Little women: LA is an American, reality-based television series that an initial aired in the spring of the year 2014. The television series has a actors made increase of 6 women characters namely: Terra Jole, Brianna Manson, Elena Gant, Tonya Renee Banks, Christy McGinty Gibel, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and Traci Harrison Tsou. The show little Women: LA chronicles the resides of these women, their everyday hustle and also bustle, parenting, an individual relationships, careers and their relationship as friends life in Los Angeles.

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The words “little women” have to be interpreted as is, due to the fact that the actors is tiny people. This short article is because that readers who would prefer to cave deeper into the an individual lives the these an excellent personalities. We talk about their network Worth, salaries and sources the the same, age, height and married life. Here We Go!

Terra Jole net Worth, Salary, age, height, and married life

Born in Comal County, Texas, in the year 1980, Terra Jole is 38 years old. Terra Jole’s current residence is in Los Angeles, California. As a tiny woman, she has actually a elevation of 4 feet 2 inches. The fact star from “Little Women: LA” has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in assets. This amount is assumed to it is in from she career as an actress.


Terra Jole network worth is $500,000

She kicked off her career together an executive producer of the American reality television series Little Women: LA where she is likewise a command character. She is additionally the producer the her present called Terra’s tiny family and other by-products of the present like Little Women: ATL, tiny Women: Dallas and small Women: new York.

The tv personality and also imitator is acknowledged as an combine of the producers Guild that America. She has actually made guest appearances in an of hold films and also television collection including, the hungover games, Jackass 3D, Midgets and also mascots and Buddy Bear’s musical adventure happy and also you recognize it.

Terra had actually had a taste the a musical career in 2014 when she released 2 singles specific ‘Booty Bee’ and ‘Ima let you know’ and also stage carry out alongside musicians such as Miley Cyrus and also Cyndi Lauper. Also, she participated in the 23rd season that Dancing v the stars.

The imitator also has a website dubbed which chronicles original content because that children and also mothers.

Terra Jole is married to one Joe Gnoffo. In 2015, they had actually their very first child Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo and later on, in 2017 had actually a kid they named Grayson Vincent D’Artagnan Gnoffo.

Brianna Manson net Worth, Salary, age, height, and married life

Brianna Manson is an American Actress and reality star born ~ above the 30th work of September 1982, translating come 36 years of age. She is superb talent when it involves acting. However, there have been hurdles follow me the way due come the quick stature that has hindered her from getting far-reaching roles in tv shows. She is a small woman in ~ the elevation of 4 feet. Even with her brief nature, she has been able to actors in some shows, the most striking one being Little Women: LA and others encompass The Playboy Morning Show, The Sword: coat of feathers


Brianna Manson net worth is $700,000

The truth star has a network worth that $700,000 amassed from her career together an actress and also appearances in other television mirrors as a guest star. Brianna is a woman level-headed for she to have actually such network worth.

She first got married to Leif Manson v whom she had a daughter called Leiana Manson, however the marriage was not to be together they got separated. Later on, she got involved to Matt Ericson and married. In her marital relationship with Ericson, the pair had through a child alongside two various other step-sons

Elena Gant network Worth, Salary, age, height, and married life

Elena Gant is a Russian born American actress. Selena Gant to be born top top the 14th job of July 1987 which method she is 31 years old. The truth star is a small woman in ~ the elevation of 1.32 meters. She has actually an approximated net precious of $1.5 million in assets. She amassed she fortune from she leading function in the television series, Little Women: LA. Her acting career has been as successful one since she had actually acting functions in a number television series including Arsenio room show, Glee, and Tosh. In enhancement to that, she has made an figure in the comedy talk show, Dueling Divas.


Elena Gant net worth is $1.5 million

Aside from acting, Elena Gant is a successful businesswoman who has actually her website referred to as Elena Gant Beauty in i m sorry she shares videos about makeup, her regimen to keep her physique and other stuff about her day-to-day life.

The fact star is married come one preston Gant, one African-American, who is 6 feet tall, translating to around thrice Elena’s height. This, however, does not seem to be a problem for the pair as they space parents of pair sons, Kairo and Xavier. The pair dated for three months prior to getting married. Their kids are still young, yet there is ambiguity as to whether they will certainly be small or not. The couple is of the opinion the being small is not a causal element to protect against them native loving your children.

Tonya Renee financial institutions Net Worth, Salary, age, height and also married life

Tonya Renee is among the earliest actresses in the film industry. Born on the 7th job of July 1964 in Carson, California, the reality star is 54 years old and also a tiny woman at 4 feet height. Tonya Reene banks has an estimated net precious of $1 million which comes from her career together an actress and stuntwoman.


Tony Renee financial institutions net precious is $1 million

She began her job in the to chat industry method back in 1987 as an actress. However, she was not able to amass public acknowledgment until she joined the cast of Little Women: LA. The truth star has showed up in some movies including, Death come Smoochy, bad Santa and also The Internship games. Her net worth is garnered indigenous an exhilaration career stretching over 30 years. She is also the spokesperson of an NGO called The understanding Dwarfism routine whose main agenda is to create awareness among people.

The television personality was involved in an affair through one Trevor Johnson with whom she had actually a kid they named Angelique Johnson. Angelique is 25 year old and does not endure from dwarfism, unlike her mother.

Currently, Renee financial institutions is single.

Christy McGinity Gibel net Worth, Salary, age, height, and also married life

Christy Gibel is an American actress that was born on august 19th, 1977 in Burbank, California. She is 41 years old. The truth star has actually a net worth the $400,000 and also receives a monthly salary of 6000 dollars i beg your pardon is from her career as an actress.


Christy McGinit Gibel net worth is $400,000

Christy first rose come fame for her leading duty in the reality television present Little Women: LA back she has showed up in films such as Death by Smoochy alongside fellow co-reality star Tonya Renee Banks, Little black color Book and also Ghost Whisperer. Her tiny nature is not a hindrance come a successful acting career.

The truth star is married to Todd Gibel and is parental of 2 children, a son and also a daughter, specific Trenton and Autumn Gibel respectively

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge net Worth, Salary, age, height, and also married life

The reality star to be born on the 19th day of December 1984 in California. She is 33 years old. Jasmine is married to kris Sorge, that is average-sized and they have actually two children, Mason Sorge born in 2014 and also Benjamin Michael Sorge born in 2016. The pair got married on the fourth day of September 2011. She has a height of 4 feet

The fact star gained fame many thanks to she appearance on lifetime’s TV show Little Women: LA. Her approximated net worth as of 2018 is $200,000 in assets. This quantity is from she career together a hairstylist and as an actress. The Hairstylist also has had actually a dream of ending up being a singer so the she auditioned for American Idol in 2005 and made come the peak 100 list.

Traci Harrison Tsou net Worth, Salary, age, height, and married life

Traci Harrison is a reality star renowned for her star role in the very first two seasons of Lifetime’s fact Television show Little Women: LA. She was born ~ above 20th November 1975 in California, and she is 42 year old. The reality star is a little woman in ~ the height of 4 feet.

She is married come Eric Tsou and has one child named Jacob Tsou. She husband, Eric Tsou, is also a little person that she met ~ above the small people date website dubbed DateALittle. The star quit the present after her pregnant was apparent and took a sabbatical to raise her child. Also, she underwent a surgical procedure on she spine adding to the factor why she quit. Even if it is Traci will go back to the present or not waits to it is in seen

Apart from exhilaration in the reality show, Traci has functioned as a video production assistant in The Firm: complete Body-Abs, Hips & Thighs and The Firm: finish Aerobic weight training.

As at now, Traci is no a member that the cast, and her salary and income source are no known.


The small women cast is consisted of of talented, energetic and also level-headed women who despite their height and physical statures have controlled to go against all the odds to accomplish success in their lives. This opinion is attributed come their net worth and also career achievements. They likewise have healthy and also loving family relations.

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