Jimmy Uso aka Jonathan Solofa Fatu Jr.

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is a wrestler and well well-known as the husband that Naomi that is an American expert wrestler and also dancer. His mam Naomi and also Asuka the WWE stars confront each other in a Ladder complement during WWE’s ‘Money in the bank 2021’ event, i m sorry was hosted on Sunday, July 18, 2021, telecasted live from ft Worth, Texas. At the women’s MITB Ladder Match, Naomi is a crucial wrestler, which also includes powerhouse performers prefer Nikki A.S.H, Tamina, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan, and Natalya. The ladder complement ahead kicked turn off by a SmackDown tags Team Championship match in between The Uso brothers vs Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The Uso brothers duo participated in sign Team challenges along with his brothers Jey Uso at the kickoff event. However, the Usos space SmackDown sign team champions for the 5th time after defeating Rey and Dominik Mysterio ~ above the WWE Money in the financial institution show.

Who is Jimmy Uso?

NameJimmy Uso
DOBAugust 22, 1985
Age35 year old
Net Worth$2 million USD
Birth PlaceSan Francisco, California, USA
MotherTalisua Fuavai
FatherSolofa Fatu
ChildrenJayla and also Jaidan


Jimmy Uso aka Jonathan Solofa Fatu Jr. Is a wrestler that is a expert signed with human being Wrestling entertain (WWE). Tag Team is composed of pair brothers Joshua Samuel Fatu and Jonathan Solofa Fatu, who is finest known by their ring name Jey Uso and also Jimmy Uso. Both signed to WWE and performed on the SmackDown brand and are the current SmackDown tag Team champion in their 5th reign. Jimmy showed up at the Florida Championship Wrestling also dark match before the FCW television tapings. On the April 18 episode of key Event, Jimmy Uso defeated Xavier Woods. Throughout the match at WrestleMania, Jimmy suffered a legitimate knee injury. He is likewise regularly featured in the reality television series Total Divas along with his wife total Divas star Naomi. He additionally appeared ~ above his wife’s music video clip song “Dance every Night”, which to be featured top top WWE’s YouTube channel. Jimmy Uso is also a Slammy award winner and a six-time tags Team champion. His Instagram boasts 1.7 Million followers through 551 write-ups while composing this article. His Twitter account has around 1.5 Million followers.

How old is Jimmy Uso?


Jimmy Uso aka Jonathan Solofa Fatu Jr. Was born on august 22, 1985, in san Francisco, California, USA, that is 35 year old. He to be born to Talisua Fuavai (Mother) and professional wrestler Solofa Fatu (father). He also has a twin brother Joshua Samuel Fatu (Jey).

Who is Jimmy Uso Wife?


Jimmy Uso is married to his long-term girlfriend the fellow WWE icon Naomi, whose genuine name walk by Trinity McCray. The duo obtained married ~ above January 16, 2014, in Maui. Naomi is likewise the stepmother of Jonathan’s 2 children, Jayla and also Jaidan. In 2015, he to be married to Takecia Travis. Naomi is right now signed come WWE, performing top top the raw brand under the ring name Naomi. She an initial signed with world Wrestling to chat (WWE) in Aug 2009 to be assigned come its previous developmental region Florida Championship Wrestling. Later, she competed in the all-female 3rd season of NXT in respectable 2010. She was one of the main cast members of the truth television series Total Divas in 2013.

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What is Jimmy Uso network worth?

The approximated Net worth of Jimmy Uso is roughly $2 million USD.


(Image Source: TMZ, WWE)