Every orange can’t critical forever! complying with exits native OG star Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Jo De La Rosa, Us Weekly is revisiting favorite former Real Housewives that Orange County stars.

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After 14 periods on the Bravo series, Vicki announced in January 2020 the she to be leaving the show.

“I will constantly be the OG of the OC, however it’s time to say goodbye come The actual Housewives the Orange County. It’s been an significant ride because that 14 years and also I want thank every one of you for her support, for your love and also for ‘whooping the up’ through me follow me the way,” she wrote at the moment via Instagram. “I love every my fans, and I desire to say thanks to Bravo and also Evolution because that this incredible suffer which mine family and I have will never ever forget.”

That same month, Tamra, who joined the show in season 3, announced she departure. The news came after Tamra was offered a part-time role for season 15, which she timeless declined. She opted to leave the show after 12 years after receiving a speak to from production saying they “decided to walk in a different direction” and didn’t require her as a full-time actors member.

“They even said, ‘We’re shocked. We’re totally shocked at this,’” she solely told Us in may 2020. “’They know that you claimed you’d never become a ‘friend,’ therefore they want to give you a minimal role.’ and also I’m like, ‘No, say thanks to you.’ That’s not what ns said. Ns said, ‘F off!’ and also then I simply took a week or so and I just absorbed it. … i cried and I was scared.”

Over the years, countless faces have actually come and gone ~ above the first Housewives series.

Gretchen Rossi walked far in 2013 ahead of season 9. Heather Dubrow stepped far in 2016 ~ joining the actors in season 7. Meghan King, meanwhile, exited the series in 2018 after 3 years ~ above the California-based show.

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Another major cast shakeup come along in June 2021 as soon as Kelly Dodd, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and also Braunwyn Windham-Burke exited the series. In ~ the exact same time, it to be announced that Dubrow would certainly make her grand return together a permanent housewife.

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