Widely known for their distinctive makeup, costumes, and stage shows, KISS members have been honoring the band’s reputation of being among the most influential absent bands of every time, and also when it involves the network worth of each of them, they as soon as again prove how an useful their existence is in ~ the music industry.

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The almost 50-year-old legend rock band, KISS was founded by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss in 1973. The band’s initial roots go back to the brand-new York City-based rock band, Wicked Lester, which was created by Stanley and Simmons. Following the recruitment that talented musicians favor Peter Criss and also Ace Frehley, KISS released their self-titled debut album in 1974.

Considering their lengthy career full of numerous achievements, that is no surprising the KISS is additionally among the most-selling bands of all time. However when it concerns each the the current members’ network worth, part diversities occur and one of lock comes right into the head by a long way.

Gene Simmons network Worth $400 Million


The bassist and also co-lead singer that KISS, Gene Simmons manages to stand out amongst his bandmates v his network worth that $400 million. The richest member that KISS, Simmons is additionally the co-founder the the band which he and Paul Stanley developed after they departed indigenous Wicked Lester in a quest for a new musical direction.

Although having sold much more than 75 million records global with KISS, most of Simmons’s wealth originates from the band’s license deals, such together lunch boxes, plank games, comic books, and more. 71-year-old rock symbol co-owns KISS along with Paul Stanley, while the remainder of the members acquire paid for your performances through the band.

Moreover, Simmons is recognized for his successful investments, an especially in cryptocurrency. Follow to his own statements, he has invested seven-figures in Bitcoin and bought $300K the Ethereum a pair of months ago. Considering his recurring investments, Gene’s net worth can be even greater since the critical calculation.

Paul Stanley network Worth $200 Million


The ‘Starchild’ that KISS is the co-founder, command singer, and also rhythm player of the band since he and also Gene Simmons founded it back in 1973. The multitalented artist has actually been focusing on his career through KISS and also his side band, heart Station, and also his solo projects. As of 2021, Stanley has actually a net precious of $200 million which provides him the second richest member that KISS.

Although he had to suffer from a hearing disability which led to by a bear defect referred to as microtia, Paul managed to keep his interest in producing music. Fortunately, the KISS icon underwent surgery at the period of 30, which make it feasible for him come hear on his ideal ear.

Besides his praiseworthy career with KISS, Paul Stanley has actually been working on his next project, Soul Station, i m sorry is a band that intends to salary tribute to ‘the biggest artists and songs native the R&B and also soul catalog.’ The band has been functioning on your much-anticipated brand-new album, ‘Now and also Then,’ which is planned come be exit on march 19, 2021.

Eric Singer network Worth $15 Million


The drummer the KISS, Eric Singer has actually been performing through the band since he join them in 1991 replacing the late drummer Eric Carr. Complying with his recruitment, Singer debuted in the band’s 16th album, ‘Revenge.’ ‘The Catman‘ that KISS has actually a net worth the $15 million making him the third-richest member the the band after Paul Stanley.

Even though Eric Singer had actually to take a break from the tape from time come time during his career, as soon as they chose to a reunion v their original drummer Peter Criss, he has actually been performing with KISS due to the fact that 2004 together their long-term drummer.

In addition to his recurring carer with KISS, Singer has operated with several other iconic musicians and bands, including Alice Cooper, Brian May, Black Sabbath, and also more. Eric additionally has a sideband called Eric Singer task which has released one studio album.

Tommy Thayer network Worth $10 Million


The lead guitarist the KISS, Tommy Thayer began his career v the heavy metal band black ‘n Blue which that formed earlier in 1981. Later on in 1994, Thayer started working through KISS part-time which turned into a permanent position in ~ a short period of time. The existing net worth of Tommy is $10 million i m sorry is considerably smaller 보다 Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s.

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Performing v the band since the early on 1990s, Tommy Thayer’s place within the band has changed from time come time in accordance with the unstable case of Ace Frehley’s involvement in KISS. Yet in 2002, Thayer donned ‘The Spaceman‘ makeup because that the an initial time and since then he has worked on eight studio albums v the band.