For over 4 decades, the Osmond family has been just one of the most renowned broods in Hollywood. Between their music and acting stints, the group has regulated to stay pertinent and very popular end the years. The one problem? It's hard to save up with all of them! the said, after Marie's brothers surprised her through a date of birth performance on The speak (their final one together), fans room asking: How plenty of Osmonds room there? Scroll down to find out!

There room nine Osmonds in the family. The clan is composed of one girl and eight boys. Therefore yes, Marie Osmond does have eight brothers!

therealeve for welcoming lock with open up arms!! This to be truly a date of birth I’ll never forget ♥️🥰 #thetalk because that those of girlfriend asking, you can download their track “The last Chapter” by The Osmonds where you listen to music online! 🎶

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He to be married to his ex-wife, Chris, indigenous 1968 till 2013 and also the former couple has seven kids together. That is now remarried to a woman named Debbie.

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Virl operated as a producer on The Gift of Love, Jerry Visits, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. he is listening impaired, so he was not a component of his family's musical group.

Like his older brother, Virl, Tom is additionally hearing impaired. In fact, he to be born almost completely deaf, yet has regained part hearing from medical treatment. The listening impairments the the two is what prompted their younger siblings to develop their musical team in the an initial place for this reason they can pay for their hearing aids. Both Virl and Tom to be the inspirations for Children's wonder Network.

Tom and Virl have only made occasional performances with their siblings as result of their hearing impairments. 

Tom was previously married to Lyn Heslop native 1972 till 1989 and they have four children together. He and also his second wife Carolyn married in 1989 and have two kids together. They at this time reside in Utah.


Alan, who has multiple sclerosis, to be a part of The Osmonds music group. And also being the he was the earliest in the group, he played a big part in their organization and success.

Wayne wed his wife, Kathlyn White, in 1974 and also they are parents to five children together, 3 girls and also two boys.


Merrill is the 5th oldest the the Osmond family and also is 66 years old. He to be born on April 30, 1953.

He to be the lead singer and also bassist of The Osmonds and still go solo performances from time to time.

He to be the first of the performing brothers come marry, together he wed his wife, mar Carlon, in 1973. They have six children together, 4 sons and also two daughters. One of their sons, Troy, sadly passed away in his sleep at period 33 critical year.

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Jay formerly married Kandilyn Harris in 1987 yet they divorced in 2011. They have actually three young together. He married Karen Randall in 2014.