Learn much more about every the youngsters from ‘John & Kate add to 8,’ four years ~ the display ended!

Jon, 44, andKate Gosselin, 46, increased to national fame as result of their huge family, which is composed of a set of twins and a team of sextuplets. Their many youngsters even earn them really popular fact series,Jon & Kate to add 8 in 2007. When the family grew in notoriety, Kate and also Jon’s marital relationship unfortunately didn’t job-related out. The pair divorce in 2009, and the show’s title to be shortened come Kate to add 8. Jon still has custody of 2 of the sextuplets HannahandCollin, yet the father has been estranged native the various other six children for a couple of years now. Front of Father’s work 2020, Jon toldglossesweb.com the he still “hold on come hope” that he have the right to someday reunite through his six other kids.

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After 11 seasons,Kate plus 8 perfect in 2017. In the years due to the fact that the display ended, the Gosselin youngsters have get an impressive up quite a bit! The twins are now 20, and also the sextuplets are all 17. They’re all definitely much larger than once they were first introduced onJon & Kate to add 8 back in 2007. Keep reading to uncover out much more about the Gosselin children, and also where they room now!


Cara Nicole

Cara and also Mady posing through Kate in 2019. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Like she sister,Cara is likewise a university student! She’s a sophomore at brand-new York’s Fordham University, wherein she’s a member that the rowing team. She’s a twin major in interdisciplinary math and also economics, follow to her college student athlete page. Throughout high school, she play varsity lacrosse and also field hockey. Her bio likewise only lists her mom and doesn’t mention her dad.

Aaden Jonathan

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A article shared by Kate Gosselin (

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Just like Leah, Aaden and Joel, Alexis is additionally 17 and also lives with her mom! While 4 of the sextuplets don’t stay in touch v their dad, Jon has publicly sent his well-wishes come his youngsters on the exact same birthday the their mommy wrote the “Hershey Kisses” date of birth message. In a might 2020 post, Jon expanded his well-wishes to his estranged children. “I miss out on you Leah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden. Ns hope her 16th birthday is just as memorable,” he created in the Instagram post.

Collin Thomas

Jon and also Collin walking in brand-new York in 2019. (SplashNews)

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