After take care of Styles’ Grammy Award victory on march 14, fans could be looking ago to his time top top The X Factor v One Direction. The band members started out on the display in 2010, auditioning originally as separation, personal, instance performers. However Simon Cowell observed that there could be something better for castle together, and also thus, One Direction to be born. What to be the band members indigenous One Direction ages when they auditioned for the show?


Liam Payne, Niall Horan, luigi Tomlinson, and also Harry styles from the tape One Direction | note Davis/Getty Images

How was One Direction formed as a band on ‘The X Factor’?

Styles, luigi Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik every auditioned separately on The X Factor in 2010. If they evolved as individuals, Cowell placed them into the “Groups” group by making lock a band, One Direction.

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They sang “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia in ~ the Judges homes Performances, for the very first time ever before as a band. One Direction impression the judges then moved on come the live shows. They covered songs such as “Viva La Vida” through Coldplay and “My Life would Suck without You” through Kelly Clarkson.

The band finished up finishing in third place, yet went on to attain incredible worldwide success. And all the an ext impressive? exactly how young all of them were when they joined One Direction.

One Direction ages: how old were the boys on ‘The X Factor’?

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Auditions because that The X Factor Season 7 took location from June to July 2010. At the time, every solitary One Direction member remained in their teen years.

Tomlinson, the oldest, to be 18 as soon as he auditioned. He turned 19 a couple of weeks ~ the last episode — his date of birth is Dec. 24, 1991.

Styles, the youngest, to be 16 during the show. His date of birth is Feb. 1, 1994. Horan was 16 as soon as he auditioned, however he turn 17 year old top top Sep. 13. Payne, who had auditioned for The X Factor before, was 16 years old and additionally turned 17 during One Direction’s time ~ above the show. His date of birth is respectable 29.

Malik, the 2nd oldest in the band, to be 17 throughout his audition and also One Direction’s run on The X Factor. That left the band to seek his very own solo job in march 2015.

Why did One Direction break up?

One Direction take it a hiatus in 2015 after 5 years of nonstop work-related together. The tape went right from The X Factor right into making music and created album after album indigenous 2011 to 2015. If they were successful, it clearly took a toll fee on the boys that often appeared tired and also worn out. Their last album was 2015’s Made in the A.M., which was the only album of theirs castle did no tour together a group.

Since each member has gone ~ above to go after their own careers, they’ve all been able to seemingly go at a different pace in regards to releasing music. Malik has actually made 3 albums because leaving One Direction. Styles and Horan have released two studio albums due to the fact that taking a leaving from One Direction. The other bandmates, Payne and also Tomlinson, have actually put out one studio album each. Payne and Tomlinson created the most songs out of the One Direction band members.

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We can’t wait to proceed supporting “the boys” (who are absolutely now get an impressive men) as their careers continue to skyrocket.