So one thing I newly put with each other were the ages that the personalities were claimed to it is in at. The group of college student that i graduated at the finish of season 3 were sophomores at the start of the show, and the team that i graduated at the finish of season 5 were freshmen. Ns don't know if y'all know any sophomores, yet they are like 15-16. Nobody is getting pregnant in in between their freshmen and sophomore year. And Santana and also Brittany to be still at an early stage teens and slept through a vast amount the people. Furthermore, these kids aren't walk to it is in the most famous students in school. Yeah.

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I agree v the last part that they wouldn’t be so popular.

Sadly, ns did know someone who acquired pregnant student in the first year year of high school.

I don’t think the unrealistic the Brittany and also Santana were promiscuous i think the sad that no one cared. And I’d note the only guys we recognize Santana slept v is Puck and also Finn. She to be a many talk even prior to she was canonically gay. She had actually no clue how to get a younger male in season 1 (Brittany had to point to Finn) and she didn’t know exactly how to choose him up without insulting him.

Quinn's pregnancy in sophomore year is totally plausible. My sophomore year (back in 2006-2007) among my sophomore classmates obtained pregnant and her infant was born toward the end of the school year. How Quinn to be treated because of the pregnancy appeared off imo, yet maybe the was regarded the fact that we were in the just Area, no a tiny town.

Popularity wise, ns never believed that Finn would have actually been popular regardless of being the quarterback. Certain he would certainly be perceived positively but nothing else. Puck, Quinn, Santana, and possibly Mercedes since of their involvement is institution extracurriculars, their musical talent and also athletic an abilities would have made them the "popular students" in ~ my school

i typical maybe we had various experiences, but i think it's totally feasible for someone to acquire pregnant at together a young period (i've heard the happening to who in my college and virtually happening come someone i was close with), and teens in 15-16 (which ns don't think is early?) carry out sleep around, okay not through the entire school as brittany claimed she had yet still it's not unexplained at all

also ns think that kids like quinn/santana/brittany and also finn, puck etc are usually popular in high school, glee was realistic at the (if you mean the remainder of the kids i don't think they were ever actually popular? world hated castle or they just didn't care)

not saying that every little thing i described is necessarily an excellent but yeah i think it was greatly realistic

Yeah so ns guess we completely did (all girls school baby), but no one contends the publicly high school in my city in years, and even so 15-16 year olds are still realllllly immature. Just different experiences ns guess.

I’m pretty sure a lot of them to be older in the an initial 13 episodes. I mean Finn to be a senior. Puck, his finest friend was most likely one together well. Ns would think Quinn and also Brittana were too.

The show was claimed to it is in over, but the display was a hit and also the show was extended. Many things adjusted including your ages.

Despite those changes, in the real world, there space teens that are an extremely promiscuous. Some even do acquire pregnant early on. Ns knew someone that was pregnant in the 8th grade. Ns knew two girls the were pregnant sophomore year. It have the right to happen.

One the the most renowned girls in my grade actually finished up dropping the end at the start of sophomore year since she was pregnant, for this reason it’s not completely unrealistic. However, Quinn and Finn being the most popular children in the school as well as both that them being captains that their particular sports absolutely required some suspension of disbelief. There’s additionally the reality that the entire glee club was make of freshmen and also sophomores the an initial season? i wish once they composed Matt off they claimed he graduated instead of transferred for some realism.

For me miscellaneous unrealistic to be the illustration blame it on alcohol. That course, most adolescents I know can drink on part occasions, however it is no so typical to be alcoholic or drink in school.

When i was in high school (graduated 3 year ago) some people would present up drunk and/or drink during the day quite regularly. And it was even more popular come smoke weed in the toilets throughout lunch. Ns don’t think the storyline was unrealistic based on my high college experience.

Tbh (and ns say this through affection) make the efforts to happen off 2 male leads as 15 year olds once they to be being play by gibbs in their late 20s compelled much much more Suspension of shock from me 보다 a 15-year-old in rural America gaining pregnant.

(Yes I know it's extremely common for people in their 20s to play teens, and also for good reason LOL. But that does lead to absurd situations sometimes, and it's it s okay to bag fun around that.)

Bit of a tangent, however to be perfectly honest and also frank, haha - for that issue imo those spreading decisions usually work ideal for ladies anyway, since most 15/16 year old girls room done farming (adult height, adult breast size, also if internal transforms are still an extremely much in-progress). Vice versa, males can acquire taller and more comprehensive well into college. Favor in general, ns think a 25-year-old woman will have actually a much less complicated time convincing a casual onlooker that she's only 15 than a 25-year-old man would.

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