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Zayn Malik didn't choose dancing on "The X Factor." Mike Marsland/WireImage A aboriginal of Bradford, England, 17-year-old Malik auditioned for "X Factor" by singing Mario"s hit track "Let Me Love You."

The judges unanimously advanced Malik to the next round that the show yet the singer practically sabotaged his possibilities of moving forward as soon as he refused to carry out in the choreography ring of the collection that followed.

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In an interview, he claimed he hated dancing and had never done the before.

After a pep talk from Cowell, one of the show"s judges, Malik went v with the dance power that would certainly eventually assist to lead him come his union with the various other future members that One Direction.

Malik has released lot of solo albums since he left One Direction in 2015.


Zayn Malik has released a few studio albums since 2015. Jamie McCarthy/Getty photos

On march 25, 2015, Malik left One Direction and also the staying band members continued to tour and record one album without him.

"After five incredible year Zayn Malik has chose to leaving One Direction. Niall, Harry, Liam and also Louis will proceed as a four-piece and also look forward to the forthcoming concerts of their world tour and also recording their 5th album, as result of be released later on this year," read the notice from the main One Direction facebook page.

In January 2016, less than a year ~ his leave from 1D, Malik released his very first solo album, an alternate R&B record dubbed "Mind the Mine." The album featured his hit single "Pillowtalk."

In November 2016, the singer released his first and only book, "Zayn: The official Autobiography," a photographic journey detailing his life after ~ leaving One Direction.

In 2017, Malik released the hit single "I Don"t Wanna Live Forever," a duet through Taylor Swift that"s component of the soundtrack for the film "50 Shades Darker."

In December 2018, Malik exit his 2nd album, "Icarus Falls." The disc consists of collaborations with fellow industry moguls choose Sia and Nicki Minaj.

Over the past couple of years, the singer has also famously ripped apart One Direction"s music, also saying he did no make any life-long friends throughout his time in the band.

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Recently, he and hisgirlfriend, Gigi Hadid, invited their first child. The musician dropped his third studio album, "Nobody Is Listening," previously this year.