THERE'S no definitive age at i m sorry we end up being ready come have children – however most frequently it's as soon as we're the end of childhood ourselves.

Yet one 11-year-old girl is believed to have become UK's youngest ever before mum after giving birth previously this year.

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The girl was raped as soon as she was simply 10 – her family had no idea, and social solutions are now investigating the case.

"It has actually come together a huge shock," a source who knows the family told The Sun.

"She’s now being surrounding by skilled help. The key thing is the she and also the baby room OK."

The youngest mother ever before recorded in the civilization is Lina Medina, a Peruvian woman who offered birth when she was 5 years old in 1939.

Lina Medina was just five years old once she gave birth 82 years earlier in Peru

Medina, now 87, had actually a condition called "precocious puberty" - the medical term for when puberty begins prior to the usual range. Any age under eight is considered "precocious".

The identity of the father has never been revealed.

Her dad was arrested on hesitation of incest yet was at some point released as result of a lack of evidence.

In the UK, likewise aged teenage couples under the period of 16 – the legal period of consent – room unlikely to it is in prosecuted if they have actually consensual sex.

But all sexual task with children under the age of 13 is illegal.

Which renders some instances of Britain's youngest parents all the much more shocking.

'Children are having children'

Arguably the most infamous story was the of a 13-year-old baby-faced father.

David Cameron also commented ~ above the 2009 case of Alfie Patten, who was thought to have become a dad before being old enough to legally acquisition party poppers.

"I simply thought how worrying the in brother today children are having children," the Tory leader said at the time.


Alfie Patten to be 13 when he his girlfriend gave birth to infant Maisie in 2009Credit: Lee Thompson

Alfie believed he'd gotten his 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle Steadman pregnant as soon as he was just 12 after ~ they had sex at a sleepover in lower Dicker, eastern Sussex.

But a DNA test 6 weeks after baby Maisie's birth proved that he wasn't in reality the father.

"I to be devastated," Alfie called The sunlight in 2014. "It to be too lot to take it in. I cried for days and also barely left my room.

“To make points worse I never ever saw Maisie again due to the fact that Chantelle and herfamily moved away as quickly as they found out ns wasn’t the dad.

The story was a substantial sensation - but it later turned out Alfie wasn't Maisie's fatherCredit: News team Newspapers Ltd

“I couldn’t face doing anything. I couldn’t walk to school. I believed my worldhad ended."

By 2019, Alfie was unemployed, battling alcoholism and also dealing with legal troubles.

He was convicted that criminal damage after smashing up car while currently on a suspended sentence for shoplifting, theft and possession of an imitation firearm.

In march this year he and his mum to be booted the end of their residence for alleged medicine dealing, the daily Mail reports.

Youngest UK father

Before Alfie's case, Sean Stewart was understood Britain's youngest dad earlier in 1998.

He was just 11 as soon as he impregnated his 15-year-old neighbour Emma Webster.

Sean was then offered the day off school as soon as son Ben Louis to be born a month after ~ Sean's 12th birthday.

What does the legislation say?

The legal period of consent in the UK is 16.

The law is there to defend young human being from abuse, damage or being taken benefit of by adults.

It is no designed to criminalise young people and also there is no intention to prosecute world under the period of 16 where both mutually agree (consent) and also where they space of a comparable age.

Children age 13-15 are thus unlikely to it is in prosecuted as lengthy as there isn't a big age difference in between partners and also sex is consensual.

But children under the age of 13 are taken into consideration too young to be able to consent.

Therefore any type of sexual task with who under 13 is illegal and considered rape, sexual abuse or assault.

For more information, visit Brook.

The couple were neighbors in the village of Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, as soon as they began a sex-related relationship.

"He said he was 12, I'd never have gone out with him if I'd recognized he to be 11," Emma told The Sunday Telegraph in ~ the time.

In the year after, Emma walk on come marry one more person.

While Sean continued to to visit his regional school because that a while, however moved far from Bedfordshire in his early teen years.

In the so late 2000s, he was jailed for seven months following an allegation of theft, the day-to-day Mail reports.

"I don't understand where Sean is or what that is doing," Emma said at the time.

"I don't desire to talk about it any an ext because ns don't think it help Ben."

'Overwhelmed v love'

Kathleen Moss was just 12 year old once she had her daughter.

Baby Georgia was born in 1998 ~ Kathleen had sex through a 14-year-old family members friend while on vacation at a Butlin's park in Pwllheli, north Wales.

The young mum native Wythenshawe, greater Manchester, says it happened due to the fact that they were "bored", according to the daily Mail.

Kathleen Moss to be 12 as soon as she gave birth to baby GeorgiaCredit: News group Newspapers Ltd

"I didn’t realise i was pregnant until after around four or five months when my tummy began to obtain bigger, since I was still having actually periods," catalen added.

"I to be terrified and also just got in denial. I thought that if i ignored it, that would just go away."

She wore baggy clothing to hide her farming bump but eventually her family's apprehension grew.

A pregnant test confirmed Kathleen to be expecting and, in June 1998, she gave birth come Georgia.

I remorse falling pregnant for this reason young, yet how could I ever before regret having Georgia?

Kathleen Moss

"I remorse falling pregnant therefore young, but how might I ever regret having Georgia?" she said.

"I can not imagine life there is no her. Also though i was only 12, the minute she was put in my eight I simply felt overwhelmed with love for her."

Kathleen has actually kept a low profile since.

Unaware till labour

One young mum didn't also realise she to be pregnant until she went into labour.

Charlotte Maddox was just 13 as soon as she dismissed pains as a tummy an insect after gift impregnated by a 15-year-old boy.

Charlotte Maddox didn't recognize she to be pregnant age 13 till she got in labourCredit: Mirrorpix

She likewise put weight acquire down to overeating and also her parents didn't an alert anything unusual.

In 2006, she was shocked when she went into labour.

"I to be screaming in pain and shouted: 'I've got to press something, it's coming!'" Charlotte said The Mirror.

"That to be the first time ns realised ns was pregnant and about to come to be a mum."

The young girl's life drastically adjusted in a issue of hrs in 2006Credit: Mirrorpix

She also expressed she shock at having actually her life reinvented in a issue of hrs from worrying around homework to being a parent.

"I maintained thinking: 'This can't it is in true, this isn't real'," Charlotte said.

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"I can't execute long department but I deserve to make a tiny person. It doesn't seem right at mine age."

Charlotte has also remained out of the general public eye due to the fact that the birth.

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