The 19-year-old daughter of country superstars Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill do her acting debut in her father's recent music video, i beg your pardon premiered ~ above Friday.

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The song, title "7500 OBO," speak the story that a male who desires to sell his truck due to the fact that he can't be roughly it without thinking of one ex-love. The music video, however, is told indigenous the perspective of a teenage girl — play by Audrey — who is upper heart after she love move away.

"7500 OBO" comes off of Tim's 16th studio album, Here top top Earth, which to be released last year. The music video, which was directed by Alexa and Stephen Kinigopoulos, marks the Grammy award-winning star's first music video clip since 2018.

Alongside Audrey, Tim, 54, and also Hill, 53, are additionally proud parental to daughters Gracie, 24, and Maggie, 23.

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Daughter makes Her acting Debut in she Dad's latest Music video


As for exactly how his daughter got involved, Tim revealed the the directors had actually the idea to attribute his, noting the it would have actually "never arisen to me."

"This is kind of the first time that we've stuck Audrey out there in the middle of a video clip and you guys argued it!" he stated in a YouTube premiere interview. "But then once I kept analysis the

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After discussing the idea to attribute Audrey in the video with his wife of 24 years, the pair felt that was only fitting for she to it is in a component of the one-of-a-kind project.

"Typically, for the kids, us haven't really placed them the end there in these kind of situations. Yet the an ext Faith and I talked around it … and really started digging right into it, how much the made sense to us and our family and also our beliefs, and how we desire our daughters to be represented," he added.

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Ahead that the video's premiere, Tim shared a silly Instagram short article where he debated how his daughter's kissing scene were difficult to watch. "I'm no calling the a make-out scene," that says. "That's just a nice little peck ~ above the cheek ~ a date."

"I tried to yell 'cut' yet I didn't acquire there fast enough," Tim to add in the clip. "I'm no gonna beat him up. I guess I'll permit him on slide on this one. It's not simple for a dad to watch."  

Hill likewise posted around the music video ahead of its arrival on Instagram, sharing a behind-the-scenes shoot of Audrey and also Tim. "So proud of these two. Our baby girl Audrey has grown increase 💗💗💗💗💗," she captioned her post.

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On her corresponding Instagram page, Audrey likewise shared the very same image, alongside another black-and-white shot indigenous the set of the music video.

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