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Songs by Florida Georgia Line

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Florida Georgia line is an American country music duo; Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida) and also Tyler hubbard (from Monroe, Georgia). They have achieved significant success since their inception and also are one of the most successful country music acts of the 2010s. Their 2012 solitary "Cruise" is the best-selling digital nation song of all time in the United states as the January 2014. Florida Georgia line was formed in 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. In December 2011, castle signed a publishing/production/management transaction with huge Loud Mountain, Craig Wiseman"s (Big loud Shirt Publishing), Joey Moi"s (Mountain see Records), and Kevin "Chief" Zaruk"s (Chief Music Management) partnership. Their 2nd EP, It"z simply What us Do, charted ~ above the Billboard Top nation Albums chart. They play on the 2012 country Throwdown Tour, along with acts such as Josh Thompson, Corey Smith, Gary Allan, Justin Moore, and Rodney Atkins. Castle have also opened for Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, and also Dierks Bentley. They simply finished their Anything go Tour through Thomas Rhett and also Frankie Ballard.On July 16, 2012, lock signed through Republic Nashville, part of the huge Machine brand Group. They exit their 2nd album, Anything walk on October 14, 2014.Both members the Florida Georgia Line prospered up and first gained interest in music v church prayer services. Brian Kelley, native Ormond Beach, Florida, was a star pitcher on his high school baseball team, causing a scholarship at Florida State University; he later transferred come Belmont university after it became clear to him he would certainly not success in the sport. He started writing music influenced by Christian absent group casting Crowns. Tyler Hubbard, a indigenous of Monroe, Georgia, to be a church prayer leader who developed a i know good hop group, Ingenious Circuit, in his teens. The two had a myriad of music interests growing up: "Me and my friends talk trucks, listened to Garth Brooks, Alabama, Lil Wayne and also Eminem," stated Kelley.The duo met in ~ Belmont college in 2008 through a campus prayer group, and also following graduation, determined to offer themselves two years to succeed together a country duo. They relocated in v one another and began number of odd work to pay bills, while playing clubs ~ above the weekends. While independent, castle recorded and also digitally spread their first EP, Anything prefer Me (2010). Castle were uncovered by Nickelback producer Joey Moi in ~ a ar fair, and the three started entering the studio together. Unlike typical country music sessions, the group spent days sprucing up songs, i m sorry were accumulated on the duo"s second EP, It"z simply What We perform (2012). In terms of production, the band modeled your sound ~ above bands such together Nickelback, Shinedown, and also Three job Grace, when Moi aimed because that each tune to resemble hair metal team Def Leppard in structure. Major labels became interested once the song "Cruise" very first aired top top satellite radio top top "The Highway" channel and began selling well top top iTunes, leading to a address Republic Nashville/Big machine Label Group.Florida Georgia Line"s an initial EP, released December 14, 2010, is a 6 song EP created with Wesley Walker. Every one of the songs were written by either ha or Hubbard and Kelley. The EP consists of the song "You"re Country", "Now the She"s Gone", "Man i Am Today", "Never Let her Go" (co-written through "Cruise" co-writer follow Rice), "Black Tears", and "Backwoods beauty beauty Queen". The song "Black Tears" was likewise on Jason Aldean"s 2012 album Night Train.The duo"s second EP is a 5-song EP developed by Joey Moi on big Loud hill Records and released on may 15, 2012. The starts off with "Cruise" and likewise includes "Get your Shine On", "Tip it Back", "Tell Me exactly how You like It", and the title track "It"z just What we Do".The duo"s an initial studio album, Here"s to the an excellent Times, to be an 11-song album created by Joey Moi on Republic Nashville and also released on December 4, 2012. The pair"s an initial full-length, Here"s come the an excellent Times, to be the sixth-best-selling album of 2013 (topping Drake and Katy Perry, amongst others) "Cruise", the an initial single, reached #1 top top the nation Airplay chart dated December 15, 2012. A remix that "Cruise" special Nelly later hit #4 top top the Billboard warm 100. FGL"s signature hit, "Cruise", stop two significant distinctions: the best-selling nation digital song of every time, through sales surpassing 7 million; and also 24 weeks at #1 on Hot country Songs, the longest regime in the background of the chart (a tally that days to 1944).The album"s second single, "Get your Shine On", to be released to country radio on January 21, 2013 and reached #1 on country Airplay in may 2013. It to be co-written through the duo in addition to Rodney Clawson and also Chris Tompkins. "Round Here" was released as the album"s third single on June 3, 2013 and also reached #1 on country Airplay in September 2013. The album"s fourth single, "Stay", to be released to nation radio on October 7, 2013. It to be co-written and originally videotaped by Black rock Cherry. It reached #1 top top Hot nation Songs and Country Airplay in December 2013.A luxurious edition the Here"s come the an excellent Times title Here’s to The an excellent Times… This Is exactly how We role was released on November 25, 2013. "This Is how We Roll", a teamwork with Luke Bryan, to be released indigenous the luxurious edition together the album"s fifth solitary on February 10, 2014 and reached #1 ~ above Hot country Songs in in march 2014.FGL toured the United says as component of the Dirt roadway Diaries Tour v Thompson Square and headlining action Luke Bryan.In June 2013, the album got to #1 on the Billboard Top country Albums chart. It stayed at the peak spot because that ten weeks.The duo revealed on august 15, 2014, the their second studio album would be title Anything Goes with a release day of October 14, 2014. The album"s first single, "Dirt", was released to nation radio and digital sales outlets top top July 8, 2014. "Sun Daze" to be released come digital sales outlets top top September 16, 2014. A main later, the album"s location track, "Anything Goes", was released ~ above September 22, 2014. Florida Georgia Line likewise appeared top top the hot Tours recap. "Confession" exit to country radio on November 3, 2015 and also reached #1 on nation Airplay in April 2016.In 2016, FGL ended up being the first and only nation artist to receive the Digital Diamond Award, because that their solitary "Cruise" crossing the 10x platinum threshold."H.O.L.Y", indigenous a forthcoming album, was released to nation radio ~ above April 29, 2016.On December 16, 2013, Brian married his girlfriend of seven months, Brittney Marie Cole. In February 2014, Hubbard continual a back injury in a dust bike accident. Top top July 1, 2015, Tyler ha married his longtime girl friend Hayley Stommel.In 2015, Forbes approximated that Florida Georgia Line"s annual income was $36.5 million.Main Singers:Tyler ha – vocals, guitars (2010–Present)Brian Kelley – vocals, guitars (2010–Present)Band Members:Tom Beaupre - Bass, VocalsDan Weller - Keyboards, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, VocalsSean Fuller - DrumsJimmie Deeghan - rhythm GuitarTyler Chiarelli - command Guitar, Dobro, VocalsOwen Farrington - Capo on 1st FretDiscography:Here"s to the great Times (2012)Anything go (2014)Dig her Roots (2016)