Party of five! Phil Robertson‘s boy were simply as shocked together their father to be to learn that they have actually a 45-year-old sister — however they invited her into the empire with open up arms.

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The siblings comprehensive how lock felt around the Duck dynasty alum, 74, discovering that he had actually a daughter named Phyliss top top the Thursday, might 28, illustration of his BlazeTV podcast, “Unashamed.”

Jase Robertson mutual that he was the first of his brothers to fulfill Phyliss at their family’s church, but he wasn’t conscious of her identity. He later on spoke through her top top the phone and also developed an immediate connection.

“I fight with my household a lot but I gained their back,” Jase, 50, explained. “I love them. I’m there because that them. Therefore I’d currently made the decision. I was prepared to go either way. I was gonna love her no matter what. Yet I was like ‘I really favor her,’ i m sorry is awesome.”


Phil Robertson, Si Robertson, Jase Robertson and also Willie Robertson from A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Zach Dilgard/A&E

Jep Robertson included that when he speak to Phyllis top top the phone that told her, “You know, I always wanted a big sister” and that conference her was “a dream come true.”

Phil— that shares boy Al Robertson, 55, Jase, Willie Robertson, 48, and Jep, 42, with his wife Kay Robertson — learned three months back that he unknowingly had actually a daughter.

Al explained earlier in the podcast that he and also Jase obtained a letter “from a mrs who stated that by a DNA search, she thinks that Dad can be her dad.” However, the didn’t believe her due to the fact that of his father’s Christian background.

“A few days go by, and then the much more I check out it, the more I thought, ‘Well, this is miscellaneous we need to shot to number out,’” Al explained. “My attitude was, i didn’t desire to tell Mom and also Dad if it no true due to the fact that I didn’t desire to upset them ‘cause this to be a life-changing instance if it to be true.”

For Phil, the felt “redemption, reconciliation, love” once he learned about his daughter.

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“As it turns out, forty-five years, you have a daughter that you don’t know about, and she has a father she doesn’t know about,”the reality star said. “45 year — that doesn’t sound like an extremely long, but you say, that’s a while. So finally, after all those years, we come together.”

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