Multiple 21-year-old rookies joining the league. There"s also the youngest player in the NFL, dolphins cornerback young name Igbinoghene, play at just two decades old (he transforms 21 in November). However what we"re focusing on here are all the old veterans in the league.

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Some the these males you know an extremely well. Tom Brady, for example, seems to get better with age as he shows no obvious signs of slowly down. The same deserve to be said for Saints quarterback attracted Brees.

But there room some other senior citizens the the NFL you might have had no clue about. We"ll go with the earliest players in the organization below, setup the age cutoff at 35 year old.

Note: The periods reflect just how old the players will turn in 2020 — not just how old they currently are.


The ageless wonder.

Tom Brady top the list amongst the earliest signed players in the NFL at 43 year old. He obviously had a change of see this season convert from the Patriots to the Buccaneers, however he"s tho competing. It"s no clear exactly how much much longer Brady will have the ability to play, yet it"s evident he"s not offering up any time soon.


Drew Brees is the other veteran quarterback obtaining things done past 40, beginning his 20th season in the NFL at 41 years old. Brees has also shown no signs of slowly down, posting a career-best 116.3 quarterback rating in 2019.


JoshMcCown signed on together the Eagles" emergency quarterback front of the 2020 season. However, he"s no officially on the roster. He"ll instead be on the team"s exercise squad, becoming the oldest practice squad player in NFL history at 41 year old. He"ll be making$12,000 a week together he waits to see if Philadelphia demands his duties.


L.P. Ladouceur has actually been rather of one unsung hero because that the Cowboys. He has actually been ~ above the franchise due to the fact that 2005, yet many may not understand his name. That"s due to the fact that he plays the inglorious place of long snapper. At 39 years old, Ladouceur will be long-snapping balls tho in 2020.


Remember when Matt Schaub to be backing up Michael Vick in Atlanta? that feels favor forever ago. That"s because, well, it was forever ago. Schaub is earlier in Atlanta, however this time he"s backing up Matt Ryan. Schaub hasn"t had actually to do much in recent years, attempting simply 167 passes in his past five seasons. So at 39 years old, why no pick up another paycheck?

Don Muhlbach is the 2nd veteran lengthy snapper to make the perform so far. Muhlbach began in Detroit back in 2004, once he was just 23. He"s now entering his 16th season in ~ 39 years old.

Ravens punter Sam Koch is tho able to boot balls deep at 38 years old. Koch has actually been v the Ravens due to the fact that 2006 and has played well in the time. The earned a pro Bowl nomination in 2015 and helped the Ravens victory Super bowl 47.

Another veteran attack lineman, this time in Eagles safety Jason Peters, that joined the league at 22 years old in 2004 and also has been protecting quarterbacks ever before since.

Andy Lee to be a stalwart on the 49ers from 2004-14. Because then he has bounced approximately the Browns to the Panthers and now to the Cardinals. He"s quiet performing in ~ a high level, finishing with the second-highest punt median (47.8) in 2019. He"ll look to proceed to play fine at 38 year old in 2020.

Another veteran quarterback who went through a readjust of see in 2020. Philip Rivers left the Chargers and signed with the Colts, trying come prove that still has what that takes in ~ 38 year old.

Ben Roethlisberger is the 5th quarterback that is 38 year or larger on this list. The Steelers veteran has been through the franchise due to the fact that 2004, as soon as he was just 22 years old.

Jason Witten played because that the Cowboys for 15 seasons, retirement to sign up with the "Monday Night Football" booth, came back for his 16th season climate left the Cowboys and joined the Raiders. It"s walking to be weird see Witten play for the Raiders in 2020, however at the very least he won"t it is in in the "MNF" booth anymore.

Bears fans probably wish the franchise hadn"t moved on from Robbie Gould in 2015; Chicago has struggled to uncover a replacement kicker, if Gould has been (pun incoming) as good as gold. He"ll return in ~ 37 years old for yet one more season with the 49ers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been the ultimate journeyman quarterback. He gotten in the organization with the Rams and has played gamings with the Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets, Bucs and also Dolphins. He has never really been an elite option, but he has actually been an excellent enough that teams want to keep him around. He"ll it is in a stopgap quarterback at 37 in Miami prior to Tua Tagovailoa take away over.

Thomas Davis Sr. To be a Panthers captain for many years before leaving the franchise complying with the 2018 season. He played for the Chargers critical year and signed v Washington because that 2020, where he"ll proceed to play in ~ 37 year old.

Richie Incognito has had an amazing NFL career. That left the Dolphins complying with the 2013 season, wherein he was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. That sat the end the whole 2014 season after ~ no groups signed him, then changed in 2015 to become a agree Bowler because that three right seasons. That signed v the Raiders last season and also will continue to play there in 2020 in ~ 37.

Larry Fitzgerald may be getting up there in age, yet he"s still creating at a high level. He perfect 2019 through a solid 75-catch, 804-yard, four-touchdown season, and will look to conquer once again in 2020 through second-year Kyler Murray at quarterback. Fitzgerald has pondered retirement the past couple of seasons, therefore let"s reap his existence at 37 year old while we can.

Now the we"ve gotten past the really old players, let"s simply rapid-fire few of the other veterans precious noting.

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Below space the football player who space (or will certainly turn) 36 in 2020:

Alex smith (Washington QB)Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB)Matt Moore (Chiefs QB)Marcedes Lewis (Packers TE)Johnathan Joseph (Titans CB)Matt Prater (Lions K)Stephen Gostkowski (Titans K)Clark Harris (Bengals LS)

And finally, here are the football player who room (or will turn) 35 in 2020.

Adrian Peterson (Lions RB)Joe Flacco (Jets QB)Chad Henne (Chiefs QB)Matt Ryan (Falcons QB)Ted Ginn Jr. (Bears WR)Greg Olsen (Seahawks TE)Duane Brown (Seahawks OL)Mason crossby (Packers K)Stephen Hauschka (Bills K)Britton Colquitt (Vikings P)Kevin Huber (Bengals P)