Amber was just a common Midwestern teen when she obtained pregnant through her an initial child Leah at 16 with her an initial real boyfriend Gary. Years later, Amber has one more child James v her ex Andrew, through whom she"s right now in prolonged custody battle. Open about her experience with mental illness, Amber works to stay healthy and balanced for herself and also her kids. Now, Amber"s connection with her daughter Leah has hit one all-time low, with Leah cutting off all communication. Amber attempts to rebuild charred bridges through Leah and Gary while striving to achieve a psychology degree.

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Small-town sweethearts Catelynn and also Tyler chose fostering for their first daughter Carly, and also the heartbreaking decision adjusted their stays forever. Years later, Catelynn and Tyler room still married and also work to carry out a happy residence for your family. Making the decision to have actually their 4th (and final) child, Catelynn and Tyler collection their really hopes on a boy. After finding out they will have yet an additional daughter, lock prepare for a house full of girls and contemplate having actually their oldest daughter Nova in the delivery room. Catelynn proceeds to job-related toward a microblading career, and Tyler"s insecurities prompt him to shot ketamine therapy.

After a fling, Cheyenne discovered herself co-parenting v Cory, she castmate on The Challenge. Their daughter Ryder has VLCAD, a rare hereditary disorder, therefore Cheyenne works hard to bring awareness to and also raise funds because that the condition. While points did not job-related out in between Cheyenne and also Cory, they keep a healthy and balanced co-parenting relationship. Cheyenne rekindles a romance through her ex-boyfriend Zach, and their connection escalates after she i do not care pregnant. Now, together they await the birth of their boy Ace, COVID-19 protocols do it difficult for Zach to it is in as affiliated with the pregnancy as he"d like. Deciding the he and also Cheyenne need to make their relationship official, Zach surprises her through a proposal.

The all-American girl next door, Maci surprised everyone as soon as she gained pregnant in high institution while date her bad-boy friend Ryan. Years later, Maci and also Ryan still battle to have a heavy co-parenting connection for their boy Bentley. Now, increasing three children with her husband Taylor, Maci appeared to have a firm grasp on balancing life -- until now. Maci is experiencing from PTSD due to her authorized in a gas station shootout, and also the autumn is bring about strain on her marriage and on her partnership with Bentley.

Mackenzie McKee, originally from Teen mom 3, keeps busy juggling 3 kids and also a business with she high college sweetheart Josh. ~ struggling through a long-distance relationship throughout a rough patch in your marriage, Mackenzie and Josh"s relationship currently gets more powerful by the day v Josh permanently living in Florida. Mackenzie"s fitness company is booming, however her busy life may be having a negative impact on she kids, who struggle with behavioral and also education worries at school.

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Whether it's pursuing greater education, starting a organization or expanding their families, Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne, Maci and Mackenzie room working more difficult than ever to attain their goals.