They have actually one of the sweetest relationship in Hollywood, however after an ext than 20 years together, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill space all around their kids. That time we shine a irradiate on their three incredible daughters, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey!

Tim and Faith’s romantic kicked off v a whirlwind begin in 1996. After date for a short time, the iconic nation stars go on come tie the knot that very same year. The “Humble and also Kind” crooner and the Grammy-winning songstress proficient parenthood when they welcomed their eldest, Gracie, in 1997. Not long after, Maggie come in 1998, complied with by your youngest, Audrey, in 2001.

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Check Out belief Hill and Tim McGraw"s connection Timeline

Throughout the course of their marriage, Tim and also Faith have discovered the perfect balance in between their successful careers and their family. Though they spent a the majority of time focused on your professions, your dedication to their children never wavered.

Gracie, Maggie and Audrey room all grown increase nowadays, yet the “Live prefer You to be Dying” singer joked he is just start to experience the “tough” components of parenthood. Due to the fact that their daughters are off and beginning their own lives, he has to cope v being an north nester.


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“It’s hard … you want them to go out and also conquer the world and also have fun and do all the things that children do,” that told Today in respectable 2020, just months prior to the couple’s youngest went off to college. “But you don’t desire them to leave her protection, and you definitely don’t desire to feel like they don’t need you anymore.”

The Blind Side actor and the “Where room You Christmas” singer still gain to view their kiddos native time to time, and when the happens, Tim and Faith make certain to soak up every the joy. Though the two room so proud the how much their daughters have actually come, Tim can’t believe how much has changed since his children were small girls.


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill"s rare Photos of kids Gracie, Maggie and Audrey

While chatting v the Leo Edit in February 2021, Tim opened up up around how “crazy” the is that Gracie, Maggie and also Audrey are all young adults. “They were simply babies. Ours youngest is 19 and living in brand-new York City now,” he marveled. “It go by for this reason fast. Girlfriend think you’re giving them great life lessons. Friend know, as a parental — look, you’re going come get fifty percent of everything wrong. That’s simply the nature that it. There is no handbook v it.”

Well, Tim and also Faith certainly did a great job!

Scroll v the gallery below to learn much more about the couple’s three kids.

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Courtesy that Gracie McGraw/Instagram

Gracie McGraw

Tim and also Faith invited their very first child together on might 5, 1997. ~ graduating high school, Gracie attended college at new York University. However, she has shown interest in performing favor her parents. No only has actually she front an all-female group dubbed Tingo, but in 2015, she graced the stage with she dad at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville whereby they perform “Here Tonight.”

Gracie also has an interest in acting. Despite she has yet to do her debut in a film or TV show, her Instagram bio claims she is one actor.

On Gracie’s 23rd date of birth in might 2020, Tim common a rare tribute for his eldest daughter. “Our earliest is 23 … wow,” he penned. “So beautiful inside and also out. She’s always there for her friends. Always there for she family. And constantly there v a large smile and also a boisterous laugh. Us love her so much.”

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Courtesy of Maggie McGraw/Instagram

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

Born on respectable 12, 1998, Maggie is the middle child the Faith and Tim. It shows up the blonde beauty has actually a love for providing back, together she has volunteered for various social works and even joined her dad in ~ the 2016 Invictus Games. Amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, she spent lot of she time volunteering for a nonprofit dubbed Feed the Frontlines.

Aside indigenous her offering nature, Maggie is rather a clever girl. Tim and Faith celebrated a large accomplishment that Maggie’s together she graduated from Stanford college in June 2020.

“Hard to believe that this road pilgrimage with Maggie indigenous Nashville come Palo Alto was 4 years ago,” the proud mom captioned her Instagram short article at the time. “This was me trying come film us singing come the radio v my phone out of the home window … basic to watch why one of us simply graduated native Stanford and one did not! Congratulations, Maggie, and also to every one of your sweet friends together well! us love you! walk Cardinal! Stanford course of 2020.”

Even much more impressive, Maggie received her master’s level from Stanford in June 2021. Tim marveled over his daughter’s exceptional achievement, writing a sweet blog post alongside photos from she graduation day.

“We room so very proud of our Maggie May!” the singer gushed. “I have such admiration for her occupational ethic, her fierce love of her family and also especially her passion to make the people a better place … go acquire em, my sweet girl!”

Audrey Caroline McGraw

The youngest in the group, Audrey was born top top December 6, 2001. Following her arrival, Tim and Faith were fairly open about her birth. “She was eight weeks premature, and also we were lastly able to lug her home the day prior to Christmas Eve. For this reason just feel extra-special to us,” belief once revealed come Good Housekeeping.

Like her older sisters, Audrey gone after a college education and learning after she graduated from high college in June 2020. Tim honored his daughters’ graduations, writing, “Our course of 2020 girls! Stanford 2020. EHS 2020. Boom! good work ladies! Mom and also I room so proud that y’all!!!”

In enhancement to gift a new York City university student, Audrey is one up-and-coming model. Follow to she Instagram, she’s currently a design for fashion brand Tory Burch. Most impressively, she do her acting debut in she dad’s music video for “7500 OBO,” a song he exit in 2020. Tim marveled over Audrey’s appearance, share the exciting news top top Instagram in August.

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“Couldn’t be more thrilled to have actually my youngest daughter, Audrey, pat the lead duty in the music video for #7500OBO!!!” the gushed together a pic that the 2 on set.