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The longest offer Chief Justice was Chief Justice john Marshall who served for 34 years, 5 months and 11 days native 1801 to 1835.

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The shortest serving Chief justice was man Rutledge that was appointed under a short-lived commission because the Senate remained in recess. He offered for 5 months and 14 days prior to the Senate reconvened and also rejected his nomination.

The longest serving Justice was william O. Douglas who served for 36 years, 7 months, and also 8 days indigenous 1939 come 1975.

John Rutledge offered the shortest tenure as an combine Justice in ~ one year and also 18 days, from 1790 to 1791. The following shortest tenure was the of James F. Byrnes who served 1 year, 2 months, and also 25 days from 1941 come 1942. For many years, Justice cutting board Johnson was assumed to have been the shortest offer Justice yet under a short-lived recess meeting he served a complete of 1 year, 3 months and also 28 days.

The oldest human to serve as a can be fried Court Justice was Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (1902-1932) who was 90 when he retired from the Court.

Six Justices were born external the unified States. Lock are:

James Wilson (1789-1798) born in Caskardy, Scotland James Iredell (1790-1799) born in Lewes, England william Paterson (1793-1806) born in county Antrim, Ireland David J. Brewer (1889-1910) born in Smyrna, Turkey George Sutherland (1922-1939) born in Buckinghamshire, England Felix Frankfurter (1939-1962) born in Vienna, Austria

William Howard Taft is the only human to have served as both chairman of the United claims (1909-1913) and Chief righteousness of the United states (1921-1930).

Two Associate justices were named John Marshall Harlan. The first served native 1877 to 1911. The second, his grandson, offered from 1955 to 1971.

Nine Justices served as law clerks. Lock are:

Byron R. White clerked for Chief righteousness Fred Vinson throughout the 1946 Term. Wilhelm H. Rehnquist clerked for Justice Robert H. Jackson during the 1952 Term. Man Paul Stevens clerked for Justice Wiley B. Rutledge throughout the 1947 Term. Stephen G. Breyer clerked for Justice Arthur J. Goldberg throughout the 1964 Term. John G. Roberts, Jr., clerked because that Justice wilhelm H. Rehnquist during the 1980 Term. Elena kagan clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall during the 1987 Term. Neil M. Gorsuch clerked because that then-retired righteousness Byron R. White and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy during the 1993 Term. Brett M. Kavanaugh clerked because that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy throughout the 1993 Term. Amy Coney Barrett clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia during the 1998 Term.

Justice Gorsuch is the very first to have actually served together a member the the Court together a Justice because that whom that clerked.

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cook Justice john G. Roberts, Jr. - Harvard (J.D.) righteousness Clarence thomas - Yale (J.D.) justice Stephen G. Breyer - Harvard (LL.B) justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. - Yale (J.D.) justice Sonia Sotomayor - Yale (J.D.) righteousness Elena ka - Harvard (J.D.) righteousness Neil M. Gorsuch - Harvard (J.D.) justice Brett M. Kavanaugh - Yale (J.D.) righteousness Amy Coney Barrett - Notre Dame (J.D.)

Judicial robes have long been believed to lug dignity and also solemnity come judicial proceedings. Following the practice of English judges, part American early american judges embraced the attract of robes in addition to many various other customs and also principles that the English common law system. Once the can be fried Court first met in 1790, the Justices had actually not cleared up on whether to undertake robes, yet in February 1792 they did appear in a standard set of robes for the an initial time, i beg your pardon one reporter referred to as "robes that justice." these robes space thought to have actually been black, trimmed v red and also white on the front and sleeves. They to be only offered for a few years before the Justices embraced all black color robes.