to execute as component of Biden’s inaugural celebrations.

President Trump, in his days together the star the “The Apprentice” reality-TV show, regularly attended star-studded events. A believer in the power of being connected with marquee names, he invite Elton John and Billy Joel come his and Melania’s wedding in 2005. Yet his harsh rhetoric, hard-line immigration policy and other stances throughout the 2016 project led Hollywood to mostly boycott his inauguration. Currently as trump rages about what he explains as unfair therapy from every sides — from world he hired, native businesses he helped with his policies, native members that his own party and also even indigenous celebrities — his wife simply shrugs and moves on.

In she seven-minute “farewell message” video, Melania Trump stated she to be “humbled” to serve as an initial lady and also called it “the greatest honor of mine life.” She singled out “all that the world I have taken house in mine heart,” including soldiers, legislation enforcement officials, children, mothers, caregivers and all the nurses, doctors and also other health-care specialists who have responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

She check out from prepared remarks in ~ a White home lectern and also did no specifically address the Capitol lytic or her husband’s role in stoking it, yet she stressed she concern around violence. “Be passionate in every little thing you do,” she said. “But constantly remember that violence is never the answer and also will never ever be justified.”

She urged americans to “focus ~ above what hold together us,” and “to rise over what divides us, to constantly choose love end hatred, tranquility over violence and also others before yourself.”

“Together, as one nationwide family, we can continue to it is in the irradiate of hope because that future generations and also carry on America’s heritage of increasing our country to higher heights through our heart of courage, goodness and also fate,” she said.

The video clip was draft in part to separate herself from the president’s pugilistic tone, follow to a White residence aide. Some had actually hoped that she would certainly at least mention, if no welcome, incoming first lady Jill Biden, however she walk not.

After she departs the White house with her husband Wednesday, she plans come duck the end of the spotlight for a while, girlfriend said. However she plans on resurrecting she “Be Best” project that focused on children well-being, consisting of raising awareness that the threats of cyberbullying and also opioids and other drugs.

“She plans to continue and expand it,” claimed Kellyanne Conway, a former White home adviser who has stayed in touch through her. “She knows she input and influence on her legacy worries can it is in greater exterior the White House.”

Melania Trump has been told that she will have actually fewer restrictions and a freedom hand to do what she wants once she is no longer first lady. Paolo Zampolli, a businessman and also former modeling certified dealer who introduced Melania to Donald in the 1990s, said she is absolutely established to prosper “Be Best” and also “continue all the work she did for children.”

The soon-to-be former very first lady additionally is intended to be involved in the site selection, planning and also design that the trump card presidential library, which probably will be located in Florida. She stepdaughter Ivanka Trump additionally has expressed interest in the library and has bought a new home in Florida. Right from the begin of the trumped administration, Melania, 50, and also Ivanka, 39, clashed. Even prior to Melania officially moved into the White House, Ivanka trump told world she would favor the an initial lady’s office to be renamed the “first family’s office.” Both women likewise wanted to decorate the Oval Office — in really different styles — until the chairman stepped in and canceled both plans.

“The library location has not also been scouted yet, yet Ivanka has made her attention clear,” stated one person conscious of the discussions. “As usual, Melania will have to complete with the other family members members.”

In addition to Barron, Trump has actually three children from his very first marriage — Ivanka, Don Jr. And also Eric — and one daughter, Tiffany, from his 2nd marriage.

Melania Trump had hoped her husband would victory in November: She campaigned for him, paris in the final days prior to the election to vital states, consisting of Wisconsin, where she called Trump’s first impeachment a “sham” and described Biden together a “socialist.” but while chairman Trump spent two month disputing the election results, his wife accepted that Biden had won.

Conway said the first lady has urged the president to end his “stop the steal” project that alleged voter fraud, and also that she walk not assistance holding the Jan. 6 rally.

“She was against the protracted difficulty to the choice results, especially after the results were certified,” Conway said. “I recognize she was against the rally and also saying things to him. I think she assumed it to be futile and possibly chaotic. She to be the only household member who was no there.”

According come Conway, the an initial lady was complying with requests because that record-keeping about items at the White House and also not the town hall television once a mob first breached the Capitol. Once she observed what to be happening, she urged her husband come intervene and also end the riot.

Melania Trump desires to be seen as independent from her husband, yet how effective she will be in ~ that task is unclear. Back she go not assistance the president’s false insurance claims that the election was stolen from him, she has over the years backed increase other extremely controversial claims by she husband, consisting of his “birther” conspiracy concept that Barack Obama was no born in the united States and also therefore not a legit president.

The an initial lady also remained silent for numerous days ~ the fatal riot, and then sounded oddly took in with her own image at a time the national crisis in a declare she released Jan. 11. “I uncover it shameful that surrounding these tragic events there has been salacious gossip, unwarranted an individual attacks, and false misleading accusations top top me,” she wrote, while additionally calling for a national “healing.”

MaryAnne Borrelli, a professor of federal government at Connecticut College, said it is going come be daunting for the very first lady to different herself native a president impeached because that inciting violence in ~ the Capitol. “We don’t understand all she has actually done behind the scenes,” Borelli said, yet people recognize she did no invite Jill Biden come the White House and joined her husband in abandoning various other “powerful political signs of the deliver of power.”

Someone who has known Melania trumped for plenty of years said world forget that she only came to be a U.S. Citizen in 2006. She is the first spouse the a president who did not grow up speak English and was elevated modestly in a socialist country. Together an old friend said, no matter how poor some days in the White home were, it to be still “a dream come true.”

“Over the last 4 years, my family members has had actually the enormous honor of gift able to speak to the ‘People’s House’ our home,” Melania Trump said in a different statement released Monday the was aimed at elevating awareness of all the renovations she supervised in the White House. Commonly criticized for focusing her efforts on the White residence tennis court while civilization were dice in the coronavirus pandemic, this time she addressed the “devastating and unexpected loss of life” and hardship, and said that “as a result, the was through a good sensitivity to the more comprehensive national background that ns unveiled 2 long-planned tasks on the White home grounds.”

Her parents, who have been a continuous presence v her in the White House, also are relocating to Palm Beach. If the president’s team waged legal battles alleging extensive fraud, the an initial lady, who has actually a considerable wardrobe and also shoe collection, began packing right after the November election. It might come as no surprised then that, according to several human being who know the couple, Melania trump is far an ext mentally all set for the post-presidency than her husband.

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